A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Four: Instruments of Revelation

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User Info: BMSirius

5 years ago#421
[@Rush: Role Levels implemented as asked. I'll post my stat sheets, but not my actions yet. What would everyone prefer for this round - Physical attacks, or Magic? EtherealSoul/Vincere's nowhere to be seen. Arthogawa can do great physical damage or good magical damage. Chaos can do DEVASTATING physical damage. Renge, Kei, and Emil are useless without magic. I dunno what to do.]

Renge | BMSirius | Gil 4620
RAV/SAB/SYN 1/0/0 | Crystogen 3100
HP 1050/1050 | TP 23
STR 75 | MAG (220) | ATB 5
<--WEAPONS--> [Arm Crossbow - "Ascension"]
Chain Bonus Boost I: All attacks add 1 stagger.
(Unequipped - Augment Maintenance I: Your offensive buffs last 1 round longer.)
-RAVAGER- **Lv1**
[2]Chainspell: Your total ATB after modifiers are doubled this round in Ravager, Saboteur, and Synergist roles. Your damage is halved, however.
[1] (E) Shaman's Mark: Magic +50 (denoted in parenthesis above)
[1] (E) Shrouding Talisman: Auto-Veil[2]
[1] Ember Ring: Halves Fire Damage (non-stacking).
[4]Potion: Heals 200 HP.
[3]Antidote: Removes Poison.
[4]Wax: Removes Imperil on yourself or a single ally.
[2]Mallet: Removes Fog on yourself or target ally.
[1]Phoenix Down: Restores target to life with 50% max HP.
[1]Ether: Adds 1 TP.
[1]Fortisol: Bestow Bravery, Faith, Haste (2 turns) on target ally.
[3]Red Fang: Casts Fire on a single target.
[1]Pale Fang: Casts Aero on a single target.
[6]Pearl Fang: Casts Water on a single target.

Chaos | BMSirius
HP 2020/2020
Str 450 | Mag 450 | ATB 4
-COMMANDO- **Lv2**
-RAVAGER- **Lv2**
[S]Arise: If their summoner dies, they revive him/her to 100% HP and disappear.
[F]Provoke: They can use provoke once per round as a free action, at your request.
[4]Curaga: Heals one ally to 100% HP and removes all debuffs.
[F]Resonant Chaos: Renge and Chaos each gain all buffs and debuffs currently present on the other.
[F]Elemental Prison: Casts 1[Stop] 1[Imperil] on target, Chaos's RAV abilities can only strike the target. Only works once on bosses.
<--ULTIMATE GESTALT - Tornado-->
5x STR/MAG to all enemies, breaks all enemies
Launches all launchable foes, and all non-launchable foes currently weak to Wind.
"Stupid? How the hell can someone come to that conclusion? Serah is a ****ing state-of-the-art plot-seeking missile in this game." - TheSmartestBomb

User Info: ask159

5 years ago#422
@Sirius: One thing, was Artogawa in our group? I thought he was with the others, unless I missed something. I will either use Attackx3 or Ruinx3, so it depends on the difference between the attack of that and chaos vs the magic attack of the other three plus you, me, and chaos. They did not do as much likely compared to Chaos, compare with the last round of damage.

@Rush: Hey, so for the damage last round, you have two different outcomes. From the description, Emil and kei took 750 damage, and from the summary of damage, Azra'eil and kei took 750 damage. Just checking to see which is right.

User Info: ask159

5 years ago#423

@Sirius: Oh, you probably meant me. Anyway, I ran some numbers for you to see. If I am understanding this correctly for the stagger a[STAGGER xb] , where a is the number of rounds it lasts and b is the multiplier for the damage. If so, here is some numbers.

Magic allowed.
Chaos, ~32000 again?, I do not understand how his damage was calculated for the prison attack?
Azra, ~5400
Emil ~10,000 again? couldn't find his stats easily
Kei is healing
Renge ~10,000 with faith?

Chaos, ~39000
Azra, ~12000-15000 depending on blindside ( am assuming launch does not work, but if it does then no damage for this round)
Emil guard?, Kei ~2400 if attack, and Renge, nothing?

I think these are close, though I am not sure about the magic round due to Chaos and Emil. I just ran the numbers, and I rounded, did not bother with exact damage. Hope this helps, Otherwise, hope others answer soon.

If Renge, Chaos, and Emil truly do that much damage, then the magic is the way to go as it includes healing as well.

