No Final Fantasy 13-3 dlc ending instead.

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User Info: thephantom0210

5 years ago#1
I just found this news article poseted about 2 hours ago online at the link bellow

The ending will be tied up in dlc as some were suspecting so if you thought they would make a 13-3 they arent lol

User Info: AlexAdz

5 years ago#2

Much better article about it.

User Info: HippieforLight

5 years ago#3

All it says is that Lightning and Sazh will have DLC and Snow will have a novel... that's not enough to solve that cluster **** of a story.

User Info: hyro56

5 years ago#4
Finally someone confirms it. Another game would have been foolish. DLC is a much better option.
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User Info: Antonius1822004

5 years ago#5
All I can say is this.

With how events turned out in the ending of XIII-2 and with how DLC will expand on characters stories during events throughout the game, a DLC ending will not happen. There is no real/happy ending and FFXIII-3 is basically confirmed.

So all you none believers in Toriyama's awesomeness can suck it up, because Toriyama will be making a XIII-3 and I cannot WAIT!!!

User Info: Ivany2008

5 years ago#6
dlc "would" be a better option if the original game didnt cost me 68 dollars canadian. I got the version for the 360, and well as everyone knows they charge an arm and a leg for downloadable content
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User Info: Sighto

5 years ago#7
"Final Fantasy 13-2 will be extended through DLC" says nothing about it being the ending.
There are plenty of different angles to cover the FFXIII-2 story from that we haven't seen yet.
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User Info: falicyXIII

5 years ago#8
Didn't tell us anything new. Of course they are not going to tell us if there will be an other game yet, they want you to feel like you have to buy the dlc to know the whole story first. If they feel like they can make more money with a 3rd game then they will go ahead and make that as well.
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User Info: sieghartsama

5 years ago#9
Well.. there's this
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User Info: thephantom0210

5 years ago#10
That dosent confrim a 13-2 allot of comapnies do that just to secure the right to the web adress and if they dont use it it will expire and somone else will buy it thats not a big deal honestly. It would make more sense with other projects they are working on to make dlc 13 has speant to much time in the spotlight and they need to pay attention to kingdom hearts and a new final fantasy game and not somone mmo crap.
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