Is this like one big dlc?

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  3. Is this like one big dlc?

User Info: SIC101

4 years ago#1
Just wondering if it is like X-2 with a lot of changes or if it just continues the story with the same battle system and graphics. Ether way il be picking it up in a week or so when i finish the first one. I'm about 20 hours in

User Info: CatMuto

4 years ago#2
XIII-2 is a sequel to XIII and starts 3 years after the end of XIII.
The main heroine is now Sera and not Lightning and the concept of the game is time-travel.

The battle system is practically the same, but has been improved.
The graphics have also improved a lot, you can barely see much difference between in-game character and FMV-character.

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User Info: _Reaver_

4 years ago#3
no its a new strory and new characters.

User Info: Rodni_Demental

4 years ago#4
You sort of visit the same areas, but not he exact same parts that you did in Final Fantasy XIII. For example, places like the The Archylte Steppe on Gran Pulse and the massive jungle sunleth waterscape are huge places and although the setting might look familiar, it's not the same ground that you once travelled with some changes like it was in X-2.

XIII-2 is much more of a new game than a type of DLC compared to X-2 if that's the sort of comparison you're making,
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User Info: blue_husky

4 years ago#5
If you enjoyed XIII you'll probably enjoy this one. It uses very few environments from the original game, and makes substantial improvements on everything from the first one.
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  3. Is this like one big dlc?

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