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#424
OOC: @Sirius/Ask: I'm not in the Arc group. I'm with the Oerba group. If I could be in two places at once I wouldn't mind though... :P

User Info: BMSirius

5 years ago#425
[OOC: Sorry, guys... I meant ask, not Artho. *embarassed*

At any rate, we'll stick to magic. All Paddra group members can feel free to attack using Magic this round. I'll post my thing later - I'm not feeling creative right now.]
"Stupid? How the hell can someone come to that conclusion? Serah is a ****ing state-of-the-art plot-seeking missile in this game." - TheSmartestBomb

User Info: ask159

5 years ago#426

<Azra`eil> | <ask159> | Gil 3600
COM/RAV/MED 1/1/0 | Crystogen 3100
HP 1110? or 360/1110?(1110) | TP 16
STR 300(250) | MAG 150 | ATB 3
<-Weapons-> [Scimitars/Katana]
[E]Stagger Maintenance
-Commando-**Lv. 1**
[A] Blindside
[A] Launch
-Ravager-**Lv. 1**
[1] Cragstrike
-Medic-**Lv. 0**
.<--Accessories--> [1 SLOT]
[E] Brawler`s Wristband
Dragonfly Orb: Immune to slow
[5]Potion: Heals 200 HP
[2] Hi-Potions: Heals 600 HP
[2] Pheonix Down: Revives one character to 50% HP
[2] Antidote: Cures poison

[@Artogawa: That is what I thought, think he mixed you and me up.
OOC: Since I will be gone from the internet for a bit I am posting with a magic and physical option, but only describing the magic option, as it is new for my character. If something changes and a change in my actions would be appropriate, Sirius, feel free to do so.]

Chaos kept the prison in affect. But Zeromus was shaking. It was time to go on the offensive. Gathering pure magic into the palm of his hands, he formed a spear. Azra’eil ran toward the monster and jumped over him, piercing the creature. Releasing the magic, he created a condensed ball of energy in the palm of his hand and, using the ceiling, plunged it into the hole made by the spear. Leaping free, the ball of energy exploded, the energy blowing muscles and shell free, the sound and force of the blast echoing off the walls, along with the screams of Zeromus. Azra grinned, glad at the destruction this new technique had brought about. “Everyone, focus on the hole in his armor and we might bring him down.”

@Rush: Two options, depending on what Sirius chooses.

Physical allowed
1980 damage! (no blindside included as I do not know if I was attacked, 2640 with blindside)

Magic allowed
990 damage!

User Info: brainfriiz

5 years ago#427
@ask: Emil took the damage. My apologies.

Alright, here is an update! I want to give ethan, soul, joe and metaun a chance to potentially update.

An interesting change to go into effect when the second grand arc begins. Everyone will go through a crystogen normalization. In other words, everyone will be brought up to crystogen equal to the person with the most crystogen, and henceforth all crystogen earned will be equally shared by all players. I'm not too worried about normalizing gil because theoretically by end game everyone will be able to afford to build whatever they want. I've mentioned that I've been doing a good deal of backend work before and the second act should be sort've a 2.0 for the battle system.

The battle of Oerba is over almost as fast as it started. The threat to Anima has been suppressed. Spoils litter the ground as Viriathus explodes into a plethora of unique and powerful items. The Phantom has seemingly vanished, yet knowing it was an Eidolon, it likely was not truly defeated. The party breathes sighs of relief.

Soon, everybody vacates the temple. Oerban's finest greet our heroes with congratulatory hugs and handshakes for selflessly entering the temple when the barrier wouldn't allow them to enter. The town Elder makes an appearance and rewards the heroes further with more artefacts and a surplus of 500 gil. The committee from Paddra arrives and offers to praise to the team as well, asking that our heroes please join their efforts in the war. While some progress is being made infiltrating the impregnable fortress Cocoon itself, it will take brave powerful warriors like yourselves to drive the nail into the coffin and free Pulse from Lindzei's hovering tyranny. They offer the group further vouchers for buying any needed materials to join the war should they make the travel to Paddra which the cost will be covered by them. They also subtly drop the point that refusing to join is not much of an option, though it is your choice to pursue that end anyway.

Your heroic exit aside, Oerba is still in disarray and disbelief. No one has experienced a Cocoon attack in their lifetimes. The true terror, however, is that you know a dangerous Cocoon l'Cie is unaccounted for. It is up to you whether you feel you should reveal this to public authorities.

The war is still taking place in the skies above, though it is in a stall for the moment as both sides muster for the next wave of the assault. It would seem Pulse isn't doing too bad, Paddra has established an orbital base above Cocoon itself and is attempting to crack open the roof of Cocoon.

***TOWN*** (Crystarium & Shops open!)
Signal when you are ready to board the speed rail to Paddra.

+500 gil

Six participants, six uncommon items to divvy up, one each. This here is the true test of you being able to share as a team!
(Weapon)Improved Esuna I: Your Esuna now removes an additional status effect of your choice.
(Weapon)Quick Stagger: If you strike an enemy near stagger, they will instantly stagger.
(Accessory)Frost Ring: Halve Ice Damage (non-stacking).
(Accessory)Champion's Badge: Victory: +1 TP.
(Accessory)Whistlewind Scarf: Start first round of battle with +1 ATB.
(Accessory)Boreal Ring: Deal 25% more Ice damage.

