A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#141
Round Three Results

Yuki uses Chainspell (-2 TP) and uses Fire x3, Blizzard x2, Thunder x2, Water x2, Aero x2, and Stone x3! Yuki deals 2100 damage and inflicts 140 Gestalt! Yuki regens 618 HP! Attack: ATB Charge activates!

Haru Cures Parnell twice for 920 HP, uses Cura on the party for 345 HP, Covers Yuki, and Steelguards. haru Regens 635 HP! Support: ATB Charge activates!

Angil uses Aero x4 and Galestrike x4! She deals 5000 damage and inflicts 30 Gestalt. Angil regens 500 HP! Attack: ATB Charge activates!

Darran uses Debrave (Master Debuffer) and Curse x5! Yojimbo is inflicted with 3[Debrave] and debuff durations are increased by one with Jinx! Darran deals 600 damage and inflicts 15 Gestalt! Darran regens 600 HP!

Parnell uses (Manadrive) Firaga twice, inflicting 720 damage and 11 Gestalt to Yojimbo! Parnell regens 200 HP!

Yojimbo crosses the Gestalt threshold...

DM/Roleplay Time! (Apologies about taking control of characters here...)

"Enough," muttered Yojimbo as he unleashed a lightning quick shockwave slash at Haru. Even in his weakened state, the blow was still enough to break through Haru's guard and sent him flying through the air and into a rock face, from which he collapsed unmoving.

"Captain!" Yuki cried, although his worries were soon redirected as Yojimbo charged at Yuki. Yuki blocked the initial strike, but he was forced to dive out of the way of the second. Unfortunately, he failed to realize that Parnell was behind him until he had already done so, and the second slash had produced another shockwave. "Parnell, MOVE!" he yelled, but the boy seemed frozen in fright.

Thankfully, Darran reacted quick enough to move in front of the shockwave. He took the blow and flew in to his little brother. Both of them landed some distance away and it was clear that they would recover, but they would no longer be able to help.

This power...can we even hope to beat it? Yuki wondered. He looked at Angil who was already combining balls of ether into a larger one. Yuki realized he needed to distract Yojimbo. He did so, taking great care to keep Yojimbo's line of sight off of Angil. Yuki finally saw that Angil was ready and cried "Now!" as he jumped out of the way. Yojimbo turned just in time to see the large and explosive ball of ether impact him.

Yuki stood with held breath as the explosion died down. Did we do it? he wondered. His hope died as he saw that the Eidolon was still standing.

Yojimbo looked at Angil, more annoyed than anything. "It will take much more than that to scratch me, Powerless Goddess," taunted the Eidolon. He reached into his...Yuki didn't know what to call it (vest?), and pulled out some kunai. "Now, stand even more powerless as I finish judging your friend."

"Angil, look out!" Yuki yelled again, his voice hoarse now. Angil dodged out of the way easily, but it became apparent that the attack was not meant to strike her as ethereal chains sprouted from the ends and wrapped around her ankles and arms, immobilizing her.

Yuki was now infinitely desprate. The only thing that can stop him is another Eidolon, and they refuse to fight in this trial! Is this...the end? Yojimbo turned to face him slowly, like a demon ready to feast on his prey. Yuki readied himself, though it was clear to everyone looking that he had lost any sense of confidence in beating this Eidolon.

Yojimbo attacked him again, and the first few strikes Yuki managed to block, but he was quickly worn down as he was knocked away. He was on the ground as Yojimbo walked over to him and raised his blade. "Any last words, kinslayer?"

Yuki had none as Yojimbo brought the blade down, time seeming to slow as Yuki closed his eyes...

"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#142


Yuki's eyes opened in surprise as the apparent sound of blade meeting blade reached his ears.

"I was the one sent here to determine Yuki's fate, and I REFUSE to let an interloper take that responsibility!" came Guan's voice with clear exertion.

"You mortal fool..." muttered Yojimbo as he broke the weapon lock and the two spun away and faced each other. Yuki staggered to his own feet, unsure now of what to do.

