So, I'm confused on XIII-2 and XIII-3 Transition...?

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  3. So, I'm confused on XIII-2 and XIII-3 Transition...?

User Info: Master_Arbiter4

4 years ago#1
I haven't beaten this game yet, so I'm just curious...
When I do beat the game, which ending will this game run off of to get XIII-3's story...?
And, what's the "official" ending to this game?
(Please mark spoilers for which ending. I'm going to beat them before reading how they tie into XIII-3...)
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User Info: CatMuto

4 years ago#2
The "official" ending to XIII-2 is the one you get by simply finishing the main story. It doesn't change - the paradox endings are just things that could happen if certain other bosses had been the final boss at that point in the game.
The official ending: Caius commits suicide, everybody goes to Academia AF 500, the gates close to stop all time-travel and Sera dies. Then Etro dies and chaos is unleashed over the Gran Pulse, time ceases to exist and the world basically turns into Valhalla. Lightning is in crystal stasis on top of Etro's throne.

The only thing that adds onto the ending is Lightning's DLC Episode. It does nothing more than add a little bit on why Lightning is the way she is in the ending of XIII-2.
The add-on: Lightning turns herself into crystal to be an eternal epitaph for Sera. She awakens 300 years later to see the end of the world and (possibly) trying to prevent it. That's where the story goes into Lightning Returns.

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User Info: lercara

4 years ago#3
Cat pretty much has it down.
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  3. So, I'm confused on XIII-2 and XIII-3 Transition...?

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