Potent Essences?

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User Info: UPhail

5 years ago#1
The guide says to use the Steppe during Rainy weather, and that I should go after Mud/Hedge Frogs. That's all well and good, but the encounter rate I get with them is 1 to every 5 Moblin/Microchu.

On top of that, I only get an essence half the time, and just 1. If anyone can recommend a place where they've had better luck farming those, I would appreciate the info.

User Info: imitebjoe

5 years ago#2
sadly i think that is the best place...

you got the collectors catalog?

User Info: UPhail

5 years ago#3
Thats pretty much why I'm going after the essences... poor Boco (Golden Chocobo) can't even make it to the race necessary to win that.

User Info: trunks76140

5 years ago#4
Try running in the water and not over land. I don't know if it was just luck or an actual game mechanic, but I seemed to get them more often that way. I know the cloudburst in cloudy weather is only in a very specific area, so it wouldn't surprise me if the same was true for them.

Also, get a collector's catalog from the chocobo races or find a mob with item finder who can fit into your party.

User Info: BMSirius

5 years ago#5
To increase odds of getting item:
If you've unlocked Academia 4XX AF, get the Silver Chocobo by throwing Mog (with the Improved Moogle Throw Fragment Skill) at the thing that is projecting the Cocoon holoimage at the Academy Headquarters. Level him with Potent materials (I say this because they are the best choice to make him a race chocobo) until he learns Item Scavenger II. Win all Potent Essence battles with him in the party.
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User Info: UPhail

5 years ago#6
Im actually leveling a Microchu at the moment to 24 for the Health Nut bonus to Boco, and it's about to learn that very skill.

Does the monster need to be in the paradigm pack for the effect to activate? Or can I just leave it in reserves?

User Info: Cervosi

5 years ago#7
I think a better question would be if they need to be in your active paradigm (Your paradigm would need to have Silver chocobo in it), or just in your paradigm pack.
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User Info: UPhail

5 years ago#8
You mean if they take part in the battle or not?

Yea, if someone can look up that info too, it would be appreciated.

I have Apotamakin (or whatever that one is from Dying World 700 AF) set as my ravager in active paradigm.

User Info: Paradox421

5 years ago#9
Active Paradigm, only. Just tried it out, and with my Silver Chocobo, I had the increased item discovery on the battle results. next battle, had lightning out. didnt have the bonus
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User Info: UPhail

5 years ago#10
Alright, thanks for that.

Now Im ready to beef up Boco for the races.

I kinda wish we had online chocobo racing to try out our chocobos against one another.

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