That doubt continued as Guan and Yojimbo engaged each other. Guan deftly wielded his pole-blade as if it was merely an extension of his body rather than a weapon, turning aside and redirecting the more powerful blows from the Eidolon rather than taking the full impact. He even managed to get some attacks in, but it was clear that Guan was at a distinct disadvantage.

Their blades finally met again and Yojimbo started applying pressure. "I will admit, for someone who is not a L'Cie, you are quite powerful and even more skilled. I see that what they say about the warriors of Akaso is true...I always wondered why Paddra always failed to take the city over."

"Anyone can wield a blade," replied Guan, "but only those who dedicate themselves to it can master it...or any of the arts of war."

Yojimbo nodded. "Unfortunately for you, you have chosen a fight against someone you can not defeat."

The weapon lock was broken then and Guan staggered. Yojimbo prepared a finishing slash, but Yuki's indecision finally broke as he hurried in and blocked the attack.

"Yuki?" Guan asked, surprised that the person he was supposed to bring back to Akaso one way or another would defend him.

"Guan, you told me that Akasans must always defend what is important to them," Yuki replied, still struggling with holding off Yojimbo. "There are still many people at home who I consider important...you are among them as my teacher and...friend."

Guan's eyes widened in understanding. "I see..."

Yojimbo broke the lock and jumped away then. "I grow tired of this," he said as he sheathed his katanas and held his hand up in the same fashion as when he cast the sealing spell. "Now bear witness to my true power!" he said as a long blade erupted from the ground and Yojimbo caught it.

Yuki frowned. "Stay out of the way Guan." Not even replying, Guan did so.

"You think you can stand against this Zanmato blade?" Yojimbo asked, amused as he drew the blade.

"No," Yuki replied. "But I do believe that I can stop it."

Yojimbo laughed. "Fool," he said as he charged, Yuki doing the same. The timing for what Yuki planned had to be perfect, otherwise...

They closed, and just as Yojimbo began his slash Yuki dived forward and managed to kick the primary hand holding the blade with as much strenght as he could muster. This, combined with the momentum Yojimbo had started to build, forced the blade out of the Eidolon's hands as it landed some distance away.

"You still lose!" Yojimbo roared as he turned and drew a katana, slicing at Yuki. However, Yuki had made it out of range...at least mostly.

Metal on metal again...and then Yuki's helm split open, falling in equal halves to his side, revealing his full face, brand, scar, his mid-length brown hair, and gray eyes to all. Yuki stood and looked at the Eidolon, the determination in his stance and his eyes visible. "Come now, Yojimbo...let us end this."

"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#143

Yojimbo laughed again. "You still can't win, kinslayer."

Yuki smiled. "I have everything I need to do so...you are letting your overconfidence make you assume you will win simply because you are stronger." Yuki changed his weapon into its spear form. "Guess what? You're wrong."

"I'm the overconfident one? Naive youth."

Yuki noted that the Zanmato blade was behind Yojimbo, and the Eidolon didn't even notice. That is my one and only chance, he thought.

Then the two charged at each other, looking like they would have a lightning clash to finish this, but Yuki surprised everyone (except for maybe Angil and Valefor) as he used his weapon as a pole-vault to leap over Yojimbo and land behind him close to the blade. Yojimbo turned, shock evident in his stance and eyes as Yuki took hold of the blade and swung it with all his might. "YOU LOSE!" he roared.

The shockwave impacted against the Eidolon and a small explosion was formed. When it cleared, the Eidolon was on one knee and lights (pyreflies) were emanating from his body. "Most...impressive..." groaned Yojimbo. Guan nodded in agreement

The Zanmato blade dissipated, as did the chains binding Angil. Yuki himself was breathing heavily as he leaned on his own weapon. "You aren't...that bad...yourself..." Yuki replied between breaths.

