A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#1
To those playing and following, you know the drill. If you're just tuning in, here's the lowdown on what's happened in previous topics.

Primer, Crystarium and Shop boards:

A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter One: Instruments of Fate:

A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Two: Instruments of Dissent:

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A FNCFFXIIRPG, Chapter Five: Instruments of Deception

Current Cast

Arthogawa (As Yuki and Haru)
ask159 (As Azra`eil and Renge)
Final_Cataclsym (As Angil and Runnah)
Nemyar (As Darran and Parnell)
VentusStorm (As Milly and Jason)

Retired PCs - Able To Return

trinityEDGE (As Renault)
JoeBreezy (As Syntyche)
EtherealSoul (As Vincere)
Final_Cataclsym (As Kizan)
Metaun (As Telus and Kasmira)
BMSirius (As Renge)
ethan3210 (As Emil)
kuro-shinigami (As Kei)
mr_kiya (As Kyte)

The Story So Far...(Now with Recap Music!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pKNA7bgBSU

Our story begins in the humble town of Bohemia. A Festival celebrating life on Gran Pulse by hunting wild animals has begun. Before the event is even half over, a troublesome fal'Cie, Atomos, shoots out of the ground and causes havoc and ruin in Bohemia! With the town half destroyed, our heroes slay the mightiest of the beasts and sunk underground in an inactive Ark. There they stumble upon their worst nightmare, a terrible fal'Cie inviting them to a permanent resting place in his tomb! Defeating Demon Wall, our heroes are branded by Pulse and knocked unconscious.

They awaken in a nearby village a couple days later. There they meet with a powerful seeress who tells them their destinies lie in both Paddra and Oerba. The group nearly tears itself apart as they split ways, pursuing their own interests. Angil, Milly and Renault charge towards Bohemia and Oerba, looking to help those injured and reunite with lost family members. After defeating Quetzacoatl, Renault seems to be dead, and Milly has run off Angil puts the finishing touch on Quetzacoatl, and makes a fitting sacrfice! Milly and Angil have only now come together again at Bohemia. Angelus, Syntyche and Vincere hastily leave town and head toward Paddra. Upon arriving they find the city is ready for war against Cocoon. They find out there has been a rash of recent l'Cie turnings across Pulse with a similar focus: War. Paddra is organizing it against Cocoon. Meeting Azra`eil outside the city, they speak with Yeul and unlock an Eidolon before Yeul dies before their eyes! Emil, Kei and Renge seek out a quicker means to travel to Paddra and catch up with their friends when they engage in a very difficult battle, surviving only because their friends had left them powerful tools. Finally they reach Paddra, and together at last the group has sought out a functioning Ark where they can train their powers!
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#2
In Chapter Three, our heroes stationed in Paddra plumb the depths of a dark training Ark. The power of Eidolons impresses all as Vincere's Diablos decimates several tough foes! Our heroes train and find their power growing overwhelming. Even the meek Emil has unlocked his hidden Eidolon, Gilgamesh. After solving many riddles, the group is poised to take perhaps the greatest test of their teamwork and strength. Our heroines Angil and Milly have dutifully helped salvage some of the wreckage of Bohemia, helping their citizens from injury and torments deep within a lost ark beneath Bohemia. They have given courage and a renewed focus to a village with a history of hunting, recruiting Kyte along the way. On the fringes of the town in the Ashensand, they fought off weapons left from a previous war with Cocoon. And now they arrive in Oerba to find... the WAR AGAINST COCOON HAS BEGUN!

Chapter Four sees our Oerban party stumble into an attack on Pulse from Cocoon. With the aid of newfound adventuring friends in Darran, Yuki, and Jason, they stave off the invaders from harming the townsfolk to find out that a detachment of forces had entered the Temple of Oerba! Milly rushes in as Jason finds out dishearteningly that a forcefield is repulsing Oerban branded l'Cie! Milly stomps out the Pulse invaders inside, allowing Jason to follow suit. Yuki, Kyte and Angil scour the basement of the Temple to find that not only is Oerba under attack from Cocoon, but Cie'th as well! They meet a strange man with a mysterious brand, but ultimately our heroes meet up to put an Undying cie'th in it's place and spare Anima's life. In the Ark, Angelus greviously injures herself to protect Renge when a Menhirrim attacks! She manages to summon her Eidolon and together they move forth into the antechamber of the Ark, home of the Condemner. After some words (A fal'Cie, Ultima? A game? What does it mean?), an epic battle commences where Renge's Eidolon, Chaos, emerges! Chaos and the Condemner have had conflict in the past. But it is resolved by Flame and Fury! All that's left is a long walk whence they came.

