A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#111
After hearing Runnah's proposal, Parnell ran over to Yuki

"You can't be okay with that!" shouted Parnell as he made eye contacts with Yuki "What about Masa and Liu, don't you think it's unfair on them that they should be told that you died without ever them seeing you again? I'm sure they would want to meet you, even if it is just for short while."

"I don't know... When he said that he's tired of running away from his past, it seemed like to me that he's just trying to run away scot-free for his crimes." spoke Darran gravely while avoiding looking at Yuki "Because of that, I can't really condone Yuki's action."

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#112
OOC: Hrm...I do believe I will change the order of events now...

Roleplay/DM Start

The reason for Runnah's sudden change from wanting to keep Yuki alive to wanting to kill him flew over Haru and Yuki's heads. "So you choose your people over a charge any day? I don't blame you, Runnah," said Yuki.

Haru was shocked and angered. "Runnah! It is our job to PROTECT him, not feed him to the wolves!" His anger flared and he drew one of his katana's. "I might be loyal to Bohemia, but I am also loyal to my friends! Yuki is my friend, comrade, and charge; plus I see that underneath all the bad things he did by circumstance, he is a good person!"

His expression grew even more serious as he placed a hand on the pouch that held his Eidolith. "I won't shirk that responsibility, and if I have to fight everyone here to carry that out, I will!"

Guan looked at Haru with respect. "Your loyalty is commendable." then he looked back at Runnah, then at Parnell, and finally to Darran. "I must say, I am ashamed to see that this revelation has turned you so much against him. Your friend and the child are correct: Masa and Liu do want to see Yuki, and if you did kill him now it would provoke a bad response. I understand, though, why Yuki wishes to settle this with the trial, and in our people there is no more noble decision. Please respect his decision."

However, Yuki was in turmoil. To think that what he had done would divide the party this much after this much time was unthinkable. In addition, he DID want to see Masa and Liu, but this conflicted with not wanting to hurt them more than necessary. It was too much for the young lord to work through, and there was no way he could hope to beat Guan in this state...

The path of the noble warrior is always the most difficult, spoke an ethereal voice in Yuki's mind.

What? was all he could think before his brand flared and he collapsed to the ground. Guan and Haru (and others) saw this instantly.

"Lord Yuki?!" cried Guan.

"Etro, don't tell me this is what I think it is..." said Haru.

Unfortunately for the Captain of Bohemia's Guard and everyone else, it was what he thought.

(Begin Hymn: Yojimbo from FFX: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGEFQMYCJqY)

Yuki looked up and saw what appeared to be a man in white, red and blue clothing with a mask standing before him with a katana on either side of his waist. "Where...did you come from?" rasped out Yuki.

"You seek justice for the crimes you committed, do you not?" replied the figure, an aura of power and majesty radiating from the voice and even more from the figure. "Then that is why I am here."

Guan finally got over his shock at the new arrival and drew his weapon, the "Steel Dragon." "I don't know where you came from or who you are," he began, "but I would advise you to leave at once."

The figure laughed. "You are a truly brave man to think you can face me, but you are neither capable of doing so nor the one I am here to judge. I am Yojimbo, Judge of Valhalla, and I am here to test this L'Cie," he finished, referring to Yuki.

Roleplay End

OOC: And another intervention. I think you all know what's coming next...
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#113
Runnah and Angil Roleplay Start

The idea I had planned went completely over everyone and worsened the situation. Haru raised his blade against me, which given the circumstance was commendable. I know Yuki is a good person. I had told myself that him and I would see our sins absolved given the chance and the time. My plan had backfired in a completely different direction though. While Yuki had submitted, the chaos within him awoke and an Eidolon appeared. Wearing a mask, a hat and several blades, his style was similar to Valefor when she wasn't a creature. was this... another Fayth? Better try and rectify this. I pulled back my hood and raised my voice.

"Did you really think I would ever permanently kill one of our own? I'm a master of life magic, remember? He would have been out for as long as Haru was when we fought Malakkar. And now another Eidolon appears. If you think I owe you an apology, how's this?!"

I grabbed the earthen hammer and raised it far back behind myself to strike down the new opponent, when all of my strength left me. What...? I dropped to my knees and collapsed into her arms. Valefor's tonfa had been slammed across my abdomen and I just now noticed. Why? I struggled to look at her and her face was serious. Valefor mouthed 'I'm sorry' before kneeling beside me and making sure she didn't break anything. She stood up to face the man and I began a healing spell. Before I felt the effects though, she pointed her gun down at me and said "Don't even try it." I stopped and focused all I could on breathing and staying conscious.

"This one is like me, a Fayth. Even if I could help you in this fight, he'd strike you down and I'd be using up all my powers just to keep you standing. My job is to keep you safe and with the way your acting from one of my 'love taps,' you'd be out in a single slash." The revelation was a bit scary. Was he as strong or stronger than Valefor.

