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User Info: mathfool

5 years ago#1
Any hints on how to defeat Caius in Oerba 200AF? I've lost 10 times to this guy now and I'm pretty frustrated.

I have to keep a SEN monster active at all times - if I bring in anyone else, my party is annihilated within seconds. I can't do damage fast enough to offset the power of his Regen with only 2 attackers. I tried using poison, but Regen seems to just cancel it out. Maybe I am underleveled. Serah and Noel each have about 75 total levels.

I finished FF13 and all the monster hunts and I didn't have as much trouble on any of those as this battle.

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User Info: SODIS

5 years ago#2
Really? I just did it a while ago today and it was a cinch. He's not that much harder than the first time except he has a health buff. Just make sure when he casts "Body, Soul, and Heart" that you debuff him using "Dispel" immediately. Other than that, it's the usual tactics of staggering then dishing out pain afterwards. Don't waste your 5-ATB moves on him because he'll rez for one more fight but this time he won't have his buffs.

User Info: m3gafan888

5 years ago#3
I lost to him the first time and then looked online. I realized that I didn't really have much of any healing going on so I used a COM/RAV/MED paradigm and that was all I needed for the fight. I did have to use a few wound potions though to stay alive.
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User Info: neohanime

5 years ago#4
I had trouble with him as well. The point of this battle is to stagger him at least 3 times to beat him, and fast as possible. I beat him with Serah, Noel, and a Rav/Med monster. Basically have these:

Com/Com/Rav (or Com/Com/Com if you have it)

Start out with Rav/Sen/Rav and stagger him. He will focus fight on the sentinel (Noel). If HP is low switch to either Rav/Rav/Med or Med/Rav/Med depending on how low your HP are. Once staggered, go with Com/Com/Rav or Com/Com/Com.

User Info: phoenixjt

5 years ago#5
You mean Caius Baltar?

User Info: mathfool

5 years ago#6
I finally beat him. I had to change my strategies quite a bit - that's what I like about the FF13 games.

First, I used SYN/SAB/SEN to start the battle and get a series of buffs and debuffs going, including poison. This is important because Caius can heal himself and gets more dangerous during the battle, so winning fast is key.

Next, I hadn't upgraded my monsters very much, so I used some monster growth items. Level 1-3 monsters weren't enough, so I used a level 20 Sentinel (Pulse Knight) and a level 19 Commando (Hoplite).

Finally, I tried to keep relentless assault going as much as possible, bringing in a monster healer when necessary. I was able to win on the 2nd stagger.

Good will always triumph, because evil is dumb.

User Info: MoonLightCloud

5 years ago#7
You mean Caius Baltar?

You mean Caius Ballad?

User Info: y000012500

5 years ago#8
Try leaving and going to the Sunleth Waterscape instead?

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