A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#191
OOC: I was burnt out and far too many things keep happening lately. I was losing interest as I really wanted to have been done DMing for awhile since the last post anyway, but my plans to update Tuesday were pushed back until now. I won't have a chance to respond to the maze incident just yet, but this is what I was planning on writing for that time. Runnah's is shorter but future story important. I'll get to that today/tomorrow.


Yuki was going to be facing some powerful adversaries in the future and who knows what kind of abilities they might have. He might even have to face Gods or Goddesses... Maybe what little left I can instruct him on combat will prove useful. Milly joined up and the lesson would apply to her as well.

"You may come across enemies that are seemingly invincible. Technique or speed may very well fail to overcome them." I paced back in forth in front of the two. "They may have healing magic that can recover damage faster than you can inflict it. They might have barrier magic far above your own. They might simply be better than you in all aspects. There are few ways to fight such adversaries, but I offer two valuable solutions."

"Never forget the importance of teamwork. What one person can not accomplish alone, two or more usually can. Although I've fought along side both of you, I've normally had to rely only on my own power considering the position I am in. I can't explain it, but... things... with extraordinary power, typically fight alone. This is not ironclad, but in my experiences both here and where I come from, it is an unwritten rule of sorts."

"The second thing is something you know me all too well for. Putting every ounce of strength into a single attack." I paused and made sure they heard me. "Everything has a weakness. Everyone has limits. Only when you put your absolute all into an attack can you shatter the illusion that something is invulnerable or unbeatable. I'm not stopping here though. I need you to practice this before I leave this world. I need you both to hit me as hard as you can in a single attack. You may not get another chance to practice on one such as I."


I stepped away from the pair and removed my hairpin. The gate between my dimension and this one was lifted as I drew upon the power of the void of air. The strain would be detrimental if I kept it up too long, but I'd try and pass on this lesson unto them.

"You have five minutes to defeat me. Give it your all, because I won't be holding back!"

Spells of enhancement further boosted my powered state and more capacity for the swiftness of wind passed on to this physical form. Can they beat me if I'm moving twice as fast?

"Show me that I can leave this world knowing what I've taught you!"

(This battle is totally up to how Yuki and Milly would respond, but if their combined efforts is not enough to best Angil, she will stand still, arms spread, waiting to be hit at the end of the five minutes. She will question their convictions until she is hit hard if they hesitate. If they neither of them try to put everything into a single hit, even after goading them, she will consider the lesson failed but tell them to never forget their kindness as long as it doesn't put them in danger. One last thing to realize is that she won't go easy on the pair, but she isn't trying to kill them. She wants you to believe she is so Yuki and Milly will do so on her. She isn't worried about such consequences, so Angil will fight fiercely with an unusual fury. She hopes the lesson succeeds.)

Angil learns
-5000 [3] Quick

I'm back!

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#192
OOC: Hmm...Yuki would have been hesitant the first turn and only use SYN abilities (Bravery and Haste most likely). I'm presuming five minutes equal five turns. He would get serious the second turn and, since Angil is asking for them to use everything they have, he would have summoned Yojimbo and used Banishing Blade while Yojimbo filled in some more debuffs. Then Yuki would probably work with Milly to try to stagger Angil if that was possible and then switch to commando afterwards, ending with Zanmato if it got to that point. Unless Ven has any objections, you could probably use that for determining the outcome.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#193

I made way to the rail station and climbed aboard. The ride was pleasant enough considering my home was destroyed today. I stared vacantly out the window as the scenery changed from one thing to the next. I could blame many things on my current fate, but it would do little to change it. With my head propped up on the open palm to my chin, I sighed and closed my eyes. What has happened to me, I may soon wreak upon others. I spent the remainder of my melancholic thoughts with Valefor and the morality of right and wrong. She too had done terrible things that were for the best, so it assured me of what I might one day do. The meditation spent with Syntyche would pay off to... hopefully... prevent my mind from snapping under the weight of massacre. And I've killed so many of my own. My eyes were damp from this moment of peace, away from everyone else and I patted them dry.

Do what must be done.

Oerba had received me well enough and we wasted little time discussing what we could do both during offense and defense. Many of these sky platforms were laid to waste during the attack that Angil and the others suffered through, but they had told me it would not be for nothing. They guided me toward the water and there on the shore line were two air lifts that looked largely undamaged.

"The sand and water took the shock of the fall. The left front engine is damaged on one, while the air stabilizer is compromised on the other. We have our engineers working around the clock to find a viable substitute, but they might not be ready before the next assault."

"You shouldn't overwork your engineers. I've brought someone who has engines of her own that might be able to help with the redesign of them. Valefor, if you would."

The crystal tumbled into the sand and glowed. Instead of the usual blast of energy, it was a quiet swirl in which the Fayth formed into a girl with robes. Valefor yawned and stretched out her arms with her eyes closed. I hadn't realized she was missing her nap time for my sake. With a rub of the eyelids, she nudged people working on the broken engine and stabilizer out of the way. Her eyes visibly lit up as if information about its design was being poured directly into her mind. She grabbed a notebook off of one of the mechanics and began sketching away. Scales, numbers, output specs, material, blueprints and time it would take to assemble flowed effortlessly onto the page. The same thing happened when she examined the other piece of equipment. When she was done, she handed the notebook back, walked into me and disappeared.