FFXIIIRPG Interim Recaps:

Team Oerba meets Team Paddra as they all join at the clinic to cheer up the wounded and help bring unity among the group. An inn is given freely to the team due to growing reputations. Renge and Azra practice in the woods with his silver lobo Talus. Kyte is reunited with Renge, the creator of his gunblade. Renge and Emil confess their love for each other and brought closer together, despite Kizan's antics. Milly and Jason watch over each other in their unique ways. Yuki learns to harness magic from Kizan and Angil as Darran learns to put Bar Spells to use. It is not all flowers and sunshine for the heroes. Many stories of the past are revealed from all sides during the rail car, clinic, inn and Paddra. Not all of them pleasant.

Syntyche was lost in the tail end of the fight with the Condemner and Vincere is in a coma. Angelus lost her strength and Emil an arm. Kei gets repeatedly lost and found on a quest of absentmindedness. Angelus and Yuki reveal their tragic pasts and the stories end with them falling off a cliff. Thanks to Yuki and Asura's daring rescue, they return unharmed. Angil and Kizan learn that the Death Goddess inside of Angil is rapidly breaking free and needs to dealt with. Just from awakening, a wedge is slammed into the group driving Angelus into a laughter and chaos. Kizan places everything on the line for her master and succeeds in both killing the Death Goddess and gaining Valefor's Eidolith. The whole event culminates to Angil's rebirth as a rescuer as they bid farewell to harsh memories thanks to Azra and Yuki's help.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#3
Things have finally started to quiet down for the team as Kizan is taking a bath, Angelus is napping and most of them are preparing delicous meals. Kei however ran off after seeing Darran tear into a behemoth steak and couldn't find Reaver. Tomorrow will be another big day as Angil intends to fight Valefor all by herself in order to keep them out of harms way. Then there is the task of training all of Bohemia in the ways of warfare to launch a counter offensive against the forces of Cocoon and the devious Goddess Lindzei.

Hilarious bouts of who prefers what in a massive series of misunderstanding throws Renge and Emil closer together. Kizan takes a bath with Yuki and reveals her own tragedies while bouncing back by training with Azra. Telus connects with her sister in a whole 'nother way and learns of a pregnancy while bidding a tiny farewell to some. Valefor appeared and formerly challenged Angil to a duel. Kyte had enough action for one day and soaked away his troubles. Milly, Jason and Darran all learn some new skills and their application in their free time. After a vicious duel between Valefor and Angil, Kizan leaves back to her world. Kei and Reaver continue to be unfazed by most of the happenings around them.

Following the duel, the group is summoned to the War Office of Commerce and given an open contract to train Bohemia in combat. After deliberation and mention of the Felsen Spear, along with picking up Talus and Parnell, the group takes a Cieth stone transport to Bohemia. They are greeted by Runnah, a young L'Cie girl who took up earth magic and the one who put out the contract in the first place. On arrival, a Cieth was on the edge of emerging as Runnah slew him and stated that her town needed both training and hope. With the morning time training finished, Runnah posed a challenge to move her up and out of a slope of earth using only magic. Meanwhile, Kasmira and her trainees scour the abandoned mine to find Malakkar and the Felsen Spear.

Chapter Five sees the training of the Bohemian refugees kick into high gear. After a long and arduous first day of training, the party and the town attend a feast. However, things soon take a sinister turn as Azra’eil and Runnah run into a man who goes by Resef and he attempts to eliminate both of them in order to obtain Runnah’s Felsen Rod. During the confrontation it is revealed that Resef is actually the man responsible for the destruction of Azra’s hometown; even more shocking is that Runnah’s mother was from the same town. Just before Resef finishes Azra off, however, Bahamut ZERO appears as Azra’s Eidolon and drives the criminal off. After a narrow victory, Azra’eil gains his Eidolon.

