A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 years ago#151

Darran questioned whether or not I had master life magic. From a L'Cie's capabilities, there was no spell I didn't have according to the research I had read. If I were to create a new technique based on medicinal power, I might be able to make something that surpasses normal limitations. Even still, bringing people back only worked if they were in a limbo like state to begin with. Someone who had long since died was beyond our meager ability. Though he was in no mood or temperament to understand this even if I fed it to him. Yojimbo was quite roiled by his words and well and promised he would cut him down if he chided further. However, he looked at us, or at least Valefor, and stated this made them even. I wonder what their history was that she could take it out on me?

And because of all these repeated and venomous out-lashing, more from Jason, Milly and Cheria, Jason's Eidolon appeared before us as well. Valefor touched me and I heard the name Odin ring out in my mind, but nothing else. Since we weren't participating in combat, it was fine that I needn't know more. I would sit patiently on the side line and dig any graves if I was unsuccessful in resuscitating them should they fail.

More bickering between them all and Yojimbo had stepped it up a notch. Yet, the second Angil heard that Yojimbo was a Fayth, some sort of kin or type like Valefor, she had locked eyes on him and didn't let anything else distract her. Not the arguments, not the appearance of Odin or the weapon clashes. She just maintained complete battle readiness before her opponent. Are Fayth's that big of a threat?

The battle begin with Yuki increasing the speed of those closest to him, including Angil. Haru took point to take blows, Darran tore into defenses and Parnell launched off some fireballs. It was when the others were situated that Angil unleashed that new technique of hers, bathing the party in protective and healing energy. Her face was still so focused on fighting though. I commented as much to Valefor and she replied it was the same when Angil fought her. Valefor also mentioned that they fought one on one into a standstill. I wasn't sure about that until Valefor had said as much, but it must be true. And considering what Valefor and Angil could do individually already, it makes a bit more sense that Angil isn't taking chances against him.

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 years ago#152

Just like with Valefor, I would not remain predictable in my attacks. Yojimbo had a similar idea and evaporated the excess of ether I had been building up for a long time. I won't be able to stop time without serious repercussions. While the premise was simple, it was interesting that Yojimbo was able to utilize such a technique. Time to show him some things I didn't try on Valefor.

I grabbed hold of the Constantine Assault and charged electricity throughout the blade. But instead of striking directly, I slammed my blades against his while the flash of lightning created an opening. Swirling the winds along the scythe, the shockwave brought the Eidolon off its footing in which a cross blast of air pulled him up. As he came down with his blade, I ignited the wind that I had sent and rolled away. The Fayth landed while dispelling the fire and his blade sent a shockwave that deflected hard into my shield. It further hit the others when he swung again. I blocked, but the force of it was strong enough to bring to my knee even while defending.

I was not going to let him take Yuki.

I sheathed one scythe and held the other down low with both hands. The winds swirled slowly around and my tassel began flapping in the breeze. I spun once and unleashed the most powerful shockwave I could muster, and yet I knew my ability wasn't finished. Upon contact, it broke away into four wind blades that came from each direction to assault and disorient him. I let loose another wave straight down and tore up the ground. Yojimbo was more focused if nothing else and went to work, picking us apart. The wings on Constantine glowed as I put her away and charged up a fierce torrent of ether. This was the more powerful magical that I hadn't a chance, nor reason, to try out. Spheres as large as a normal Atmosphere Cannon coalesced in between my hands and I couldn't connect my wrists due to the shear size of this thing. The only words I heard since the fight had began was Yuki calling to me, "NOW!"

"Atmosphere... CLEAVER!!!"

It was hardly even a ball as it drained away and dragged much of my energy with it. The explosion was pure and bright, causing havoc as it split away both up and down, threatening to tear the Eidolon in half. If only I was more powerful though. Yojimbo stood, even after that. My body was shaking, not with fear or regret, but defeat and exhaustion. I continued to gaze on as my body began to feel the wrack of using such an attack. Yojimbo responded with some small blades that I avoided, but like Beatrice, the threads they had on them were not easily broken. Having used up what powers I built up over the fight, I first struggled against the ether chains. I was quick to realize that it was useless and instead sat down to watch the remainder of the fight. I was angry, but for a multitude of reasons. I cleared my head and watched the rest of the battle.

