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A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Four: Instruments of Revelation

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User Info: brainfriiz

5 years ago#1
A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Four: Instruments of Revelation

Welcome to a Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII Role Playing Game! Here we will be weaving a tale of tragedy and action as those doomed to live the rest of their lives as a l'Cie fight for their fate and the future of all mankind!

You can find a FNCFFXIIIRPG Create a Character Primer and Crystarium & Shops topics here:

EtherealSoul is kind enough to maintain a log of our adventures (in color!) here:

You can find a FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter One: Instruments of Fate here:

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You can find a FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Three: Instruments of Tragedy here:

Arthogawa (As Yuki), Ready for Role Play & Battle!
ask159 (As Azra`eil), Ready for Role Play & Battle!
BMSirius (As Renge), Ready for Role Play & Battle!
ethan3210 (As Emil), Ready for Role Play & Battle!
EtherealSoul (As Vincere), Ready for Role Play & Battle!
Final_Cataclsym (As Angil), Ready for Role Play & Battle!
JoeBreezy (As Syntyche), Ready for Role Play & Battle!
kuro-shinigami (As Kei), Ready for Role Play & Battle!
Metaun (As Angelus Fae Spayel), Ready for Role Play & Battle!
mr_kiya (As Kyte Paddes), Ready for Role Play & Battle!
Nemyar (As Darran), Ready for Role Play & Battle!
VentusStorm (As Milly), Ready for Role Play & Battle!
<You, yes you! Your name here.>, awaiting RP character information.

In the Wings:
trinityEDGE (As Renault), come back to us!

User Info: brainfriiz

5 years ago#2
A Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII Role Playing Game, the story so far!

Our story begins in the humble town of Bohemia. A Festival celebrating life on Gran Pulse by hunting wild animals has begun. Before the event is even half over, a troublesome fal'Cie, Atomos, shoots out of the ground and causes havoc and ruin in Bohemia! With the town half destroyed, our heroes slay the mightiest of the beasts and sunk underground in an inactive Ark. There they stumble upon their worst nightmare, a terrible fal'Cie inviting them to a permanent resting place in his tomb! Defeating Demon Wall, our heroes are branded by Pulse and knocked unconscious.

They awaken in a nearby village a couple days later. There they meet with a powerful seeress who tells them their destinies lie in both Paddra and Oerba. The group nearly tears itself apart as they split ways, pursuing their own interests. Angil, Milly and Renault charge towards Bohemia and Oerba, looking to help those injured and reunite with lost family members. After defeating Quetzacoatl, Renault seems to be dead, and Milly has run off Angil puts the finishing touch on Quetzacoatl, and makes a fitting sacrfice! Milly and Angil have only now come together again at Bohemia. Angelus, Syntyche and Vincere hastily leave town and head toward Paddra. Upon arriving they find the city is ready for war against Cocoon. They find out there has been a rash of recent l'Cie turnings across Pulse with a similar focus: War. Paddra is organizing it against Cocoon. Meeting Azra`eil outside the city, they speak with Yeul and unlock an Eidolon before Yeul dies before their eyes! Emil, Kei and Renge seek out a quicker means to travel to Paddra and catch up with their friends when they engage in a very difficult battle, surviving only because their friends had left them powerful tools. Finally they reach Paddra, and together at last the group has sought out a functioning Ark where they can train their powers!

In Chapter Three, our heroes stationed in Paddra plumb the depths of a dark training Ark. The power of Eidolons impresses all as Vincere's Diablos decimates several tough foes! Our heroes train and find their power growing overwhelming. Even the meek Emil has unlocked his hidden Eidolon, Gilgamesh. After solving many riddles, the group is poised to take perhaps the greatest test of their teamwork and strength. Our heroines Angil and Milly have dutifully helped salvage some of the wreckage of Bohemia, helping their citizens from injury and torments deep within a lost ark beneath Bohemia. They have given courage and a renewed focus to a village with a history of hunting, recruiting Kyte along the way. On the fringes of the town in the Ashensand, they fought off weapons left from a previous war with Cocoon. And now they arrive in Oerba to find... the WAR AGAINST COCOON HAS BEGUN!

As Pulsian people, perhaps precariously, puncture the devil's viper nest Cocoon, our heroes will find Pulse has dirty secrets of it's own as the INSTRUMENTS OF REVELATION!!