Night then passes into morning as an uneasy watch is set with fear that Resef will attack and part of the group goes to retrieve the L’Cie that went to the mine earlier and didn’t come back. However, the fear of attack is for naught and morning came quickly. Yuki worries about how hard Runnah pushes herself and briefly speaks to Angil about it, and then the pair talk to Runnah. The trio then goes to meditate during which time Angil hears a voice that tells her that she could remove one’s brand if she sacrificed enough, but this causes her to be distracted at a test that Runnah gives and she fails while Yuki succeeds.

Realizing that something might be wrong with Angil, Haru and Yuki conspire to see if this is indeed the case. Haru and other members of the town guard face Angil in a mock battle and Angil manages to disarm all but Haru. It appears that she will beat Haru easily as well, but then the voice speaks to her again and Haru accidentally harms her.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#4
Yuki takes Angil’s wound poorly and runs to the mine entrance where Jason, Parnell and Milly eventually find him. However, in an outburst that is out of character for him he verbally assaults Milly and Jason and forces a duel with Jason. Yuki ends up in a situation where Jason could easily end him, but ironically an attempt by Resef to kill the four heroes at once saves his life. The group make their way through the cave, looking for another way out and are eventually confronted by a mysterious fighter known only as Nightmare.

While this is going on, Bohemia proper is threatened by a bandit attack. The remaining L’Cie (sans Angil) take up arms and fights valiantly against the numerically superior bandits, but they are eventually forced into a no-win situation when the leader of the bandits captures several of Haru’s guards and Azra’s trainees. It seems that a fight will break out among allies when the group from the mine arrives and turns the tide.

Following the battle, Angil reveals a somber truth: her powers are growing too much for her body to contain. It is only a matter of time before she is no longer part of Pulse, or at least that is what she says. She gives her will to Yuki and prepares to pass on her title as Rescuer to Runnah. Darran and Parnell also take a short visit to their home, but the outcome is kept secret from the others.

The third and final day of training is dedicated to getting a better understanding of L’Cie abilities. The day appears to be uneventful, but then Malakkar the Undying appears to settle things. After a somewhat frightening battle, the party emerges victorious. Before Runnah can finish off Malakkar though, a miracle occurs: Angil sacrifices her L’Cie powers and Runnah’s personal Eidolon (and a form of her mother) Seraph and reverses the Cie’th process on Malakkar. The reunion is cut short as Resef appears and attempts to slay Malakkar in order to obtain the Felsen Spear, but his attacks are thwarted by the still very much existing Seraph. The revelations from Malakkar on Resef following this are troubling: Resef is from Cocoon and is capable of maintaining illusions to mask himself.

Following this Darran heads off on his own, but Yuki, Parnell, and Jason follow him. Darran feels like he has no future, and after a stern talking to from the gathered party his Eidolon appears! A difficult fight ensues but is about to be finished…

Meanwhile, another battle is just beginning: Runnah ran off after her father upset her with comments on how she acted too responsible for her age. Haru stumbles upon her after she has physically harmed herself in order to purge alcohol from her body, and this combined with her statement that he should have healed her before yelling at her causes Haru’s Eidolon to manifest…

Beyond this challenge lie many more trials for our L’Cie heroes. Now they must work to put aside differences between themselves, others they know, and even differences between entire villages in order to be sufficiently prepared for the ever approaching decisive battle with Cocoon.

The story continues in Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity!
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#5

Haru challenges Hashmal, Steelguards once, and Mediguards once, providing 286 buffer HP!

Runnah casts Haste on herself and Barstone on herself and Haru!

Milly uses Libra and attacks Hashmal with Fire, Thunder, Water, and Aero! Milly deals 1891 damage and 12 Gestalt! Milly triggers Attack: ATB Charge and has 5 ATB to use next round!

Azra'eil uses Chainspell and attacks Hasmal with Firestrike x2, Sparkstrike x2, Cragstrike x2, Fire x2, Thunder, and Stone! Azra'eil deals 1360 damage and 25 Gestalt! Hasmal absorbs 615 HP from Earth-based attacks! Azra absorbs 136 damage thanks to Vampiric strike!