Yojimbo shook his head. "It seems I still have much to learn..." he said as the lights dissipated and he stood again. "As per the rules of Valhalla, you have defeated me, and, as such, I am now yours to command, Lord Summoner."

Yuki blinked and looked at Valefor, hoping she had some explanation for why Yojimbo referred to him as such. He looked back at Yojimbo. "I...accept," he said. "I presume you have another form?"

Yojimbo nodded and glowed again, this time his body shifted into a giant mechanical dog. His katanas were unsheathed but held against the sides. Clearly they would extend when attacking. It seemed like his shoulders had shifted into some form of gattling weapon. Kunai guns perhaps?

Yojimbo howled before shifting back to his fayth form, visibly exhausted. "Now if you'll excuse me...I really do need to rest and recharge after that." The fayth faded and in it's place was a large white blossom shaped stone that floated towards Yuki. As he held it, Yuki heard Yojimbo's voice. A thousand pardons about calling you a kinslayer...that was never something you did in your true mind.

Yuki nodded, though he wondered how Yojimbo would know that. "Rest...you deserve it, as do we all." No further response was heard as Yuki walked towards the others, angling towards Haru to see if he was alright...

DM/Roleplay End!


The party receives 1000 CP for beating Yojimbo, plus 1800 bonus CP from leftover TP!

Yuki learns [3][5]Summon
Yuki receives [K]Yojimbo Eidolith

OOC: And that was intense to write. Yes, I do have music ideas for the parts, but space was an issue. If anyone wants to know, I'll list them in my next update.

Feel free to react as your characters will. I will go under the assumption that Milly and Jason beat Odin around the same time as Yuki beats Yojimbo.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#144
Oh, and before I forget...Yojimbo's stat sheet!

Yojimbo | Arthogawa
HP 4080
STR 1000 | MAG 550 | ATB 5
[1] Attack
[2] Blitz
[A] Adrenaline, Faultsiphon, Ravage, Jeopardize, Lifesiphon
[1] Deprotect, Imperil, Slow, Curse
[3] Deprotega, Slowga, Imperilga, Cursega
[A] Master Debuffer, Soul Blade
[S]Arise: If their summoner dies, they revive him/her to 100% HP and disappear.
[F]Provoke: They can use provoke once per round as a free action, at your request.
[4]Curaga: Heals one ally to 100% HP and removes all debuffs.
[S] Banishing Blade: Deals STR x1/2 ATB damage and attempts to inflict Deprotect, Deshell, Debrave, and Defaith. Deals additional .5X STR damage (additive) for each of these ailments target is immune to.
[A] Sensor: Partially reveal enemy stats
[A] Masamune Spirit: Any physical resistance above normal is treated as normal resistance.
Deals STR X5 damage to all enemies and attempts to slay them instantly. Chance is based off of enemy classification and remaining HP.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#145
Hmm... I'll have to respond to all that, but a bit later still. Family is here until tonight, so either late tomorrow or early Saturday. Though I didn't mention it before, I was a bit against bonus CP from TP. I would say a bonus could be 1.25 gil or 1.5 gil if it is half/full. Or go in reverse and use it as a gauge for star ratings. Too much TP built up and there is no bonus. But yeah, CP has been coming in droves lately and I think it would be better to smooth out steadier CP gain over several smaller battles than fewer big ones. At least that's my thoughts on the matter.

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#146
OOC: Holidays keeping everyone from posting I presume?
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#147
OOC: I think the bonus should only be applicable to gil and item drop rate, wouldn't want the characters to get over-leveled too soon...

"That really hurt!" complained Parnell as he get off the ground, looking none the worse for wear after being knocked over by Darran

"Not as much as if you get hit by one of those shockwave" replied the older man who appears rather dazed from taking brunt of Yojimbo's attack.

"Well, I guess I should thank you for saving my hide... again." responded Parnell in a bashful voice "Never mind that for a moment, we should be worrying about someone else!"

"Urgh, there's still matters of Jason's eidolon and Yuki's teacher..." groaned Darran.

