Official Petition for Lightning as Main Character. SIGN

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User Info: soopaaaa

6 years ago#1


Square change that non sense with sereh as the mc.

No lie thats ridiculous they going to lose tons of fans. Nobody cares about serah

User Info: soopaaaa

6 years ago#2

Email a complaint to

Tell em to put Lightning as the main character not stupid serah.

User Info: soopaaaa

6 years ago#3

Serah as the new main character? Are you kidding me?

One of Final Fantasy 13's greatest experience was having a strong female protagonist, Lightning, and arguably the baddest, hottest, chick in any fantasy role playing game ever.
Why would you even think of changing this?
Please keep Lightning as the main character, at least keep 51% of story playing time focused on her.

^Just Copy and paste that and send it to the email in the last post.

User Info: F1ame_Shie1d

6 years ago#4

Stop spamming the thread.

Also Lightning will still be a main character. I bet you we play as 2 seperate parties for a good portion of the game and then they meet up just like FF13.

Remember Serah and other seem to think Lightning is dead but we all already know that to be false from the trailers. BTW, if the gameplay stays the same what does it matter who is the main character?

User Info: Death_By_Smiley

6 years ago#5
Yes. Tell them to stop the development cycle less than 6 months before the games release and completely redo it.

Good luck with that.
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User Info: brokenfingers

6 years ago#6
ITT: I don't like a character being left out, so I'm going to assume everyone else is as outraged as me. Light is a great character, and she doesn't need to be in a leading role to be that.
For me, that philosophy reduces itself to: "I'm on board; pull up the lifeline."--Ebert on Rand

User Info: Amesang

6 years ago#7
"Help! Help! They've destroyed my cousin's brain!! Oh, my god! They've already milked you, haven't they?!!" -- Phoncible P. Bone

User Info: Burdicus

6 years ago#8
anti sign.

She's a cool character, and the game WILL revolve around her, but quite frankly she isn't "Soooo Keewwl" that I would want her to be the only MC.

I like what I see from Noel, and I think Serah is pretty BA.
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  3. Official Petition for Lightning as Main Character. SIGN

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