Access key 13 required -HELP-

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User Info: SsJ0Gohan

5 years ago#1
So as the title states, I cant seem to find Access key 13. Ive been all over all the levels and I cant seem to find the dang thing... Anyone give me a location or some help? I've seriously been running around for like 2 hrs

User Info: NashV

5 years ago#2
I'm stuck on this too. I went out of order when Augusta Tower 300 AF first opened up, went to the top of the tower, and it told me I needed Access key 13 to go on, so I just went on with the story from there.

Now I'm at Augusta Tower 200 AF and I need to go to Augusta 300 AF to get the access key 50 but I never got 13 anywhere and can't go on. Where was I supposed to get key 13?

User Info: Jouriza

5 years ago#3
I believe you get the Access key 13 in Augusta Tower 200AF. I think you get it after you complete all the sidequests on the 50th floor. I'm not totally sure though.
GT: Jouriza

User Info: SsJ0Gohan

5 years ago#4
I am so lost.. I have no idea where to go or what I'm doing atm.. I cant find anything anywhere... Im like 15 hours in and I'm stuck... Never had this happen before. Do I need to find more fragments and unlock more portals? Also, where do I find fragments? I seem to go everywhere and cant find anything... for example 95% explored Bresha Ruins- 300af and I've only got 2 out of 4..

User Info: Cervosi

5 years ago#5
Augusta Tower 300 AF only lets you get far enough to get the level 50 key. You need to take that to another timeline version of Augusta Tower to get the level 13 key, I believe.
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User Info: killerband55

5 years ago#6

after reading all of this, i'm so damn confused, i need to find the first key (when you first see Caius in the Tower), so where's that key that i need to first find?

User Info: SsJ0Gohan

5 years ago#7
killerband55 > you're not the only one man haha..

I think Im on the right track now though, I got to the part with the computer terminals but now Im stuck (I think) again.. Ill have to check when I get back from work.... Seriously, this is the most confusing FF ever I think. Feels really linear imo too

User Info: Feiro

5 years ago#8
So its not just me ? Thats a relief . But sadly this is a clear indication of poor gaming design. Square is too ambitious for its own good. Nobody liked that FFXIII wass so linear. So we were all happy that this would have sidequest. But when the MAIN quest has these roadblocks its a real pain. Not enjoying the last few hours of tedious searching. Really hope there isn't more of this type crap comin up.
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