"As for you, Yoji," Valefor said with a pointed finger, "consider that payback for what happened in Spira. Are we even?" Was she grinning? I couldn't see. Valefor knelt back down beside me and rubbed my back with one hand, never taking her eyes of Yojimbo. This genuinely hurts, but less pain than being cut down by Yojimbo and being saved by someone else. I'll live.


Things certainly got out of hand after Runnah revealed her actual intention and went to fight for Yuki's sake. Valefor dropped her before she got out a hit and made it known The Gravemaster wouldn't stand a chance against him. I felt embarassed that I doubted her judgement and the situation worsened because I didn't believe she was thinking clearly. Faced with a foe apparently even stronger than Guan was not something I looked forward to. And unlike Runnah, if things got bad, I didn't have an Eidolon to bring me back from the brink. I balanced the idea of helping Yuki with putting myself in danger. Everyone always says I was too reckless with things, so why change now? I had forgiven Yuki along with Valefor that morning. Time to stand by it.

"Hey Valefor, can take care of Runnah? It looks like I'll have to fight for both of us." I pulled on my gloves to make them as tight as possible while strolling the distance to Yuki. I gave the boy a hug and a smile. "I'll watch your back, okay?" I raised my fists and waited for him to stand as Yojimbo loomed. "Valefor and I forgave you that day, remember? It's time you forgive yourself Yuki." Whether he did or not, it would take more than words to beat an Eidolon and a Fayth at that. Strange or not, Valefor knew him. Was he one of the ones she had slain long ago?

End Roleplay

OOC: If it wasn't apparent enough, Runnah is disabled from the Yojimbo fight. Valefor doesn't want Runnah in danger should Yojimbo seek vengeance because of herself.

User Info: themightyevil

4 years ago#114
Hey Guys, I am interested in joining...if its not a problem :) I've done all my crystarium, whether the calculations are correct is to be seen I think its all right and accounted for however...anyway's just letting you guys know..thank you :)

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#115
"Master of life magic? That's grandiose, Runnah" rebunked Darran, his harsh tone thinly disguised "But I thought that type of magic only merely revives unconscious people, not brings them back to life. You would be delusional to think that dead people can be resurrected back to life at your bidding."

"Darran, aren't you taking this too far..." replied Parnell concernedly

"Parnell, if Runnah really meant to live up to her self-proclaimed title, why don't she try to bring back her dead mother? Shelia was her name right?" responded Darran in almost flippant voice

"Darran! Don't cross that line!" yelled Parnell, now definitely cross with his elder brother "Runnah's just a young girl, she doesn't need any more troubles! Why are you acting like this?"

"Death's a one-way trip, if someone dies, they stay dead." responded Darran "That's why I'm finding it difficult to accepts Yuki's actions. Those people he murdered, did they asked to die? All Yuki got to say for himself is that he went insane temporarily. What if he is to go insane now?"

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#116
@themightyevil: More people are always welcome. Depending on the number of characters (as in letters, numbers, etc.), could you either send the information to me and/or Final_Cataclsym via PM or post it here?

@everyone: Waiting for one or two more characters before I start the Eidolon battle. Given what me and Cat have discussed about potential future events, I'm debating putting off what was supposed to happen until after a later event. If those who do not fight Yojimbo wish to fight a Challenge Battle against Guan, please let me know what element (Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder, Wind, Earth) your character(s) either prefer or hate the most.

I'll update this either today or tomorrow, depending on responses.

Edit 2: Okay, Darran's response is too galvanizing to wait to give a response...

Roleplay Start

If it was possible for someone to say something that shocked and angered everyone in this situation, it was what Darran said. Although everyone had something to say, it was Yojimbo who spoke first.

"It is people like you who disgust me," the Eidolon began in a tone filled with contempt. "Thankless, narrowminded, and wrapped up in your own despair. People like you are the reason why Spira remained in a Dark Age for a thousand years, only to awaken when High Summoner Yuna and her Guardians saw through the conspiracy that was Yevon."

One of his hands moved to one of his katanas. "You wonder why your brand is so advanced while Yuki's isn't? It is because he hasn't let that despair rule him. He has made tragic mistakes, but he has tried to move forward with the goal of atoning for those mistakes. You, meanwhile, trap yourself in what you perceive to be your fate."

His eyes seemed to narrow. "Choose your next words wisely or hold your tongue, lest you wish to be nothing more than a stain on the ground you stand on. I have absolutely no reason to hold back, unlike that Eidolon that saw fit to go to you."

The vehement display by Yojimbo shocked the words that Yuki, Haru, and Guan had out of their tongues. Yojimbo then turned his head to Valefor. "And before I forget, this does indeed make us even."

Roleplay End
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: VentusStorm

4 years ago#117
... Cheria times? :P Arth, I sent a PM regarding the challenge battle as well.


Jason: "I'm getting a headache from all of this! People like you who claim their here to "Judge" People for their sins sicken me! Go take a catnap and realize that!"