"How? How did she do that?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"I'm not sure, but she said she would be able to help before we even got here. Maybe she was an Eidolon for a Cocoon L'Cie at some point? Or perhaps her jet technology is similar to this."

"I didn't see any tech on her."

"There are vent jets on the back of her legs, below the hip and also along her arms. Her robe covers it all, so I can understand the skepticism."

"Looking over this though, the material she specified will take both time to get and assemble. With some luck and dedication, we can have these taken care of in one week."

"See it done. I pray that Cocoon ceases these attacks, but if they don't, we'll take the fight to them."

"You're much like your father, you know?" I looked at him and he got uncomfortable. I don't like being compared to my parents. "Sorry if I offended you Runnah."

"Don't worry about it, keep these things hidden away while you're at it. Cocoon wouldn't want their tech going to us."

I bid the team farewell and made my way back to Paddra. I didn't mention what my trip was about, not even to Haru. The less people that know about this trump card the better. Rather than try and play aloof, I stayed mostly silent and brooded. It was how I usually acted anyway.

User Info: VentusStorm

4 years ago#194
OCC: No objections with that. anyway, Since i made the Musical, (GO me!) I'm going to be really busy over the next few months, and the Weekends are the only real time I'll have alot of time on my hands.

Milly Learns Raise and Debravega! (Makes me wonder how long I went without knowing she hadn't got raise. ._.)

Milly | Gil 4200 I CP 0
HP 2190 | TP 22
STR 140 | MAG 510 (410) | ATB 4
<--WEAPONS--> [Sidewinder Whip]
[E] Torturer’s Chain (Chain Boost I +Attack ATB charge)
Chain Whip (Improved Cure I)
Wizardly Whip (Quick Stagger)
Queen’s Whip (Support ATB Charge)
[1] Fire/Blizzard/Thunder/Aero/Water/Stone
[2] Fira/Bilzzara/Thundara/Aerora /Watera/Stonara
[3] Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga/Aeroga/Waterga/Stonaga
[A] Overwhelm/Deprotect Chaser/Weak Spot
[RL] Role Level 3: Self +3 stagger, Allies +1 stagger
[1] Deshell/Poison/Imperil
[1] Debrave/Slow/Pain
[3] Debravega
[1] Dispel
[RL] Role Level 2: Self Debuffs add Turn, 1/6 better chance of sticking.
[1] Cure/Curasa
[2] Cura/Esuna
[3] Raise
[A] Cheersiphon/Improved Esuna
[RL] Role Level 1: Self +10% Healing
[1] Quake/Libra
[3][5] Summon: Hecatoncheir
Glass Buckle (Resist Defaith)
Silver Bangle (HP+200)
[E] Healer's Emerald (Medic in any role)
[E] Sorcerer's Mark (Magic+100)
[E]Raijin Ring (Extra 25% Lighting damage)
Black Belt (10% Physical Resistance)
[12] Potions: Heals 200 HP
[4] Antidote: Removes Poison
[3] Pale Fang: Casts Aero
[3] Phoenix Down Revives Ally
[K] Hecatoncheir Eidolith: Allows [3][5] Summon


Milly: "What would the point of Stealing that be anyway? It's not like it's that useful."

Jason: "Hm... Let me try something."

I told Cheria to pop out, and Thankfully she had an idea.

Cheria: "Frozen Rain!"

She threw a Few Daggers up into the air, Striking down in a few off the Hiding places in the Area.

Jason: "Lets just hope it works...

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#195
OOC: Congrats to you, Ven. One more roleplay, then depending on responses Nem will DM one group while I will DM the other.

DM/Roleplay Start

Parnell's comment did not go unheard by Yuki. "Its tied into our cities' pasts, Parnell." Yuki responded. "Admittedly, it is a much more open hatred of Akasans in Paddra than it is for Paddreans in Akaso. Centuries of on and off war will do that."

Yuki was then forced to revise his opinion of Jason again. Sure, Cheria might have known what to do, but Jason had thought to get her. He might be an oaf...but he has his moments... He shrugged. Don't we all.

Unfortunately, all the hiding places that Cheria struck were uninhabited save for a few unfortunate Flans and the occasional Lobo that ran out yelping in pain. Still...it was a brilliant idea.

"Alright then, we'll split into two groups. Jason, Milly, Cheria, Darran and Parnell will take the western side of the area while Angil, Runnah, Haru and I will scour the east. Use ruins or whatever other spell to flush out the thief. If we reach the exit and still haven't found him, then we will move on, but if you find him send up a flare. Understood?" Yuki said all this like he was absolutely certain it was a good plan.

Haru picked up on this. "Since when were you the leader of our merry band, Lord Yuki?" he asked. "I'm preety sure that we end up deferring to Runnah or Angil since Runnah is the actual ambassador and Angil has the most experience..."

Yuki frowned. "And you are Runnah's guard, Captain," Yuki responded, somewhat cross with Haru. "Do you find anything wrong with what I think?"

