A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 years ago#161
OOC: Will try to update sometime late Wed. Been doing photos which takes excessive time but will also give Ven a chance to post if she wants. We'll be going to the War Office along with more side stuff that our PCs don't witness. I apologize if I've been rather flaky as of late, but in no way do I ever intend to drop this before it is finished.


User Info: VentusStorm

5 years ago#162
FOR THE LAST TIME, IM A FREAKING GUY! ... You should now this by now.

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#163
Yuki Retroactive Roleplay

Yuki sighed when Parnell spoke about Masa and asked if Yuki would see him again. "I don't know, Parnell," he said. "I don't know, and I'm concerned what a meeting would result in...still, at least I have that choice."

Present, after Parnell and Darran's exchange

Yuki was moderately surprised that Parnell agreed with him about going after the woman. Well, as young as he is, I suppose he hasn't had enough experience to realize when something is not a good idea.

He frowned. Then again...I also suggested it... He mentally sighed.

"After her or not," he finally said, "we should get moving. The last thing we want is another distraction showing up. Besides, Malakkar is probably starting to worry that something very bad happened."

"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 years ago#164
OOC: I need a device to allow more hours in a day so I have time to do this... From here until I pass off priority to Artho, I'm not putting when I'll have updates as I don't want anyone to be disappointed. And to Artho, did we decide a specific reason for the group to go to Akaso? PM your thoughts as I have some that I could use if you don't.

User Info: VentusStorm

5 years ago#165
@Cat: Actually, I provided the need. There's going to be a shard in Asako. So yea.

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 years ago#166

This situation doesn't sit right with me. I get the feeling that there is a powerful player that we still don't know about. It would be obvious, yet all too simple if that woman was disturbing our Eidolons. There is also the shard that they mentioned in Akaso along with Yuki's desire to go back there. As ambassador, I'm feeling like I'm about to be roped along into this. Such is though. I need to be a figure of my people and if half of them want to go, then we'll need to go. I'll have to talk to the council about arrangements. There was also the matter of Yeul's funeral today, but it wasn't my job to attend. I didn't know her that well anyways.

"Let's be on our way everyone."


This had me a bit unsettled. I knew I was something beyond L'Cie magic along with Eidolons, but what was this new force that had them confused? I kept my opinions about it to myself as I may not be around long enough to have to deal with it. As we were walking down the path, I nudged Yuki with my elbow to get his attention.

"You already knew I wasn't going to be around too much longer, but whatever Yojimbo did seemed to have shortened my time. If I can see you to Akaso I will, but I can't guarantee I'll be able to hold out past that."

I didn't show concern about it as it wasn't an issue for me. I was letting him know I'd do my best to stay with them as long as I could. But even I had to face it that I had limits. We continued along towards the War Office of Commerce when Runnah broke away to meet with her dad. They further split after that leaving Yuki, Haru, Milly, Jason, Darran, Parnell and myself at the entrance. I take it Guan had to discuss things with Malakkar. We entered and were greeted by the cheery receptionist. There were seven small bags of money and we all took one. I suppose the others already got their rewards earlier. Perhaps settling down was better for Emil and Renge. Runnah probably knew were Azra had went, but the topic never came up. We waited at the office while the others were away. It wasn't all too long before Runnah came back with Guan.

Meanwhile ???

I'm sure those L'Cie are curious as to what exactly I am. One day soon they will know. I attended her funeral and saw some old acquaintances of mine. Siegfried and Malakkar. I shouldn't be too surprised they've lasted this long. They were both tough but kind. They didn't notice me enter nor exit and that helped avoid speaking to them. I made way to the item shop and laid down some platinum ingots for their entire stock of fangs. They were divided as I saw fit and placed into small bags. I had to also purchase a belt with numerous hoops to hold them all to my waist from strings. I went back to the inn and placed my key into the hidden vacant room. My plans could wait for a bit as I placed my belonging near the foot of my bed. I'll take my time and find out what happened to Quetzacoatl and why he hasn't responded to my summons. I laid in bed and rested even though it was still early morning. I liked traveling at night was the last thing I thought of as I drifted off.

