How many discs do you think this game will take up (PS3/360)

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User Info: Hash062

6 years ago#11
I always thought that the many discs for Final Fantasy VII-IX were charming.

That was the charming Golden Age of Square, and not the rotten decay we have now.

User Info: servb0ts

6 years ago#12
shadowheartsfan posted...
I'm willing to bet Versus XIII will be 2 blu-ray discs, and/or FFXV.
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^^Versus should be 1 disc, as for FFXIV they only need multi disc, once, like in FFXI, rest gets installed on hard drive.

User Info: SlimeStack

6 years ago#13
It's all about CG movies, honestly. That's what made PSX FFs different from single-disc PSX RPGs. I mean, look at Dragon Age or something, there's tons of stuff in there, but no CG movies, so it fits on one 360 disc. It's all real time graphics I think.
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User Info: grassyboots

6 years ago#14
If SE are trying to:

a) be cost effective and
b) address the problems in XIII then

I'd say it'll probably be no more than two discs, because they might cut down the FMV budget to make the game cheaper/faster to develop, and lots of exploration and NPCs and stuff means it's not good to have people swapping discs when they backtrack

(unless of course they can be like the PS1 FFs, and have the gameworld in full (mostly) on each disc, and just have different cutscenes on different discs).
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User Info: pureradiance

6 years ago#15
lol, people act like multidiscs games are such a bad thing now. OMFG, how did we endure FF7,8,9? It was so haaaaard....not!
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User Info: shadowysea07

6 years ago#16

1 disc since they didn't take 5 years to make this game and it wont have cutscenes every couple minutes

User Info: reno385

6 years ago#17
2-3 discs for 3fixme, probably 3, and 1 for BS3.
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User Info: tzuyd

6 years ago#18
It better be more than 3, or they better pull their head out of their butts and use a MUCH better video codec. Either way they should use at least 4, but this is of course assuming there will be as much video content as FFXIII had.

" I believe MS charges a lot of money for extra discs so I can't imagine it'd be more than 3."
That's the only reason they would have settled for 3 in the first place I believe. But with the money they made they shouldn't be crippling their sequel.
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User Info: DRX777

6 years ago#19
I think... 360 version will be on one disk.

Just a feeling.
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User Info: laxtender41

6 years ago#20

I miss the old bulky cases. Will probably end up buying a 360 version of XIII just for the multiple discs XD

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