I will be checking in tomorrow!

User Info: ethan3210

5 years ago#428
[OOC: I don't care which barrier is used. :P
Also, Sirius, we need to do some talking, maybe. I'll contact you in PMs. @_@ ]


Emil shrugged off the attack, after being healed by Kei, and smiled at him. Returning his gaze to Zeromus, he prepared himself for another attack.

[b]If Magic[/b]
Stone/Water/Aero/Thunder -> Zeromus

[b]If Physical[/b]
Paradigm Shift -> Sentinel
Challenge/Challenge/Elude/Elude -> Zeromus

Emil | ethan3210 | Gil 7390
RAV/SEN/MED 0/0/0 | Crystogen 2100
HP 1471 (1788)| TP 11
STR 70 | MAG 205 | ATB 4
[E] The Shining: Improved Guard

[A]Magic Counter



<--Accessories--> [1 slot]
Gem Necklace: Immune to Imperil.
Aqua Ring: Halves water damage (non-stacking).
Brawler's Wristband: STR+50
[E]Ceramic Armband: Immune to Deprotect.

[4]Potion: Heals 200 HP
[2]Hi-Potions: Heals 600HP.
[4]Antidote: Cure Poison on yourself or target ally
[1]Moms Are Tough: ???
[14]Pearl Fang: Casts Water on a single target.
[2]Wax: Removes Imperil on yourself or target ally.
[1]Aegisol: Bestow Protect, Shell, Veil (2 turns) on target ally.
[K]Gilgamesh Eidolon
"Somedays, you just can't get rid of a bomb." - Batman
PSN: Quadratical

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#429
Yuki Roleplay Start:

Yuki had barely finished applauding his allies when the congratulatory committee entered the chamber. He shared some handshakes and an occasional hug, but he was most uncomfortable. I'm not used to this much praise... he thought.

After the initial barrage, the village elder appeared with more spoils. Yuki tried to turn down any reward, but the elder was having none of it. Oh well.

He looked at the pile of items, some from the Undying, others from the village. He shook his head. How easy it would be to let someone else take two. I don't need any of them.

Despite that thought, two things did catch his eye: what appeared to be a serrated blade that looked like it would cut deeply into his enemies and, oddly, a scarf. He had no idea why he liked the scarf, but he realized he could modify it into a makeshift cape.

Despite that, neither were necessary and he didn't want to get in a fight with any of his new comrades. "The rest of you take what you wish. I will take whatever is left. I would take none of them, but I think that would be insulting the village."

He wished to leave the temple and find a place to think, but he wasn't sure if there was anyone he could trust to hold onto whatever the last item was for him.

Updated Stat Sheet:
Yuki | Arthogawa | Gil 2700
COM/RAV/SYN 1/0/0 | Crystogen 4800
HP 1304/1304 (1104) | TP 4
STR 144 | MAG 92 | ATB 3
<--WEAPONS--> [Great Sword/Grav Spear]
[E]Clayspear (Chain Bonus Boost I)
[RL]Commando I
[E]Silver Bangle: +200 Max HP.
[6]Potion: Heals 200 HP.
[1]Phoenix Down: Revive fallen party member to 50% Max HP.

OOC: In case it's not clear, Yuki's interested in the Quick Stagger weapon and the Whistlewind Scarf. I'll also make some Crystarium Purchases later: I don't want to put too much in one post.

User Info: Nemyar

5 years ago#430
Darran | Nemyar | Gil 6150
SAB/SYN/MED 0/0/0 | CP 4900
HP 1180/1180 (980) | TP 6
STR 100 | MAG 140 | ATB 3
<--WEAPONS--> [Hatchet]
[E]Defense Maintenance I
[1]Deshell / Poison
[1]Debrave / Defaith / Slow
[2]Protect / Shell / Veil
[2]Baraero / Barwater / Barstone
[E]Silver Bangle: Max HP +200

Okay, Darran'll sell off Silver Bangle for 400 Gil, buy and equip a Healer's Emerald for 5000 Gil.

On to the Crystarium, Darran spends CP on the following abilities...

(1000) Haste (Not a defensive buff, but if Darran have more ATBs, he'll get more defensive buffs done)
(600) Barfire
(600) Barfrost (Darran is definitely not passing this up, especially after the Blizzara incident...)
(600) Barthunder (Well, that cover all the elements.)
(1000) Boon
(1000) Jinx

Total CP spent on abilities: 4800. The remaining 100 CP goes to increasing HP by 60.

Is this okay? I'll post a updated stat sheet in next post...
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