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User Info: easywrite

5 years ago#1
i recently bought the game and there was a card included in it with the redeem code however when i try to use the code PSN does not recognize them it says that its either incorrect or invalid.. it says in the card opponent: Omega and Serah's outfit: Summoner's Garb....

im dont usually download things (i dont even bother registering the games i bought in SE site...) BUT the outfit caught my eyes and decided to give it a shot, unfortunately it failed -_-

and i just wanted to confirm if this DLC is only available for specific countries.. and if someone encountered this problem too :)

thanks in advance guys!

User Info: Animesetsuna

5 years ago#2
Is it English Version? If yes, then you have to know that those 2 are not available at this time. So you have to wait till they are release.
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User Info: beebarb

5 years ago#3
DLC is coded to region, and most importantly Disc ID.

If the copy of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in your possession, is say for example, an European Edition, and if you live in America, since the region and Disc ID do not match no DLC.

To get the DLC you need to know the Disc ID and the country of origin. Create a PSN account with that country.

Since it is pre-order DLC it is free, already released and invisible to the PSN Store Browser. The prior poster's statement is invalid. (I should know I have that exact DLC and redeemed the code successfully).

If the game was bought in a retail store the DLC code should have worked.
But online or at a store accepting trade-ins, you risk getting foreign versions and need knowledge of the originating nation.
Also pre-owned games sometimes still have pre-order DLC code sheets in them that have already been redeemed.
DLC redeem codes are region allocated.

I'm guessing in your case you bought the game online, and since PS3 games are region-free it doesn't matter unless DLC get's involved.

Trust me, I bought a copy of Sonic & Sega: All Stars Racing from EB Games Australia. The case was an Australian case, but the stupid clerk put a pre-owned American trade-in in the case. I learned the hard way, that DLC is not universal. Worst wasted $10 ever.

GameFAQs does list the Disc ID's and associated region. Check your ID against the list for Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Then make sure to create a new PSN account using a different e-mail address and stating the country matching the Disc ID as the country (You may need to create it through that country's version of playstation.com, eg. au.playstation.com for Australia).

Then retry the DLC code under the country match PSN account.

Plus, there are also these two other possibilities:
#1: The code is case sensitive that means since in most codes the letters are capitals, they should be entered as capitals. Lowercase will register as invalid.
#2: You may be the unfortunate victim of DLC "Leak" code theft. Before the game came out in my country I saw 100s of links to these code generator programs online (thankfully my code wasn't stolen).
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User Info: tried_42_long

5 years ago#4
Would the free dlc code given with the asian (20225) version work with a US account?

I plan on buying the extra dlc's on the US store,because I already have my account there and my trophies.And I also read that the dlc's on the US store works with the BCAS 20225 version.

If not,can I just download the free dlc's on an asian account and install them on my real account?

User Info: Animesetsuna

5 years ago#5
If the code are from Asian, you need to use PSN Asia to get it. I don't think it gonna work with PSN US.
Playing Gift - prism (PSP) & Replaying FFXIII-2 Asian (PS3)
So whose route is better? (dekirukana@joqr.net)

User Info: Tsuki-Shiro

5 years ago#6
It happened to me too, I was given a replacement code.

User Info: easywrite

5 years ago#7
@beebarb, thanks for the info! i got the summoners Garb costume now though it was a big disappointment hahaha what can i expect, it was free haha

anyway a couple of questions about PS3..

is there anyway to change my log in ID for a the particular user im using in my ps3? i really dont care about the trophies i earned since i never upload them in the internet. what im worried about are my save games can i transfer them from 1 account to another?

though when i installed the dlc using a different account the DLC was also applied to my main account in ps3.. :)

User Info: beebarb

5 years ago#8
Changing the primary PSN login is easy.

Log out of the active login on the current user account (making sure not to change users), then login with the desired login ensuring the "Save Password" checkbox is checked (plus "Log in automatically" if desired).

Save files are linked to your user account on the system not your PSN login, so transfer between PSN logins is not needed.
Though if what your'e asking is how to transfer saves between user accounts on the system, that's easy.

1. Go to "Saved Data Utility (PS3)" on the XMB.
2. Find the Save File.
3. Press triangle.
4. Select Copy.
5. Select the User Account to copy the Save File to.
6. Press X to begin the copy process.

Hopefully that answered your questions.
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