Noel is JTs friend from Step by Step

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User Info: airbomb24

4 years ago#1
I immediately recognized thee voice when I first started playing. Turns out when I was a kid and used to watch TGIF that's the guy who does Noels voice. I can't stop picturing him as Noel and he was such atoolbag on the show its kind of lame. Lol
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User Info: wanderz

4 years ago#2
yeah he was on step by step... and about 500 other shows and games, wow.

including star trek, both new generation and deep space nine. (one episode each, but still)

i thought his voice sounded familiar, but even looking at the list i'm still not sure which one i would have heard him on, and possibly remembered. maybe star wars knights of the old republic.

anyway, to have gotten himself that many roles, he must be pretty smart, and ok to work with it... plus i would imagine he's made enuff money even if none of them are big paying jobs, so many of them.

serah's voice, Laura Bailey has actually done even more, mostly just voices tho.
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User Info: nuclearpizza

4 years ago#3
Yuji, the one guy that gives Serah that kitty is also Jeff from American Dad. Same exact voice.

I laughed when it hit me that it was the same guy.
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User Info: Kooler2006

4 years ago#4
Most of the voices from 13-2 have been in a lot of stuff. Laura Bailey(I've been watching her shows for years. She's my fave female VA), Troy Baker, Jason Marsden(who was also Max in the Goofy Movies), Dave Wittenberg(Kakashi, as well as many others), Steve Blum(A God in Voice Acting imo. Easily my favorite male VA), Liam O'Brien(Gaara, among many others), Alli Hillis(Mass Effect, and I've actually seen her in live action shows I believe). You can even catch Vic Mignogna(Fullmetal, Ouran, many others), Kyle Hebert(Gohan), Yuri Lowenthal(Sasuke), Kari Wahlgren(Samurai Champloo among others), Steve Staley(Kadaj in FF7:AC, Neji, Hitsugaya)

Big post, but those are all VA's whom I recognized from other games and anime series :D
I'm big on recognizing familiar voices from those kind of things >.<
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  3. Noel is JTs friend from Step by Step

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