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 years ago#153

Yoji continued to rely on pure strength to overcome his opponents. I didn't blame him as it was working. However, only relying on one tactic, even if it does work will lead to his defeat. That was why Angil and I had such a hard time besting each other as we both tried so many varied tactics. I felt that Yoji was going about this all wrong and should have tested his swordsmanship instead of just hitting every adversary as hard as he could. I kept this all to myself of course and Yoji could also disseminate my fighting style with its high speed and flight capability. All the more he should show me what he'd learned since last we fought. Although, was he holding back in case he had to fight me again? I did not realize that his methods could very well have been different if I was not around. By this point, all but Yuki had been defeated and Angil sat meditating. Guan joined in the fray but was also overpowered. Yoji lastly pulled out his Zanmato. One slice of that and there would be two of whatever there was one of. And yet, Yuki knocked it loose because Yoji put too much force into the swing. With dexterity instead of force, Yuki vaulted over my old acquaintance and with a movement that let the blade do all the cutting, victory was his. Yoji...

OOC: There is more to happen as the fog descends on the group, but as long as they don't leave the area, feel free to RP. I'll have to get to it later though.

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#154
Yuki and Haru Roleplay Start

Yuki made it over to Haru and knelt by him, checking his pulse. Just as he did this, he heard a loud groan. Yuki saw Haru move slightly and Yuki shook his head. "You should be careful...we have no clue how many broken bones and other things you received from that impact," Yuki said.

"I'll...be...fine..." Haru forced out as he brought one hand as close to his body as possible and channeled as much healing energy as he could. Yuki then helped him sit up. "I feel like I just got run over by a herd of stampeding Chocobos..." Haru said.

Yuki chuckled. "That's probably a good analogy...still, you should sit out the next couple fights. You probably got a concussion from that and we wouldn't want to aggravate that, would we?"

"Normally, I'd say who cares since its unlikely I'll live long enough to regret it, but I think I'll take your advice..." Haru replied.

Haru's eyes then noticed Guan approaching. "Erm, Yuki? That other problem is still here..."

Yuki turned and stood, frowning when he saw Guan's serious expression and the fact that he still had his weapon drawn. Yuki sighed. "You really are pushing this, aren't you?" Yuki said.

Guan's expression broke then as he first smiled and then burst out laughing. In the process he placed his weapon back in its holder on his back. The whole time this was going on, Yuki and Haru (and quite possibly the rest of the group) were looking at Guan like he was crazy. When he finally recovered he looked at Yuki with a warm gaze.

"I think you already had your Rite of Judgment," Guan said as Yuki raised a (now visible) eyebrow. "If you could beat that Eidolon, then I don't see how I could hope to beat you."

Yuki sighed. "I was only able to beat him because he was overconfident and you got involved," Yuki began. "Seeing you do that made me realize that I didn't want to lose any more people that I cared about...If you and I fought, I wouldn't be able to go at full strength."

Guan chuckled. "If it is any consolation, neither would I," he said, surprising Yuki. "I always considered you my favorite student even if you were not the best, but you strived to be. It is a shame that what happened at your Trial of the Hunt was not realized before all this happened."

Yuki blinked. "What are you saying? I didn't get a kill...and that Garuda..."

Guan smiled. "That Gaurda WAS your kill...or at least given the traditions it should have been." he interrupted. "Your throwing spear struck true and brought it to the ground. You had all rights to finish it, but one of your antagonizers from Clan Mune found it first, recognized the spear, removed it, and then claimed the kill as his own." Yuki was stunned to hear this. "Rest assured, appropriate actions have been taken to punish the person responsible."

Yuki laughed darkly then. "How ironic...that this comes to light after the damage has been permanently done."

Guan frowned. "Perhaps not." Yuki looked up at that. "Given that you have passed the Rite of Judgment, you are pardoned of your crime of killing Jin and Zhao. As a L'cie...something like this has never happened where a member of the ruling clan was branded. Your father will almost certainly hate me for it, but I can arrange that you and your companions can visit Akaso when you wish and be under my clan's protection."

Yuki was surprised again. "You don't have to do this; I'm not even sure I want to go back..."

Guan shook his head. "You do. You miss Masa and several others. I don't even consider it a harm to my reputation by doing this."

