Wait so they take out Sazh and Snow!?

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  3. Wait so they take out Sazh and Snow!?

User Info: JAWs1980

6 years ago#11
That's too bad. Sazh was actually one of the better characters. Not only was his subplot one of the few that had at least some emotional resonance, he was also one of the few characters that got to evolve beyond his initial archetype ("Black comic relief sidekick!"). The big problem was the he had to be thrown in with the rest of the losers.

Actually, Snow isn't that bad either (although his "love" for Serah didn't seem all that convincing to me. And since that seemed to be a HUGE part of Snow's motivation for action, it didn't really help his character plotline.)

User Info: XCrossYZ

6 years ago#12
Yes Sazh was the most realistic character there. That's y I loved him n kept him in my party. Snow was just awesome man.6'6 250+ pounds of pure muscle and still wasn't a douche bag.
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User Info: lordofthenlpple

6 years ago#13
Snow was annoying. Square intentionally made him so with the cheesy lines and getting punched in the face by lightning.



User Info: Amesang

6 years ago#14
I will never get tired of that scene. =3
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  3. Wait so they take out Sazh and Snow!?

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