Snow help?

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User Info: basedgoddess

4 years ago#1
how do I beat Snow? it's not his Sovereign Fist that's the problem (i know how to counter that), it's that he takes next to no damage when i shift to Cerberus after staggering him. he also hits ridiculously hard, so turtling and spamming Wound isn't really a practical option either. i remember someone saying that they had to reinstall the DLC for this fight to be manageable in the slightest, but i think they were talking about him not responding to Provoke...

my party consists of maxed out/infused COM Lightning, Sazh, and Bunkerbeast. Serah and Noel are both 99 on all roles with 158/160 Odinbolt and Odinblade.

User Info: destrian522

4 years ago#2
You need full buffs and debuffs You're bringing Sazh so it sounds like you are at least trying to take care of the buffing side of things. What paradigm deck are you using?

You should get better weapons. I'm not sure which ones would be best here, but it definitely isn't those ones. I'd imagine that you either want the Chain Level 5 weapons or the ATB Rate +50% weapons.

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