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User Info: Mythril_Hammer

6 years ago#1
Serah took a level in badass. o.o
"I think I'm going to need a hat. Oh god!"

User Info: Erifrats101

6 years ago#2

XD Indeed she did.

User Info: mr369248

6 years ago#3
How so? All they did to her was make her show more skin.

User Info: Hitagi

6 years ago#4
And give her a big ass sword.

User Info: servb0ts

6 years ago#5
it was a nice video but the music didn't seem to suit it even if it was 27 seconds

User Info: vampiricflash

6 years ago#6
awkward sword looks..............awkward...

i guess she looks okay?
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User Info: xTozusx

6 years ago#7
This is because:

/( ) ( )\

User Info: W_Mark_Felt_Sr

6 years ago#8
Maybe it's Barthandelus' father, Homerandelus.
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User Info: dwightschrute55

6 years ago#9
^wrong topic?
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User Info: DarkFists

6 years ago#10
Yeah, at least Sarah isn't using a 1 handed sword right, though I'm starting to think it is actually a 1 handed sword, but she isn't skilled enough to wield it with 1 hand...
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