3 fallen stars

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User Info: PANDA510

5 years ago#1
where would i find them...? O_O
(=';'=) PSN: PANDA510

User Info: YojimboFFX

5 years ago#2
2 around the map and 1 in the middle hole, throw your mog

User Info: pingune

5 years ago#3
PANDA510 posted...
where would i find them...? O_O

I cant remember their exactly locations, but they show up in the area depicted by the picture, in the fragments menu. They show up as crystals in the inventory.
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User Info: tyrique12

5 years ago#4
still havent finished this quest, and is REALLY pissing me off because I collect random stuff and search my ass off, only to come back hearing him say "So you managed to find TWO of the blah blah blah"

User Info: PANDA510

5 years ago#5
k, so I found the Ivory and Emerald Crystals.
Just need the last Onyx Crystal... Does anyone know?
pls halp
(=';'=) PSN: PANDA510

User Info: Tiael

5 years ago#6
There's one kind of near the beginning behind some stone structure/debris, you need Moogle Hunt to reveal it.
There's on in the chasm in the area where you initially fought Feral Behemoths in the other timeline, need Moogle Throw.

Don't remember exactly where the third is.
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User Info: EnergyFlows

5 years ago#7

Emerald Star is directly south of #3 in the hole in the ground, moogle throw for it.
Onyx Star is on the path directly north of #8 sitting on some debris, moogle hunt for it.
Ivory Star is directly west of #8, down the metal ramp and under the walkway.
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