Hashmal casts Doom [4] on Haru, sets Haru as his primary target, and uses Stonaga and Blitz! Haru evades damage thanks to Evade and Magic Evade, deals 810 damage to Runnah, 756 damage to Azra, and 1080 damage to Milly! Hashmal gains 30 Gestalt points (6 for each ATB point used since Haru was in SEN)!

Damage Totals and status effects:

Haru: 0, 4[Doom], 2[Barstone], 2[Protect, Shell, Veil]
Runnah: 810, 2[Haste], 2[Barstone]
Azra: 620
Milly: 1080


Hashmal: 2636, 67 Gestalt, 5[Challenge (Haru)]

Repost of Libra Info:
Hashmal, Bringer of Order | Eidolon
Yields to those who withstand blows
Yields to those who heal allies
Capable of inflicting undispellable Imperil
Delivers devastating physical and magical attacks
Delivers devastating Earth-based attacks
Capable of inflicting Deprotect, Deshell, and Slow
May become immune to taunt effects


Haru's Stat Sheet (Good idea to repost...)

Haru I Arthogawa I Gil 3000
COM/SEN/MED/SYN 1/2/1/1 I Crystogen 0
HP 3570 (3270) I TP 18
STR 230 I MAG 230 I ATB 4
<--WEAPONS--> [Katana]
[E] Father’s Will (Improved Ward I)
Dusk (Attack: ATB Charge)
Dawn (Support: ATB Charge)
[1] Attack, Ruin
[2] Blitz
[A] Jeopardize, Stagger Drain, Smite
[1] Challenge, Provoke, Mediguard
[2] Steelguard
[A] Deathward, Fringeward, Reprieve, Evade, Magic Evade
-MEDIC-Lvl 1
[1] Cure
[2] Cura, Esuna, Regen
[3] Raise
[2] Protect, Shell, Veil
[2] Barfire, Barfrost, Barthunder, Baraero, Barwater, Barstone
[2] Renew, Invincible, Reraise
[E] Gold Bangle: Max HP+300
[E] Black Belt: 10% Physical Damage Reduction
[E] Tertiatic Tiara: Auto-Protect/Shell/Veil[2]
[E] Connoisseur Catalog: Doubles odds for rare drops
Ember Ring: Halve Fire Damage (non-stacking).
[3] Hi-Potion: Heal 600 HP
[2] Potion: Heal 200 HP
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: VentusStorm

5 years ago#6
I'm just going to assume my hunch is right...

Milly | Gil 8950 I CP 150
HP 2190 | TP 19
STR 140 | MAG 445 (395) | ATB 4
<--WEAPONS--> [Sidewinder Whip]
Chain Whip (Improved Cure I)
Wizardly Whip (Quick Stagger)
[E] Slaver’s Whip (Attack ATB Charge)
Queen’s Whip (Support ATB Charge)
[1] Fire/Blizzard/Thunder/Aero/Water/Stone
[2] Fira/Bilzzara/Thundara/Aerora /Watera/Stonara
[3] Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga/Aeroga/Waterga/Stonaga
[A] Overwhelm/Deprotect Chaser
[RL] Role Level 3: Self +3 stagger, Allies +1 stagger
[1] Deshell/Poison/Imperil
[1] Debrave/Slow/Pain
[1] Dispel
[RL] Role Level 2: Self Debuffs add Turn, 1/6 better chance of sticking.
[1] Cure/Curasa
[2] Cura/Esuna
[A] Cheersiphon/Improved Esuna
[RL] Role Level 1: Self +10% Healing
[1] Quake/Libra
[3][5] Summon: Hecatoncheir
Glass Buckle (Resist Defaith)
Silver Bangle (HP+200)
[E] Healer's Emerald (Medic in any role)
[E] Shaman's Mark (Magic+50)
[E]Raijin Ring (Extra 25% Lighting damage)
Black Belt (10% Physical Resistance)
[12] Potions: Heals 200 HP
[4] Antidote: Removes Poison
[3] Pale Fang: Casts Aero
[3] Phoenix Down Revives Ally
[K] Hecatoncheir Eidolith: Allows [3][5] Summon

"Time for you to be in a world of pain!"