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 years ago#167

"So, do you have any questions?"



Seems we'll be going to Akaso after all. I suppose Yuki will be happy if no one else. I tapped on the twin winged crystal to see if Valefor could fill me in on what happened earlier.

I really don't know Runnah. My memory of that woman is both nostalgic, yet fuzzy. The others are the same way. Sheila... I mean Seraph is the only one who doesn't know who we are referring to, so I'm guessing we've known her longer than your mother has been here. I'm sorry, but that's all we've gathered.

There wasn't anything I could do to change this fact, so I tried not to let it bother me. If it is something we'll have to deal with, we'll deal with it when it comes time. I made my way back to the office after meeting Guan and greeted the others.

"I've been given orders to negotiate with Akaso on gaining support against Cocoon. While none of you are specifically ordered to go with me, I'd appreciate it if you'd all come along as some of you have business there that you'd like to take care of. So... if you'd help me get there, I can in turn help you with anything you may need assistance."

I lowered my head for a moment in embarrassment. Why do I have to sound so official to ask my friends to join me? I didn't really have to ask in the first place...


To think that it has been so many years since I attended your funeral Sheila... The ceremony was nice, but this was the second time I'd seen that girl laid to rest. I paid my respects and left afterwards as the service was always brief. The girl would sacrifice herself for the good of others and they'd talk about her uniqueness compared to the others and that was that. I bumped into Guan outside and greeted him.

"Guan! Long time no see!" I gripped his forearm as warriors do and it was like trying to put your hand around a tree trunk. But it was always like this. We had a short but pleasant chat before Runnah picked him up. Sending my own daughter to negotiate for the purpose of war... It didn't sit right we me, but I'd rather the lot of Bohemia die fighting than worrying about semantics of what a father should or shouldn't have his child do. She would fight even if I told her not to now that I think about it. She's really strong, isn't she Sheila? And the white feather around my neck glowed warmly.

DM Notes

Each character receives 3,000 Gil
Fangs are now sold out in Paddra

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#168
OOC: I can make all that work (technically Guan already left...but...*shrug*)

Also, Cat already knows this, but Haru has another 2000 CP that was earned by the party before he was a PC that I am applying now. Total CP now should be 54950 for all PCs.


Guan, with Malakkar

Guan was surprised to run into Malakkar. He had heard rumors that Malakkar had gone missing in the aftermath of the attack on Bohemia and he assumed the worst had occurred. Clearly, that was not true, but even as they greeted each other Guan could not help but notice that Malakkar's strength was even greater than the last time they met.

"It seems like none of your citizens escaped that catastrophe unharmed. We lost several of our own in the confusion. The Festival of the Hunt IS an event that brings everyone together, after all."

The conversation continued until Malakkar's daughter approached and spoke to Guan about how their party would be on the way to Akaso to try to negotiate an alliance. Guan didn't show it, but he was concerned about this: Lord Adan would likely turn away such a delegation at his doors. Maybe...

Guan realized that he would have to help. He informed Runnah that he needed to return to Akaso immediately, and that when he did he would try to arrange everything. He offered no guarantees of success, but he knew that there would be some way to win an audience. He then turned to Malakkar and bid him farewell.

Yuki and Haru

On the way to town

Yuki was saddened but not surprised when Angil told him that she doubted she had much longer. However, he was surprised when she seemed to believe that they would be going to Akaso. "I know we can...but you believe we will?"

Haru heard this and shook his head with a sigh. "Of course! Even if none of this had happened, Paddra would probably STILL send us off there...we need all the help we can get after all."

Yuki frowned. I have a very bad feeling about this...

Outside the Office

After retrieving the payments, Runnah returned and informed them they would indeed be going to Akaso, and also relayed the information that Guan had given her on how he would help. Haru nudged Yuki in an "I told you so" gesture, to which Yuki rolled his eyes.

