Should I play 8 12 or 13?

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User Info: Rose_Mage

5 years ago#11
Play Final Fantasy VI.
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User Info: Pirate_Duck

5 years ago#12

I hate the game, but I think that would make the most sense if you've only played the sequel.
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User Info: Xiaoyu420

5 years ago#13
Lol ive played them all I'm just deciding what to replay, I think I'm gonna go

8 with one gf per character challenge
12 with job/one weapon type per character challenge....
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5 years ago#14
In that case, try the Zodiac version of XII (it exists in English, wink wink). Or you could try beating VIII without abusing the card game. I literally don't think I've ever done that.

User Info: FuutonElemental

5 years ago#15
Anyone know if XII is any good? I played it a few years back when I was younger, but I made the terrible mistake of thinking it was an action RPG and haven't touched it since.
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User Info: ChipNoir

5 years ago#16
Play Thirteen. Its the least abominable of the three.
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User Info: roberttalia

5 years ago#17
ULoki posted...
Why not all?

i agree play them all.the only thing is 12 has a bit of a different battle system

User Info: ArmaLeyvaten

5 years ago#18
Or you could try beating VIII without abusing the card game.

I know. After I figured out how to abuse the card game to get super high-end spells before even going to the Fire Cavern I have to force myself to not mod my cards into anything I can't already get somewhere else. It makes the game very unbalanced early on when enemies can't even kill you :P

User Info: VanilleHopen

5 years ago#19
FFVIII's battle system is just filled with exploits... It's like they didn't even check and test the game before shipping it out.. easily the sloppiest battle system of the series..

User Info: mumpsy21

5 years ago#20
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