Aero/Aero/Aeroga Hashmal

Remember: Hasmal is interupted by Aeroga If its weak to it.

User Info: ask159

5 years ago#7
OOC: Wow, feel stupid even bothering with earth spells :(

Azra`eil | Gil 8975| CP 0
HP 3000 | TP 36
STR 485 | MAG 260 | ATB 5
<-Weapons-> [Scimitars/Katana]
[E]The Spire VS I Special: 10% drain
Stagger Maintenance
Attack ATB Charge
Support ATB Charge
-COMMANDO-**Lv. 3**
-RAVAGER-**Lv. 1**
-SYNERGIST-**Lv. 1**
[2]Bravery, Haste, Protect
[2]Enfire, Enthunder
[A]Weak Haste
-SABATEUR-**Lv. 0**
-MEDIC-**Lv. 0**
[1]Cure, Curasa
[1]Libra, Mighty Strikes
[2]Renew, Reraise, Chainspell
[3][5] Summon
.<--Accessories--> [3 SLOT]
[E]Witch’s bracelet: 30% Magic DR
[E] General's Belt: 30% Physical DR
[E] Connoisseur Catalog: Rare drop up
Warrior’s Wristband (+20 STR)
Brawler’s wristband (+50 STR)
Dragonfly Orb: Immune to slow
[5]Potion: Heals 200 HP
[2]Hi-Potions: Heals 600 HP
[2]Pheonix Down: Revives one character to 50% HP
[2]Antidote: Cures poison
[1] Aegisol
[1]Bahamut ZERO Eidolith

No time to RP, just post action


Chainspell TP->32

Firestrike x5, Sparkstrike x5

485 x 10 x .5 for damage
Stagger 3 +1(vigor) +1 (lvl 1) + 2 (Milly's lvl 3 and overwhelm)

Azra deals 2425 damage and 70 stagger!
Azra absorbs 243 HP!

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#8
Haru Combat Roleplay Start

Hashmal wasted no time in laying into the party. The Eidolon directed a massive blast of Earth magic directly at Haru that he only narrowly managed to escape from the blast and evade the shrapnel like earth that was produced. Then the Eidolon charged him only just after he got his balance back. Instinctively, he fell backwards and somehow managed to roll out of Hashmal's reach, though once again the others were caught.

Haru took a quick glance at the others, noting that the only one who truly seemed to be in poor condition was Milly. Runnah can take care of the party for now, he thought. Though...I really should see about convincing her to try to learn how to use other elements...I imagine she is not pleased at seeing that she is of little offensive help here.

He looked back at Hashmal and felt that the Eidolon was angry. Well I would be to if I had someone evade two area attacks one after the other... Haru settled back into a guard stance, doubting that he'd escape pain this time.

Roleplay End

Actions: Steelguard, Mediguard x2, granting 571 buffer HP.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 years ago#9
Runnah Roleplay Start

Well wasn't this another fine mess that Haru caused. If he just worried about the safety of others first, this wouldn't have been such a problem. Worse still, yet another Eidolon that wasn't as affected by earth magic. I'm glad I am the protector of the Felsen Rod, but all these opponents keep being strong against earth is bothering me. I walked just past Haru, placing my hand on his shoulder to imbue him with protection.

"This is really starting to annoy me. I'm going to have to learn from Angil and Milly if I hope to be of more use to you all. Hiding behind shields and healing isn't all I'm good for. Reminds me how much you helped me when Seraph appeared. As for this guy..."

I walked further still, holding the tip of the Felsen Rod sideways in one palm and my hands outstretched as Milly's wind spells collided with the beast. My hair flew backwards and I raised my rod high. The protection spells bound to me in the rush of wind. Feeling more confident, I called out to it.

"If you want Haru, you'll have to get past me you bastard!"

I brought the rod down as hard as I could as it tinked off his armored skin. It was at that point that the choker that Angil placed on me earlier started humming and glowing.