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#148
OOC: Firstly, Happy New Year everyone.

Now, on the bonuses. I suppose that is more reasonable, but I would like to have a general idea as to where I should cap CP rewards for battles then. We would need to figure out how to determine bonus gil or increased item drop rate though.

I really want to wait for Cat and Ven to post before I move on, and I would want to know what happened to Ask. I'll settle for a Cat post and if that doesn't come by Friday night I'll move us on.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: VentusStorm

4 years ago#149
OCC: more like bad PC? Anyway, After Sitting here for the past couple days, I STIIL can't think of anything decent for this.. So yea. I'm bad at writing, enough said, if anyone wants to do it for me, thanks in advance and stuff. It can just be an RP, it doesn't need to be a battle per say though.

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#150
OOC: I can help ya there Ven...

Jason, Milly and Cheria Versus Odin

Jason immediately charged at Odin in order to focus Odin's attention solely on himself. Unfortunately, Milly attacked with her spells at the same time and caused the Eidolon to charge at her. Jason narrowly managed to jump between the Eidolon and Milly and took the brunt of the combination attack, though some of the impact was felt by Milly.

"Milly, please tell me you're allright," Jason said.

"That was foolish!" Milly said, not really indicating what was.

Then Cheria spoke. "This is one of those times where the two of you cannot let your emotions completely determine what actions you take!" she admonished. "What can you figure out about this opponent? Use that to figure out a strategy!"

Milly and Jason sighed. "Okay," Milly began. "I'll just scan it and..."

And then a shockwave blew through the standoff with Odin and Jason's group. Jason and Milly looked at where Yuki and his group were fighting Yojimbo and didn't see them in trouble, so Milly tried to scan Odin again, except...

"Hey! I can't scan him!" she cried.

Jason held the hand holding his shield up to his face. "Does something like this always have to happen?" he asked and then turned to face Odin. "Okay then...Milly, just stay behind me and do what you do best. Cheria, do what you will."

Nods and acknowledgements, and then battle resumed with Jason's group sending a volley of attacks at Odin and then Odin attacking with Jason intercepting it and Milly and Cheria healing if anything went bad. This continued for a little bit until Milly heard a loud cry from around where Yuki and his group was fighting Yojimbo.

Milly turned just in time to see Haru slam into one of the cliff faces and then fall to the ground. Her eyes instinctively moved to the main area of battle and she froze as she saw everyone else either be ejected or prevented from aiding in the battle. Then she saw Yuki with the most hopeless stance and when he was forced to the ground and Yojimbo stood over him she could not tear her terrified gaze away. That is, until Jason's voice reached her ears...


Milly turned just in time to see Jason slam into her with Odin's blade slashing at him. As they hit the ground and rolled from the impact, Jason staggered to his feet and immediately dropped to one knee. "Jason...you..." Milly tried to say, on the verge of tears.

"I told you...Milly...I will protect you..." Jason replied forcing himself to his feet. "If I'm going down...I'm taking this thing with me...NO ONE ELSE IS GETTING HURT BY THIS THING!" he roared as he charged again, Odin stood his ground and when they were in each other's striking distance, both blades were swung.

Odin's blade was caught on Jason's shield. However, Jason's blade found its way around and struck the Eidolon's hip. This was enough: Odin glowed and transformed into a horse before dissipating, leaving Jason's Eidolith. Jason stood for several seconds and then collapsed, drifting into unconsciousness with a smile as Milly and Cheria rushed over to tend to him.

Milly's concerns were eliminated as Cheria easily tended to the wound Jason had taken and when she looked over at the other battle area she saw Yuki walking away towards Haru, missing his helm which she saw in two pieces on the field. She sighed. They had made it out of that mess with everyone alive...hopefully.

Roleplay End

The party receives 1000 CP

Jason learns [3][5]Summon
Jason receives [K]Odin Eidolith

OOC: I hope that fits their characters, Ven.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb
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