Yuki sighed. "I will...keep it in mind."

"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#155
"In that case, I should get going,” Guan said and then bowed and turned to approach his Chocobo, but as he was about to mount he realized something. He reached into his saddlebag and pulled out a silver orb on a chain and threw it to Yuki. “I imagine that Masa wanted you to have this.”

Yuki caught the object and blinked. Before he could ask what it was, he heard Guan begin riding off. “Good luck on your journey, Lord Yuki.” And then Guan was gone.

Yuki frowned as he looked back at the orb. “What is this?” he asked as he ran a finger over it. He was surprised when he heard a sudden beeping followed by a mechanical voice.

“DNA and voice signature confirmed: Exiting sleep mode. Running system check…”

“What the…?”

“Scan complete. All systems operational. User identified as Adan Yuki. Status: Owner.”

“Owner? Wait..slow down…what are…”

“Apologies, master. Creator Masa took precautions to make sure that Lord Guan did not realize what he had with him. I am an Intelligent Information Storage Unit. Creator Masa referred to me as Oyakata. It is good to finally meet you, Master Yuki.”

Yuki blinked. “Masa…made you for me?”

“Yes. And he intended to give me to you almost a year ago. Then you decided to disappear, and it seems that even with what little I was able to glean from secondary monitoring what we thought was right.”

Yuki sighed. “Okay…what is it that an Intelligent Information Storage Unit does?”

“IISU’s can scan creatures and the environment and use that information to come up with plans for battle. In addition, we can store messages, of which there are two for you right now.”

“Two? From who?”

“The first and shorter one is from Lady Liu and is a simple statement from her: She misses you.”

Yuki was shocked. Liu misses me? He shook the thought out of his mind. “The other message?”

“A recording from Creator Masa. Initiating playback now:”

A light emanated from Oyakata and showed a hologram of someone who Yuki immediately recognized as Masa. He began speaking. “Yuki, if you are getting this then you have likely survived a fight with Guan or decided to return with him on your own will. I hope it is the former, though I would not blame you for choosing the later just to see me in person again.”

Masa paused for a moment. “The rumors around Akaso are that you are responsible for Jin and Zhao’s deaths. I would like to believe that is not true, but logic is indicating that it is at least partially true. I just want you to know that I believe that whatever you did it was not out of seeking to gain the leadership of the village. I know you, and you always told me you had no desire to lead. Whatever happened, I’m sure it is some tragic misunderstanding.”

Masa paused again. “I wanted to go with Guan, but father forbid me from doing so. Not only that, but he kept me out of the Trial of the Hunt just because he was afraid of what might happen to me. I can’t take living with him like this anymore: he was never a father to me and now that he is trying to be he is making me appreciate you even more. That appreciation is why I had made Oyakata, and it is why I send him to you with this message. This is the least I can do to repay you for all your kindness.”

Another pause. Yuki thought he saw tears begin in Masa’s eyes. “What I wouldn’t give to see you again. A year believing that you were either dead or somewhere we would never find you, and now you appear in Oerba. Brother…I hope that one day you can come home. Until then, may Oyakata aid you to the best of his abilities.”

The hologram faded out. “Playback complete,” stated Oyakata.

Yuki was silent, but had a sad look on his face. Masa…
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#156
Yuki receives [K]Oyakata.

Yuki is now able to use tactic Libra!

OOC: And that is it until we leave Paddra again. Back to you, Cat.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 years ago#157
DM Time!

The mysterious fog was now upon the party as the three Eidolons went back to Valhalla. As the group recuperated and gathered themselves from another severe battle, the mists began to engulf them. It was difficult to see more than twenty feet between each person and any efforts to dispel it were in vain. Just what was it?

Meanwhile ???

I had cleaned myself from that blood ritual with Atomos. Bohemia finally lay in ruin at my feet. There were less casualties than I expected, but no matter. The city was in ruins and that is what was wrought. Don surveyed the damage with me when I came to a large number of graves. The east side of the town had several dozen neatly arrayed across the landscape. I went about a number of them, being unusually respectful of the graves. Don never spoke to me, not directly at least, and he too seemed puzzled by my behavior. I could only place the blame on her for me being like this. After all, I can't remember how many times I had been to her funeral. And today it was scheduled to lay my friend to rest. My stroll came to an end as I got to the Cieth Stone gate. I apologized to the remnant Ceith for disturbing its rest, but my goals would still be the same no matter what happens. I swore long ago that I would undo the history I had built. I entered the Cieth gate and arrived at Paddra.

