A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Four: Instruments of Revelation

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User Info: Nemyar

5 years ago#21
@mr_kiya, guess that means Darran isn't going to be alone for long. Isn't Yuki (the newest character? Unless you meant Jason) saving the citzens on his own, rather than heading to the temple?

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#22

[To clear things up, Yuki was going to help the civilians. However, if everyone else is going to the temple than he could run into you on the way and tag along. I wouldn't want to be stuck on my own without an Eidolon at this stage, even though Yuki's character at first is that of a loner.

And as for my Eidolon, the biggest issue is how to make Zanmato work without it being completely broken. Maybe it could be like Zantetsuken with a chance to kill any enemy the lower its health is. Let me know if that could work.]

User Info: Metaun

5 years ago#23
Her eyes gazed over her comrades rushing over to her aid, her body quivering with weakness, despite the potions. Her weapon remained on the floor, discarded for now, unable to even be lifted.

Thus she shifted into using the abomination her friends had mastered and used effectively. Her fingers spread apart, she felt the sensation from before. It was familiar, eerie. She had used it scarcely before to taste it's feel, yet still it was new. The mana trickled from her fingers, a green glow washing over them with ease, swirling, sparks of purer green in it's midst.

She looked upon the new face of her enemy. Her muscles hurt...but perhaps the tinge of green could remedy that...perhaps it would be enough to show she could heal.


The glow washed over her, four times, the essence they had once been in her hands glowing brilliantly, flashed those four times before disappearing completely. The internal injuries she sustained however...were only eased for those brief moments before they came back full force. She winced, struggling to hold back the tears in her eyes.

"I....I can't do this...."

Her will was disminishing, now on both knees, glancing in fear at her foe, praying to avoid pain. Before she shrugged it off....but now it felt like she could be turned into paste at but a mere moment.

Cure/Cure/Cure/Cure to Angelus.

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User Info: EtherealSoul

5 years ago#24
[OOC: Right. You had 50 at the start of Chapter Three's thread before the +45 to Strength and Magic

Fixed my character sheet and now it works. Yay for my own twist...of course, one part of it is a bit harder to read. Oh well]

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User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 years ago#25
Angil Roleplay Start

Chaos was further erupting all around us. Milly's friend slapped her hard to get her to shape up. That was something I didn't like seeing but decided not to address it if Milly didn't. I see a pod falling in the air coming down towards Oerba. Looks like I am going to fight with one hand and without a weapon. It has been too long. My blood thirst increases as my fangs start protruding and I sense my eyes change color but the world remains clear. That... hasn't happened before... Was the kindness of Kyte the cause? So be it, it will be one more way to desperately fight if need be. I look everyone in the eyes for them to notice the change and speak up.

"Milly, as much as I want to assist you, your hometown needs help. Gods are more than capable of defending themselves unless I am involved. I will help the people and stop whatever soldiers I can before they can overwhelm the temple. Jason, I am sure you are curious at how I plan to do that with a broken arm and no weapons, but lets just say I am a force of nature to be reckoned with."

I don't know if I said that last part referring to the Death Goddess or Goddess of Air aspects of myself or both. I walk away from the main group and further my resolve. I purposely don't look back as I start charging heavy winds around myself. The ground swirls around my walking path and people get the message to run the other way. My crimson eyes note the distance, speed and potential blast radius of the falling pod. Right hand raised out in front, the Wind Skin takes hold as I stand ready for combat and the soon to be rush of debris that is about to fly at me.

End Angil Roleplay
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(message deleted)

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#27

@Cat: I actually was kind of hoping you'd help the villagers, TBH. I have a question about Angil: Being a goddess and all, is she able to see through lies? I was thinking that if that was the case it could be a point of tension for Yuki.

@Everyone else: Looks like I am officially helping the villagers.

