A couple of questions for a new player.

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  3. A couple of questions for a new player.

User Info: nuclearpizza

4 years ago#1
Just got this game last night and I am at Bresha Ruins. Just got the whole monsters on team thing and just wondering if anyone has any tips on monsters I should go for or just anything in general.

Also is any of the DLC worth it? If I only have enough points to get one which should it be? Outfits do nothing, but I kinda love the N7 outfit for Noel. I'm using the free outfit for Serah cause it looks good.
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User Info: destrian522

4 years ago#2
Check out the Crystarium Guide to learn how the large node bonuses work. They influence your stat gains.

User Info: CatMuto

4 years ago#3
Get a SEN monster from Bresha Ruins, a Pulsework is good at this point. It peaks at level 20, but it's a good companion when you need a meatshield - and you'll need one soon enough. Otherwise, well, I only use RAV or COM monsters because I think Noel and Sera are doing a good job as SYN and SAB respectively.
Later on, though, you might want to exchange your SEN monster to the Pulsework Gladiator or Goblin Chieftain.

The only DLC that is really worthwhile playing and is relevant to the plot is Lightning's Requiem of the Goddess. But that contains major story spoilers so you really shouldn't play it before you finished the storyline.
Although it is available from chapter 2 onwards.
And you can get Lightning's COM monster crystal from there and she is one hell of a great monster. She's a game-breaker.

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  3. A couple of questions for a new player.

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