lightning party member? restrictions?

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User Info: angelus455

4 years ago#1
I tried to play this game about a year ago and just couldn't get into it. With the new dlc I hear you can have lightning as a permanent party member. The arena battle is way too hard. So if I play this dlc I could use her early game in the main story? Is there resteictions or what? Thanks guys.

User Info: Externica

4 years ago#2
There's no restriction.
The arena fight becomes beatable once you reach chapter 3. Though even if you do beat Lightning, you still have the luck of her turning into a crystal. And you need to kill her last.
However, you should have downloaded Requiem instead. Earning five stars at both Battles will unlock a Commander based Lightning for you to use. And she's a Game Breaker.

Either way, both Lights will join you as monsters. Arena-Light is a Ravager, Requiem a Commander.
If you infuse or release her you can always get a second one.

User Info: angelus455

4 years ago#3
Wait so reqium you can only unlock her by getting the best rating. That sucks.

User Info: Externica

4 years ago#4
It's easier than it sounds.
Bring Lightning to Level 7 or 8 and with the right strategy, it'll be a breeze.
It has been forever since I played the Requiem DLC, but I had a very good tactic.

Attack as a Paladin. Then cast the buff which will enhance you're defense. this way, Caius won't interrupt your attacks, when in Ravager mode.
Then work on staggering him. Use both Ravager Roles Light has. Use the first attack. Then, when she does her last attack, quickly switch to the second Ravager paradigm. That way, you have a ATB filled very well and can continue attacking without stop.
Once Caius has been staggered, use the Paladin again to send him airborn. Then switch back to the Ravager Paradigm and use the same tactic as before. This way, Caius will stay in the air until his stagger is over.
Once you raised the stagger bar a lot, use Army of One. Lightning will not only deal a good amount of damage, this attack will also heal her. NEVER use Army of One when Caius is NOT staggered. It'll be a waste.
Once the staggering ends, swittch back to Paladin. Light will break the satggering and inflict tons of damage to Caius.
As for Caius paradigms:
Commander is predictable. when Caius snaps his finger, switch to knight and block the attack. Beware! Once his health is down to 50% his shockwave attack will be used twice. He'll always announce attacks when in this mode.
Ravager is unpredictable. He hits FAST and will interrupt your attacks, if you don't cast the defensive buff. When Caius will throw purple balls of light at you, switch to knight. Or STAY a knight until he switches to a different paradigm.
Medic: Go all out as Ravager. Her Ravager-Abilities will inflict wounds, reducing Caius's max HP, so he won't heal back to full.
Also, use her Saboteur skill to inflict Caius with several debuffs. It'll help you a lot.

That way, Round 1 will be a breeze.

Now round 2 is harder. First of all, you can only debuff him, when Caius is staggered. And again, use the defensive buff! This form is a lot more dangerous.
Other than that, use the same tactic. First attack as Paladin, then switch between both Ravagers.
At one point, Caius will make himself immune to wind or lightning damage. This makes one of your Ravager builds useless. BUT it will still raise his stagger gauge. However, you might want to stick to hurting him.
At one point, Caius will transform, then he'll hit like a train on lightspeed. First, switch to Knight and block his attack. Then switch to either Paladin or the Ravager that can still damage him. attack and quickly change back to Knight. Block his next attack and repeat the pattern until caius uses Megaflare/Ultima. Once this has been used, he'll change back and loose his immunity.
Repeat the Ravager-Strategy.
Again, only use Army of One when Caius has been staggered. Also, switch to Paladin when his staggering ends to inflict tons of damage.
Repeat this pattern.
Oh, and when staggered, debuff him to give yourself a better advantage.

You might be interested to cast the offensive buff. Granted, it gives you haste. But a good defense is worth a million, since every attack by Caius will interrupt you. No matter what.
Also, needless to say, but whenever the stagger bar depletes to fast, throw in a Paladin attack.

Use this strategy, and you'll win with a good chunk of HP left and five stars on the second battle.
The second battle will only start, when you got five stars on the first battle.
I'd love to show you a video of my strategy, but I'm lacking in equipment. ^^"

Sorry if my english is lacking, it's not my native language. ^^"

User Info: CatMuto

4 years ago#5
The Requiem DLC is available as soon as you have access to the Historia Crux. And COM Lightning is a game breaker until almost the end of the game.

But also notice that the Requiem DLC involves severe Endgame Spoilers so don't play this if you don't know how the game ends and don't want to be spoiled.

Cloud and Sephiroth - battling each other since '97 for your amusement
Give it a rest already!
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