Despite this, Yuki was not in a hurry to leave. In fact...he wasn't sure if they should go off immediately. "Runnah, I know time is of the essence, but Guan needs time as well and even with us taking the passes through the Massif, we might get there before Guan has a chance to do what he can. That, and all of us are still fatigued from the day's events. Perhaps we should rest for the rest of the day and leave early tomorrow morning. It would give us time to reflect and focus on what happened and our next goal."

Haru looked at Yuki oddly. Is he worried about going home? the Guard Captain wondered. Given the circumstances...it makes sense. Still...none of us are going to be rounded up and put on the execution block...right?

Then one last surprise: Guan came by on his way to the stables and stopped to say something. After greeting the party, he spoke of a specific danger: "The main road through is still guarded by that machination, Yuki," Guan said. "I think you might be able to overcome it as a group, but it might be better to take the high or low pass. I would say take Chocobos, but Paddra has requisitioned all of them for the war. I will see you in Akaso, my Lord." And then he (really) left.

Roleplay End

Spending later...
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#169
OOC: Will RP out learning depending on what Runnah says about staying or going...Here is what Yuki and Haru get:

Yuki learns:

-600 [2] Fira
-600 [2] Blizzara
-600 [2] Thundara
-600 [2] Aerora
-600 [2] Watera
-600 [2] Stonara

3600 Subtotal

Yuki gains 20 MAG (200 CP)

3800 Total, leaving 0

Haru learns:

-1000 [2] Haste
-800 [3] Protectga
-800 [3] Shellga
-800 [3] Veilga
-2000 [5] Nul-All

5400 Subtotal

Haru gains 20 STR and 20 MAG (400 CP)

5800 Total, leaving 0

Will post stat sheets after the response from Cat as well. Possible item/weapon/accessory purchases and want to save space.

And now that I think about it, I will write a quick thing to set up the learning part...

Yuki and Haru Roleplay Start

While waiting for Runnah's response, Yuki thought of another reason to wait. He looked at Angil as he spoke again. "I also think we need to work on my magic," he said more to Angil than anyone, but voiced it loud enough so everyone could hear. He then turned to Runnah. "Come to think of it...don't we need to see if you can diversify your selection of spells, Runnah? We could be harrassed by Garudas or Wyverns on the way to Akaso depending on the path we take, and Earth magic won't be very effective against them."

Haru sighed. Cautious or hesitant? I can't tell. He then rolled his shoulders. "Well, if we're going to see about adjustments to what we can do, maybe I should spend some time with Darran and learn some more support abilities since I'm not going to be in the front line for a while."

Yuki glanced at Haru and nodded before he looked at Darran and Parnell, then Milly and Jason, then Angil, and finally back to Runnah. He knew that it would be her call in the end, but he hoped she agreed due to that reason. After all...Angil wouldn't be around much longer, and Yuki felt he needed to take advantage of what time was left as well as he could.

"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Nemyar

5 years ago#170
OOC: *Blinks* I knew that Haru was going to specialize in defensive buffs (apart from Haste), but I didn't realize he would end up being so similar... <___<


Haru has voiced his interests in learning new support skills from Darran

"Who, me?" questioned Darran with a quizzical expression "Well... I suppose it could help take some loads off my back."

"Umm... You're not worried at all about being outdone by Haru?" asked Parnell while tilting his head to side.

"Not really. If he did so, good for him" shrugged Darran "How about starting worrying about pulling your own weight in battles?"

"T-T-This is it!" sputtered Parnell at his brother's remark "I-I'm g-gonna make your support abilities LOOKS pale in comparison to MINE! H-Haru too!". The aspiring boy then ran off, presumably to fine-tune his manadrive devices.

"Umm... I don't think you guys need to worry about finding Parnell again..." responded Darran in a deadpan tone in regard to Parnell's sudden departure "I'm sure he'll be right back. At the very least, he didn't ran off crying..."

Parnell learns:
-4000 4 Accessory slots
-1000 [3] Faithga
-1500 [3] Hastega
-1000 Synergist LV1

Parnell also purchases:
-4000 Nimbletoe Boots:
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