Grimoire Hat x4?

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User Info: MetallifiedKISS

5 years ago#1
I noticed if I stack 4 Grimoire Hats on either character, Kill:Libra will show up 4 times. Does this mean that sacking 4 and killing a monster will result in more information obtained to go toward it's bestiary entry?

User Info: Golgari0

5 years ago#2
1 Kill: Libra is enough. It shows the whole info on that monster. Not bit by bit.

User Info: MetallifiedKISS

5 years ago#3
I don't want to believe that. I killed Tabasco Toad multiple times (Noel kill shot) with Noel equipped with a Durable Grimoire Hat and it's information is still incomplete. Same with Albino Lobo. Every death revealed 1-2? bit of information and not the whole thing.

User Info: bdc19

5 years ago#4
yeah Grimoire Hat is not a one kill Libra
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User Info: BMSirius

5 years ago#5
Kill: Libra is not a perfect Libra.

As far as I understand, each monster kill unlocks a certain amount of info for that monster. For example, all bosses only require 1 kill, but monsters like Hedge Frogs require a large amount, like maybe 20.

I anticipate that Kill: Libra basiclly adds an "extra kill" to the information rating. Dunno about multiples, but if you're fighting trash monsters, you don't need the equipment slots for anything else eh?
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User Info: MetallifiedKISS

5 years ago#6
Seems legit to me too. Some testing is in order. If I notice a difference I'll post results. Thanks to all those who've contributed.

User Info: trudgid

5 years ago#7
I'm only guessing but surely it's only going to work if the person wearing the hat has the kill shot.

User Info: MetallifiedKISS

5 years ago#8
Kill shot does matter, but the effects do not stack. You only recieve several bits of information per kill as long as that person has a Grimoire Hat equipped. After a few tests the results were the same as wearing 4 on one character.

User Info: Gavvin

5 years ago#9
At least they could have included Librascopes in Chocolina´s shop.

User Info: tmrw_nt_tdy

5 years ago#10
Gavvin posted...
At least they could have included Librascopes in Chocolina´s shop.

you can buy them at serendipity with coins, although a little costly. then again, gil is so easy to farm. >_< .
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