There was a thick fog that had landed about the city. It was thanks to yet another favor I had called upon by Fal'Cie for all the prior work I had done for them. The air was damp and just a bit cold, mostly how I like it. I drew my black and red cloak over to stay warmer and passed a small party of L'Cie. They looked somewhat injured, but I paid them no mind. I walked right on by without saying a word. I had to bury an old friend today. As soon as most of them saw me, I was already beyond sight. And with my knowledge of the lay of the land, I could walk down this path blindfolded and not so much as even trip.

Back to the group

A woman wearing a white dress and a black/red cloak passes by you. You were tending to your own and did want to get a better look at her, but you hadn't the time. Your team was still injured in some form or another and there was still the matter of collecting payment from the War Office of Commerce. It was after that realization that your Eidolith began to glow. Not just yours, but the others as well. You gathered near each other in the confusion and the Eidoliths blinked on and off, on and off. They hummed and glowed to one another, speaking in there own way to both each other and to you. You couldn't quite make sense of why all this had happened when it dawned on you. All of you had obtained your Eidolons and they seemed to resonate with one another. This notion was shattered as you each heard your respective Eidolon call to you and also the voice of the other Eidlons. Angil and Parnell were hearing this too among the team.

I know her...
I can't remember...
I swore I served that woman...
Who is she?
What is going on?
I thought she was dead...

The baffling stir and mixture of emotions continued for a small time as the party tried to grasp just what was going on. Just who was it had walked right by them?

End DM Time

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#158
OOC: Very interesting...I suppose I do need to set a few more gears turning for future events myself. Going to make use of something that Rush told me about...but first, responding to this.

Yuki and Haru Roleplay Start

The fog descended shortly after Masa's recording had finished. Yuki only gave passing notice to it, instead focusing on seeing if the others were okay and thinking about everything that had just happened. Haru, for the most part, sat by Runnah and tried to heal himself a little more every so often, though it really only dulled the aches he felt.

As such, they noticed the woman walking by only when she was almost out of sight. Haru thought to call out to her stating that it could be dangerous walking in the fog, but she was already gone by the time he had opened his mouth to say anything.

Haru sighed. "Probably a local then...she would know the way around like it was the back of her hand."

Yuki only nodded. Something bothered him about the woman though. Is it mere coincidence that she came from the direction we did? he wondered. Possibly, maybe I'm just paranoid right now given all that has happened.

And then all the Eidoliths, or more accurately Eidolons in Valhalla, began speaking. One thing was apparent: they knew or had seen that woman before. Yuki and Haru looked around at the rest of the group, Haru with a questioning look and Yuki with a troubled one.

"If we hurry, we might catch up to her," Yuki said.

"Um...Yuki? Are you forgetting the condition most of us are in?" Haru replied. "Besides...running through the fog is a sure way to fall into one of the chasms around here..."

Yuki frowned. Haru was right, but Yuki just had that nagging feeling in his head that the woman was much more than she appeared.

Yuki and Haru Roleplay End
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#159
OOC Again: Now for the rest of the groundwork...

Mysterious Cocoon L'Cie Roleplay Start

Unbeknownst to the party, the L'Cie that had caused so much trouble in Oerba had observed the entire conflict with the guards, Guan, Yojimbo and Odin. He frowned as the fog descended. "Beaten, but not broken..." he sneered.

He was concerned about the entire group, but he was very concerned about that Akasan prince that was traveling with them. Phantom had fed him information about Yojimbo, and the L'Cie was sure that the so-called "Judge of Valhalla" would make short work of the prince and the rest of the troublesome L'Cie. Instead...the prince had pulled a victory from the jaws of defeat in a most unlikely fashion.

This just reinforced what he had started to be concerned about after hearing about how the prince had been advancing: he had the ability to use all elements equally well, he favored physical but was only slightly worse with using magic, and he had begun to show a knack for leadership. To make matters worse...the prince had that Goddess that had helped to throw a wrench in the L'Cie's plans as a mentor.