Ladies and gentlemen, on with the show!

User Info: Metaun

5 years ago#3

They had devised an answer for the statue. They knew of it's benevolence and of how it benefitted those who fought in these arks.Their rest was a respite, brief and nice. Her pale dirty hands tried their best to smoothen and remove the damage done to her dual-bladed blue weapon, the thing that filled with her the energy of Eidolons, Fal'cie and Monsters alike. She cracked a grin. Looking at herself now in the reflection, that's just what she looked like. A monster. Her dreadlocks ever so tightly collected in their bundles were now ragged and a darker shade.

The grime and dirt coated her elegant white skin and was underneath her nails, blood stains soaked the silver outfit she wore. The fur of the wolf skin was dried unpleasant. Her sandals had torn straps and barely fit upon her anymore. In all honesty she wanted to leave the ark for a day at the inn. Her eyes stayed shut during their rest after examining her weapon, and knowing nothing would bring back that original luster.

Magic. For some reason that came to mind. She always looked upon it with scorn initially. It was the things of the gods and the gods were evil.

Despite those rare gods who benefitted mankind, all she knew was the fires that razed villages, blizzards that starved crops, and lightning...well she wasn't sure if she was anything bad about lightning, besides the fact if it hit you, you were probably a goner. Unless you were a L'cie.

But the others used it without fear, with such precision. With a weapon, she had no fear of who'd she strike. Her movements had grown even more nimble with her allies weaving and interconnecting their attacks, and she had stabbed, impaled, and to be honest idiotically slashed, foes time and time again.

She strived to be the strongest, the fastest. Sure sometimes she wished she could do more in their struggle besides...hit stuff, but if her initial fear of magic held her back from it's development.

But seeing Syntyche shrug off the worst attacks, seeing Kei just heal off deadly wounds like nothing. And knowing the sensation of warmth overflowing just...overtaking the senses in a euphoric manner yet not so distracting that you couldn't fight onward.

She wondered of Renualt, Angil, and Milly. The trio seemed like they withstand absolutely anything they wanted. Vincere despite his rough patches had his Eidolon and could handle his own.

Their scuffles...well maybe she didn't use her strength to it's potential. Killing Vincere, that was an idiotic notion brought on by much of it. Then the tension broke over so many times.

And it seemed like more fights awaited. They guessed their answer to the statue. She stood, waiting like always. Riddles, riddles. Why did it seem Yeul was the answer to everything? Ah. Another sad memory. Poor girl, having to die so young. Poor Caius, for having to deal with such a trial.

The statue budged. She expectantly moved forward, despite her wish to rest more, only to see a gigantic stone blade push her aside like a fly into the ark's wall.

User Info: Metaun

5 years ago#4
Angelus cont.
"What the f*ck!" Pain racked through her entire body, nerves responding to the sudden violence from the behemoth. Staggering she got up on her feet.

Malachite eyes watched the assault with horror, as with a single-minded focus the monster bursted to life, shrugging off her allies' magic like it was nothing
destroying all it's path. Her right arm felt numb, and pain coarsed to remind her, yet she wielded her weapon awe-struck. Suddenly the Menhirrim had it's blade overdrawn and she saw it's target. Renge!

Vincere and Emil couldn't summoned their Eidolons in time even if they already had crushed their crystals. It was going to kill him...

Her legs sprung to life, her body moving without thought to put anything, something, inbetween her ally and death. The Spire was flung out in it's long form, the handle being bared for dear life, as she put all of her L'cie strength forward, thrusting it out as the weapon of the statue came swinging down.

She was pushed back just a little, her sandals gripping the floor for dear life, panting with exhaustion as she glared upon her new foe.

He pushed harder. Her muscles were tearing at themselves, aching for release, everything in her telling her to move, that she was going to be ripped asunder in she kept this up. So desperate was the need to rest, overwhelming her...yet she couldn't. She was Angelus the Strong, the one who had endless power, where others used their magic to win their fights, she used humanity's natural resource, strength.

She was edged back a little more. As every second lapse onward slowly, her body was slowly giving in.

