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User Info: Orion_Departing

6 years ago#1
I loved Final Fantasy XIII (unlike most) and honestly my biggest gripe with that game was that some of the bosses towards the end could be ridiculously one-sided, but maybe I just suck, lol.

That said, I watched the 14 minute demo for this game and I'm impressed. It's more interactive than XIII was. Towns, more open spaces, more explorations, QTEs, jumping (First time ever in a main numbered title I believe) and a few other things. What's not to like?
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User Info: wheresatari

6 years ago#2
agreed. 13 was good. it did take me 2 playthroughs to fully enjoy it though. i get more pumped to play 2 everyday. hope im not disappointed. doubt i will be. ive liked em all so far. 9 being my fave. as for jumping, 10-2 had it. albeit only at certain points. i hope it wont turn out to be a platformer though. ill still play it thoughXD the only thing i fear, is too much fanservice, and it not feeling like the FF13 universe. meaning that i felt so rushed in 13, b/c of the urgency of getting rid of my brand, and the army on my butt, it may feel too different, relaxing in towns and such, to give me the same excitement. know what i mean?
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User Info: DahlVaughnni

6 years ago#3
13 was great, and I didn't find the bosses hard at all, but people just naturally develop different playstyles and I suppose I happened to land on one that really worked. (Using a lot of the same roles in a paradigm like com com com, rav rav rav, med med med, etc, because of the stacking bonuses they offer eachother).

5-starring the cie'th missions on the other hand was mildly challenging and I actually had to rethink my strategy a few times to get it right.
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