All this combined had the L'Cie thinking one thing: I should have dealt with them in the tunnels myself. He only broke out of this self-anger when he heard footsteps approaching. He tensed for a moment, ready to teleport away, but then relaxed as he recognized the footfalls. He smirked, already knowing what the newcomer would say.

"Shouldn't you be dealing with Valigarmanda?" asked a female voice laced with wisdom and a touch of venom.

The L'Cie's smirk grew wider. "Perhaps I should be," he began in reply, "but the ones we had thought to be members of the chorus appear to be actual actors and have stepped onto this stage."

He could sense his co-conspirator's frown. "Eden agrees. However, he has also instructed us not to...dispose of them yet."

This time, the male L'Cie turned to face the woman, still somewhat annoyed that aside from the obvious differences that came with gender that the only distinguishing feature between the two was her shoulder length hair and the fact that her brand was on her left cheek. She still wore the same orange cloak that he did, the same brown boots, and even the same leather vest and pants. He mentally added that she would also be wearing the same chainmail underneath.

Putting aside the...standard issue complaints, he shook his head, amused. "So Eden is content with letting the actors grow into characters. He said nothing about...getting in their way, no?"

"It would be dangerous to do so now, Mirage," said the woman, finally addressing the male by name. "After all..." she began as she lifted her arm and revealed her Eidolith, which was glowing, "She is here, and we know not what her role in this is."

Mirage frowned. "So the joker of the deck has finally arrived on stage..." He frowned and turned away. "Moonbow," he said, using the woman's name. "We cannot simply allow the actors to continue unhindered..." A devious plan formed in his mind, and it would be the perfect way to strike at the Akasan prince. "I believe I will need your and, quite possibly, Noctilucent's support to make what I have in mind work."

Moonbow had a straight face. "My support, certainly. Noctilucent is busy making final preparations on Cocoon for the decisive battle that is to come."

Mirage frowned again. "Then at least some support from Cocoon...we can spare a special task force to coerce a potential enemy into being an ally I believe..."

Moonbow smiled then, knowing exactly what Mirage had planned. "Yes we can," she replied, and they both teleported away.

"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Nemyar

5 years ago#160
OOC: Sorry, haven't been replying in a while... I'll post the responses for the different events

Yuki's Oyakata

"So, that's Masa, your younger brother... That's an interesting gadget he invented." responded Parnell, changing to low voice upon seeing Yuki's somber expression "Yuki... Are you going to see him again?"

Woman in the fog

"Let's go catch that person!" exclaimed Parnell eagerly "Eidolons keeps on mentioning something about her, so why don't we ask her about it?"

"Huh, I didn't know you can hear the eidoliths" replied Darran who is only mildly surprised "You may be as fit as a fiddle now, but rest of us still need more time to recover..."

"Oh well, I guess we can't go on wild goose chase through the fog. Beside, we still need to pick up our stuffs from the council" answered Parnell

Parnell learned Regenga for 2000 CP (what he get from Yojimbo and Odin)

Parnell | Gil 3000 | CP 17650
HP 1200 | STR 120 | MAG 120 | ATB 4 |
<--WEAPONS--> [Modded Manadrive]
[E] [X-ATM092] Critical: Shield
[GIM52A] Attack ATB Charge
[BGH251F2] Support ATB Charge
-RAVAGER-Level 3
[3] Firaga
[A] Overwhelm / Vigor
[1] Provoke / Elude
[A] Reprieve / Evade / Magic Evade / Deathward / Fringeward
[3] Dispelga
[A] Double Dispel
[3] Bravega
[A] Weak Haste
-MEDIC-Level 0
[4] Regenga / Esunada
[A] Improved Esuna
[1] Equipment Change
[E] Collector Catalog: Doubles odds for common drops
[E] Connoisseur Catalog: Doubles odds for rare drops
[E] Doctor's Code: Double effects of healing items
[2]Wound Potion: Removes Wound
[5]Hi-Potion: Heal 600 HP (1200 with Doctor's Code)
[3]Aegisol: Bestow Protect, Shell, Veil (2 turns)
[1]Fortisol: Bestow Bravery, Faith, Haste (2 turns)
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