"Pulse...damn it. Anything! I'll do anything for more strength! Don' die here!" She grunted, praying to gods she despised. Praying for a miracle from her very foes, mercy. It was weakness, it felt bitter in her mouth, but it was her own hope.

And it was answered when a glyph appeared below her feet, standing on the rim of the dark purple emblem, before bursting forth with a large blade, a maiden had impaled the Menhirrim, and pushed it back, ending it's assault, dust pushing up off the ground, fading within moments.

Angelus looked at her Eidolon with shock, and it sat upon it's blade, glancing at her, before with it's many arms blades were brought forth, and pointed toward the L'cie


Angelus tried to swing her blade forward once more, ready to strike, but she felt weak, unable to wield the weapon she had used so often. Standing hard.

She tried lifting the weapons, even trying to unjoin them, but the blade's metal was too heavy. It was what allowed her to fight like she had so far, being able to cut into most things despite it's weight. Now she couldn't even lift it?!?

She knelt for a moment. Everything hurt...she looked over toward Emil and Vincere. They gained their Eidolons. They knew of these bonds better then everyone here.

"What can I do to defeat her? I can't even lift my weapon...!"
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User Info: Metaun

5 years ago#5

Everybody in Oerba is shocked at the happenings surrounding Cocoon. Dread and panic inflict some. Cocoon is in full swing in repelling the attack. Not only is Cocoon's army on the assault, it's fal'Cie as well! Plenty of strange fal'Cie similar to Dahaka in appearance, fly around battling Pulse's fleet. The battle does not seem particularly in the favor of either side. Orbital platfroms loaded with man and machine rise up to Cocoon's frigate class ships and bring the fight on board. Dreadnaughts and bombs being particularly devastating! The Pulse army seems to be probing the surface of Cocoon looking to board Cocoon from an opening port!

From the distance, a single pod can be seen leaving the battle. It draws closer and closer. It is unmistakable: It will strike Oerba! The pod smashes into the ground, and spawning from it Cocoon weaponry. And even... soldiers!?! It seems far too early in the battle for Cocoon to be launching any sort of counter offensive. There is something more to this. However, there is not much time to ponder this turn events. As the expert l'Cie of Oerba defend their town from invaders, a trail of soldiers seem to be heading straight for... The Temple of Oerba, home to Anima.

This is your final chance to buy stuff in Oerba for the moment, as if the pod hadn't landed yet.

List of Priorities:
Seek out the War Council.
Defend the citizens and aid the l'Cie.
Head straight for the Temple of Oerba.

or perhaps someone who is more familiar with Oerba might have another idea? If anyone has another objective they can complete, you can choose to do that, too.

You will be split into two groups based on your decision, or you can all stick together.

The Eighth Ark

The party had settled in, taking a break from all of the fighting. They finished their last battle in due haste, and hadn't even found the solution to the riddle by the time all was said and done. Sharing food and time, our heroes eventually found the answer: The Analects. It has been written and expanded upon over time by many monks and ascetics of the general faith of Pulse, inspired by the prescience of the Farseers and the l'Cie who have had brief encounters with whom is commonly believed to be the God, Pulse. It is a collection of musings on fal'Cie and famous quotes and sermons from many farseers and priests. Notably, it includes a passage asking the people of Pulse to pray for the Chosen:

III. The Chosen
Two l'Cie are they, the Chosen, and from the North they hail. Endowed are they with fal'Cie Focus, to bear the burden of the Beast.
My brothers and sisters of Gran Pulse: Honor the Chosen in your prayers! Let the blade forged of their will be tempered by your faith, that it might sunder that devilish cocoon's facade!

When there answer is given to the Menhirrim, a strange occurence happens. The Menhirrim lifts up it's blade and readies it, then strikes a blow towards the group! Everybody scatters and asks what is it's purpose? The Menhirrim does not answer. It strikes again, knocking a few people into the walls and proceeds to slam it's sword into Renge, who scarcely evades the blow! It redoubles it's effort to strike him again, shoving off everyone who attacks it. After a moment, it seems to have a clear target: Renge. But for what reason? With their l'Cie magic seemingly ineffectual, the Menhirrim finally corners his prey and prepares to end Renge with a skullsplitting strike until a certain person (check your PMs!) intervenes for their friend...