User Info: mr_kiya

5 years ago#28
Kyte Roleplay start

"Sorry Milly I can't let Angil go in her own goddess or not"
I then run towards Angil, as strong winds gust around us
"Angil I'm not letting you fight on your own with no weapon and a broken arm."
I'm not going to stand around and let anyone else die!
"There is no right or wrong, only opinion and perspective"

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 years ago#29
???? Roleplay Start

Master, I just can't make sense of that scene on the mountaintop. My flying around has caused little if any attention to the native species here considering how high I was. The sun is bright and Bohemia is just a few short miles away. Up here, it looks so close and so tiny. Though I hadn't noticed it before, there was a moon like object in the sky. How curious. And then my curiosity makes me wonder what Angil has been up to.

My mind wondering around to pass the time comes up with all sorts of stories. Angil became a hero and was taking threats down to keep people safe. Likely true. Another theory was that she became a teacher and taught about wind magic and fighting. Possible. My last thought was that she was starting up her own army on this world to garner influence and take over the world. Nah, master isn't like that and would probably do it just for kicks by herself if she was serious.

Bohemia loomed far below and while I did want to be discrete, snowflake travel is fairly slow. Transforming into a raindrop, I fall down to this world in just over a minute. Landing in a secluded section of town, I transform back into a human and smell the air. Angil was here just this morning. I go to what looks like the town hall and ask around.

"Hey, you guys wouldn't know about what Angil is doing right about now would you?" I smile politely as they tilt their heads up to answer.

"Angil is off to Oerba with a girl named Milly and a guy named Kyte. They are traveling through the Ashensands. Angil forgot her chocobo Aeris here but I presume she will take Aeris with her when we train for war." That last comment had me at odds. War training?

"Why is she training for war?" I asked but not daring to break my composure.

"Not her, she wants to train us so we don't lose. I saw that she even slayed a Fal'Cie at last war council. Angil The Godslayer. I am glad she is on our side. So who are... you...?"

I left quickly before they even noticed I was missing but I picked up what they said with my advanced hearing. Angil The Godslayer. Is that what you fought on the mountaintop? And war training! I hope you have an explanation for all this. I was joking when I thought she might raise an army and take over the world and the least likely thing to happen. I mentally try and give her the benefit of the doubt but can't before I talk to her. Stupid human emotions getting me all upset and stuff...

I reach the edge of Bohemia and no longer wish for any subtlety. I open my mouth and launch a high pitched sonar wave in the direction of the desert. Several seconds later, nothing returns. At least I don't have to be subtle. I straight up raise five feet off the ground and launch myself to sub sonic speeds across the desert.

Wait for me Angil, I'm coming.

End ???? Roleplay
"Apparently, floors can fire guns...I...I did not know that." Nostalgia Critic

User Info: VentusStorm

5 years ago#30
@mr: Acually, The Subject of Protecton brought up thoughts OF her brother. Jason Is Truely Just her Guardian in a way. Oh, Don't forget to introduce yourselves so Jason isn't Concerned for her Safety... In A Way Jason Doesn't like people who either he doesn't know, or won't trust them around her unless they could beat him in a Fight... and we don't need PvP now Do we? XD

Milly Jason

*SIGH* Can't Angil Get any dumber? Still, Kyte Has her Back, so Anima Is of More concern at the moment. "You two can Handle yourselves... Kyte, If Angil gets Wounded too much, get her to me. I don't care if you have to Drag her you just-" Jason Intervnes by covering my Mouth.... "Milly, Don't We have more Pressing Matters to Attend to?" Oh. Right. "I'll leave her in your hands then. I Rush off, But Jason Stays Behind for a moment... He'll Catch up.


She Really Worries me sometimes... A Goddess though? Really? "Hmph. Milly's Sure made some Interesting Friends.... I don't know who you Are, but Thanks for protecting Milly... She's Like a Sister to me ever Since both our Parents died.... She's like the Only Family I Have left..." I Chase After her, not wanting to lose her again....
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