*... I'm coming out of this thing.*

Cheria popped out of the shard and looked extremely pissed...

Cheria: "Judge of Valhalla eh? Maybe we should see if that's really true!"

Note: Cheria has the same stats and abilities as last time, and LV 3 Rav with Overwhelm and All of the Magic abilities.
500 Magic, 1800 Hp, 6 ATB, refer to page 45 in chapter 5 For SYN and MED abilities.

User Info: VentusStorm

4 years ago#118
Arth, I sent another PM.

Post Above Continued.

Milly: "Let me help!"


( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UHXKUIQnjQ)

Jason: "I won't let you put yourself in danger like this! Did you even hear what Valefor Said?! If Runnah can't handle this, than you can't either! I.. I Don't Want to lose you like I did Hubert, Pascal, Cheria, and Your father! You can't do this! I WON'T LET YOU! JUST STOP! PLEASE! I'm BEGGING YOU!" I broke down in tears in fear i would lose her like everyone who died because I brought the shard home..

Milly: "You can't make me change my Mind! I have to do this for Yuki's-

Jason: "THAT DOESN'T MATTER! I can't lose you! Your the only Family I have left! Please.. Don't..." Then, My brand started to cause a searing pain and I was forced to the ground.

Milly and Cheria: "Jason!" It was then I knew that it was my Eidolon. As the Glyph Appeared, and it appeared, I Knew only one thing: I HAD TO PROTECT MILLY.

(I assume you guys know what odin looks like, but if you don't)


User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#119
Parnell sighed at the eidolon's retort to Darran's remark
"Umm... Darran? I really think you should stop pestering anyone, both friends and foes!"

Thank to Jason's opening statement, Darran pressed on
"Hah! So you truthfully think I'm in state of despair? Man, eidolons aren't as infallible as I thought. I already moved on from that a while ago, no thank to you."

Darran then readies his weapon in his hands
"Sure as you said, Yuki has made some tragic mistakes, but that doesn't mean I'll leave him for dead! Life's too precious, I'll risk my life for him as he did for me!"

He then faced his younger brother
"Parnell! Think you're up to the challenge?"

"W-what what?!" sputtered Parnell at the suggestion of taking on something that is apparently stronger than the previous eidolon "B-but some of the other have already backed off... Well, I want to help Yuki..."

(OOC: Up to the DM to decide if Parnell can joins the battle if there's still available space left)

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#120
Roleplay/DM Time start!

This day just got worse and worse. At least, that's what Haru and Yuki thought. Another Eidolon on top of Yojimbo, at the same time? Really?

Guan was actually moderately amused, though he was also annoyed that his reason for coming here was rapidly being forgotten.

Yojimbo glanced at Odin and shook his head. "Odin, you sure do know how to show up at semi-inconvenient moments..."

Of course, the Eidolon God of Thunder and Yojimbo's brother in wielding weapons capable of felling anything in a single blow wouldn't respond. He was MUCH more stoic than even Yojimbo.

Finished with letting Odin's appearance distract him, Yojimbo turned his head back to Darran. "Truly hypocritical," he admonished. "Saying that you doubt your allies abilities to make rational decisions and then deciding that you will protect them..." His grip on his first katana tightened. "You are only half a Guardian...and those like that fall like blossoms in the spring..."

Yojimbo then made a lightning-quick draw that would have sent a powerful shockwave at Darran...that is, if Yuki hadn't gotten in the way and taken the full impact of the blade and force behind it on his own. Now the Fayth and Yuki were in a weapon lock. "You would opt to protect the one who bastardizes you?" asked the Eidolon, more amused than anything.

"Let me make one thing clear," Yuki began. "I don't give a single den of Tonberries what anyone, including Darran, thinks of me!" He began pushing back. "Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, and if you are saying that he is guilty of doubting others' decisions, then I am to!"

"Is that so?" replied Yojimbo as one hand left his first katana and went to the hilt of the second. "Then all the more reason to judge you!"

Yuki would have had no time to adjust his block to deflect the second blade, but Haru hurried and tackled Yuki to the ground just as the blade left its scabbard. The pair rolled and got up, Haru holding his own katana above his shoulder. "I don't know about anyone else, but I for one am sick of you manipulating us into arguing with each other."

Yojimbo sheathed his katanas and it seemed like he smiled. "So...you will fight united, or try to?" An aura appeared around him. "Then I have no reason to hold back."

A bright flash, and when it cleared before the group was Yojimbo, but much more menacing. (I'm poor with descriptions here, so imagine his FFX appearance except he has another katana on the other side of his waist.)

(Begin: Challenge from FFX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yi155MoyNKg)

"Come then, L'Cie," came Yojimbo's voice, but much more ethereal. "Come, and be judged!"






OOC: Allowing five because Parnell is such a small factor in comparison

@Ven: Go ahead and do your post. I'm not sure where Ask went and I doubt Runnah is up for a fight with Odin either.

Stat sheets being posted next.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb
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