[For those who missed it and don't want to go checking back and forth.]
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User Info: mr_kiya

5 years ago#6
Kyte Oerba Roleplay start

"I can help too, Milly"
I flash a smile while I get my Gunblade ready for whatever battles lay ahead

Kyte Oerba Roleplay end
Kyte Desert Roleplay start

Angil seemed to be enjoying me touching her fangs ALOT. Air started blowing round us as she started to enjoy it more. It was unexpected, almost sexual. She then explained that her relax and pleasure nerves where in her fangs instead of...more 'traditional' places. I couldn't wonder if 'traditional' places worked aswell. It would be too inapropriate to ask.

Kyte Desert Roleplay end
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User Info: JoeBreezy

5 years ago#7

Standing there in a daze, Syntyche tries to ready himself to help defend his friend. But to no avail. He was stiff as stone and was unable to help out like he would like. Steadily struggling to release himself from this, thing, that was keeping him at bay, he watches as the events unfold.

If only I could come to your aid Renge, if only...

Watching as the beast strikes down towards Renge, he feels remorse for his friend. He feels his pain and what potential thoughts are running through his head.. Unable to speak, he looks towards him and speaks in his head hoping, he will understand..

It's not your time Renge, you'll make it through this..

Syntyche remained calm nonetheless. For as soon as he was looking towards Renge, he notcies Angelus coming to his aid. My, she must be stronger than we all thought. If she's able to not be effected by whatever it is that is keeping all of us at bay, something has to be pushing her forward.. Something has to be giving her the drive she has wanted.. There has to be some explanation for this..

So the old man sits and watches. Unable to help out, he watches and prays for the best outcome. He hopes everything will end well, and there will be no deaths here today on this battlefield.

Renge... Angelus..

Syntyche | JoeBreezy | Gil 5000
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HP 1660/1860 | TP 15
STR 60 | MAG 144 | ATB 3
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[A]Magic Counter
[RL] Sentinel Level I
[RL] Sentinel Level II.
[1][E] Black Belt
[1] Starfall Pendant
[1]Brawler's Wristband
[17]Potion: Heals 200 HP
[2]Phoenix Down
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User Info: kuro-shinigami

5 years ago#8
Feeling the full force of the swing, Kei flung to the wall, unable to get off.
"... This is the second time this has happened TT_TT..."
struggling to free himself from the force keeping everyone at bay, Kei manages to free one hand and tosses a few items towards Renge and Angelus. Two Hi-Potions and an Ether came rolling their way.

"Hehe, sorry it's not much use but hope it'll help!... Now, how do I get moving again..."

User Info: BMSirius

5 years ago#9
[@Rush: I sent you a long string of PMs, but I couldn't actually FINISH them because you can only send 3 at a time. So, after you read one of them, I have ONE more to send. Sorry about that, I forgot about the 3 PM limit!]

In shock, Renge stumbles backwards.

"W-what did I do?!"

In sheer terror, he barely skirts away from the statue's assault. He jumps backwards from the first strike, but the second one nicks his chest and he stumbles backwards and falls to his bottom. He just barely avoids a third blow by skittering backwards on his hands and knees, and he suddenly bumps against a wall. There was nowhere to go from here.

"S-s-stop it! We answered your question! I didn't do anything to you!!"

Never so close to death in his entire life, Renge could do nothing but scream at the creature. He wanted to be known for being able to remain calm, analytic, and strategic in combat, but right now, he felt like a child screaming for his mother.

And then... Angelus. Despite being rough and ragged, pained and injured, drained and exhausted... she saves him. He blocks his face with his arm, expecting the large weapon to come down on him, but nothing happens. He removes his arm to see Angelus, holding the line.

"Angelus... you..."

He's stunned for a moment, but then realizes that he needs to keep a cool head. He quickly gets up an assumes a much more defensive position, when he suddenly realizes that the beast is dead, and a strange, four-headed woman stands before them.

"Your... Eidolon..."

[Gotta leave, unfortunately, so even though there might be more I wanna say I'll either do it later or after Rush updates with official Eidolon fight]
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User Info: EtherealSoul

5 years ago#10
[OOC: Shoot. Most of the stuff I did on my character sheet won't work on here (the symbols aren't displayed). This is why I didn't work on the original file I have saved with it.

Will post later once we get a few more posts.]
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