Story question - Academia 4XX AF regarding Cocoon (Spoilers)

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  3. Story question - Academia 4XX AF regarding Cocoon (Spoilers)

User Info: KOTRwhoops

5 years ago#1
I've just got to Academia 4XX and hunting the grav cores and Hope said that they were going to build a new Cocoon. This is a bit out the blue, so have they just given up on saving the old Cocoon and more importantly Fang and Vanille? It's just earlier in the story saving Fang and Vannile was a major incentive for Hope, has this just been forgotten about now? Or am I missing something?

Please refrain from spoilers further into the story. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
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User Info: ZX_Cloud

5 years ago#2
He can save Vanille and Fang without saving Cocoon, ya know.

User Info: awesomeme69

5 years ago#3

User Info: Sandster915

5 years ago#4
In FFXIII, Cocoon was held up in the sky because of the Fal'Cie (specifically, Orphan). The main characters were supposed to destroy Cocoon by killing Orphan and causing Cocoon to fall into Gran Pulse, but Vanille/Fang saved Cocoon by turning into a crystal pillar.

In FFXIII-2, you learn that the pillar holding Cocoon in the sky will melt sometime in the future. Hope and the Academy constructs a proto-Fal'Cie (Adam) to power Cocoon and re-lift it, but after the events in Academia AF400 abandons that idea and wants to use man-made technology to lift Cocoon. So he creates a new Cocoon using the power of the Gravity Drives to levitate it.
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  3. Story question - Academia 4XX AF regarding Cocoon (Spoilers)

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