I would be more wise against one such as him master. You lack the skills to take advantage of his weaknesses. Your will to aid others is strong, but you'll need more than that to take him on directly. He is far different from Seraph and her kindness.

I called back to her in my mind.

If he is so different and I need more skills, why don't you come out her and help us?

I can not. The rules state that Eidolons can't interfere with the trial of another Eidolon.

So what you are telling is that you are useless?

Perhaps I shouldn't have thought that so casually. I was more upset at Haru, Dad and myself than Valefor. The crystal unlocked with an audible snap as she appeared between myself and Hashmal. Hashmal was about to hit me when Valefor held up a hand and he lowered his strike. Turning back to me, she spoke. Well, yelled to be precise.

"Do not mistake my willingness to join you so easily as a sign of uselessness, little girl. Be glad I was informed of Angil's earlier plan against Malakkar that I didn't slaughter him myself. Now unless you want me to join with Hashmal and murder you all, I suggest you shut up, stand back and stop pissing me off!"

I didn't have a choice about standing back when the eidolith collided back into the choker. I slid back several feet on my back, a bit beyond Haru by the time I had come to a stop. I had hurt Valefor's pride and I had recieved her as a gift no less. I didn't have the right to provoke her such and learned a valuable lesson. While some of the others might take my jabs, Valefor wouldn't. I rubbed the eidolith while trying to apologize, but it remained silent.

I'll call on her after the battle and swallow my pride. I'll need her help at some point. I relaxed my body and cleared my head. This anger isn't me. It was the alcohol that brought this on and I knew it. I'll apologize to both Dad and Haru too. This is not the way a leader should carry themselves. I opened my eyes, ready to face Hashmal again.

End Runnah Roleplay

Runnah > Shell, Protect > Self and Haru
Triggers Support ATB and Weak Haste next turn

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#10
Round 2 Results

Haru Steelguards and Mediguards twice, granting 571 buffer HP

Milly casts Aero twice and then uses Aeroga on Hashmal, dealing 2225 damage and 10 gestalt; Attack: ATB Charge is triggered and Milly has 5 ATB available next turn!

Azra'eil uses Chainspell and then uses Firestrike and Sparkstrike five times each, dealing 2425 damage and 35 gestalt!

Runnah casts Protect[4] and Shell[4] on herself and Haru, activating Weak Haste and Support: ATB Charge! Runnah has 9 ATB available next turn!

Hashmal charges at Haru with Cragstrike and follows it up with two Attacks before finishing with a Blitz! Haru evades the Cragstrike and is dealt 368 damage (net 0). Milly suffers 540 damage, Azra suffers 378 damage, and Runnah suffers 270 damage. Hashmal gains 30 gestalt due to Haru being in SEN!

Damage Totals and status effects:

Haru: 0, 3[Doom], 1[Barstone], 3[Protect, Shell, Veil]
Runnah: 1080, 1[Haste], 1[Barstone], 3[Protect], 4[Shell]
Azra: 998
Milly: 1620


Hashmal: 7286, 142 Gestalt, 4[Challenge (Haru)]


After finishing it's assault on the Guard Captain, Hashmal takes a small jump back and crouches, an aura appearing around the Eidolon. This might be nasty...

Haru Combat Roleplay Start

The barrage that the Eidolon sent his way seemed weaker than it should have been, though he wasn't about to complain. Odd...it seems just slightly more interested in felling my comrades than me...

The position it took then certainly bothered Haru as he glanced at his allies again. Milly was now barely standing and Runnah seemed winded. Whatever that thing is readying...it might be more than enough to take both of them out of the fight in their current conditions...

It was a dangerous proposition, but Haru had an idea. If I'm expecting a bad attack...maybe I can use my L'Cie abilities to negate it. He focused and felt a non-visible barrier form around him. Let's hope this works.

"Runnah!" he called out. "Try to increase their firepower! I'll get them back in shape!" He then drew on the healing magic he knew and radiated out towards the group.

Tactic: Invincible (-2 TP)
Paradigm Shift->Medic
Cura x2, healing 759 HP to all

Roleplay End

OOC: I'm really not sure if I'm doing SEN reductions correctly...Or maybe they're just too great?
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb
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