Haru frowned back. "You know, I think I may have liked it more when you had your helmet on all the time." This caused Yuki to scowl, but Haru continued. "You certainly were more humble..."

Yuki really wanted to yell at Haru right now. Angil is going to be gone in a matter of days, and he doesn't seem to think that someone will need to step up and take control!

Admittedly, he doesn't know Angil is on borrowed time, Yuki, Yojimbo said. Let it go for now: Runnah will talk to him at some point and he will understand.

Yuki sighed. I just wish I didn't have to be the one to shoulder the burden. Runnah's capable...its just...

She doesn't have the tactical experience you and Angil possess, nor has she proven she has the sense to know when to fight or flee. She will learn eventually, but for now it will default to you to get everyone through the events after Angil departs this world. You have enough people willing to support you, and so long as Runnah agrees, Haru will follow.

Yuki nodded. I understand. I might not like leading, but I will have to. He then looked at Haru who had continued ranting. "Haru," Yuki said, halting him. "Do you hear Angil or Runnah objecting?"

Haru frowned and Yuki swore he saw one of his eyebrows twitch. Yuki then turned his eyes to Angil and Runnah. "Now, do you have any concerns?" Despite this being directed at Angil and Runnah, it was more of a general question.

DM/Roleplay End

OOC: Concerns can include party composition, of course. Yuki and Haru are at odds, but that should be understandable given the circumstances. And Cat, feel free to call me out if Yojimbo/Yuki's evaluation of Runnah isn't well founded.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#196
After hearing the course of actions, Parnell noticed the friction between Haru and Yuki
"I kinda agree with Haru, you're pretty tense lately Yuki..."

"Hmm, I thought your instability would be a thing of the past." remarked Darran bluntly

Darran's statement is then followed up by Parnell frowning at him disapprovingly with his arms crossed

"...Oh right, never mind me" shrugged Darran apologetically "You know how I goes."

"Well, I'm okay with the current party composition." replied Parnell

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#197
OOC: I hope this is to your liking.

The Afternoon Before

Yuki had began with defensive shields on himself and Milly. Maybe he thought I wasn't being serious, so I didn't hold back. I got between them so they could pincer me and take me off guard on purpose, but I was charging deadly force in each had. I noticed the shield pattern and let loose with a massive blast of ether at each of them. They held their weapons in hand while the barrier held firm and they slid back.

Next shot, even I won't hold back...

Yuki sensed that I wouldn't bother dividing my attention on both of them much longer. He summoned Yojimbo to further even the odds in their favor. I that Fayth considerable damage from before. They need to realize that both themselves and their Eidolons are not invulnerable. Yuki let darkness consume his blade as I created my own counter glyph. Yojimbo rushed me with sword in hand as the blackness erupted towards me. Milly took care to erase the wounds from before as my glyph ate away the darkness. A slash of wind could still be felt through it however. I grabbed my hammer and smashed away at Yojimbo putting him on the defensive. He jumped back as the hammer came down with enough force to force a cloud of dust and debris around the small crater.

My blue eyes closed as I calculated their presence from within the dust. Yojimbo readied kunai with ether like he did before. Milly was going to dispel this floating dirt with a fireball. Yuki enchanted his weapon like before, but with the elements. About three more minutes for me to end this. They coordinated their attack so Yojimbo let his kunai scream across the air around me. I crouched low and formed a whirlwind in my hands. The fireball came down, so I forced it back up. That's when Yuki struck with water. The dampness aggravated my intense rivalry with my sister and made me remember he knew my weakness. I need to take to the skies. All of us.

I forced a strong gale about me. Close ranged techniques became useless to them. I summoned the sky into my hands high above and slammed into the ground. We were all thrown high into the air in perhaps the weakest tornado I could muster. But they were still left disoriented and I lashed out elemental might. The winds picked up in places and slashed at their barriers, fire was ejected in spheres near me and the lightning called down among them. Yojimbo let his cape flutter and gained some air control to slash at me. I dodged out of the way and he accelerated to the ground. Yuki and Milly redirected my lightning calls back at me while Yojimbo threw kunai from the bottom and center of the tornado. I held myself in the sky, barely, as each hand produced enough force to block the attacks. This action broke my concentration on the tornado and the rest of us fell. Yojimbo caught both of them as I blasted wind into the ground to slow myself to a halt.

That tornado had taken much out of me, but I didn't show it. If they had been keeping track, they knew I had one minute left to go before I would be consumed back into my own elemental world. I had to take the fight out of one of them and I silenced Milly from casting spells. She lashed at me with her whip and a blow to her stomach made her drop in pain. Sorry Milly. Yojimbo tried one more time with kunai and let the ether into strands to ensnare me. I let him think I was caught as he summoned that special blade of his. He came down with it and I paused time. My scythes edges tore the either apart and I closed in, but beyond his striking range. The ether I had left was placed into my right hand and as time began to stir, I uppercutted him as hard as I could. The Eidolon had been beaten and Milly downed. All that was left was Yuki. That sword of Yojimbo was twirling high in the air above us.

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#198
"I've defeated your eidolon and your ally Yuki. If you can't defeat me, then you will never be able to face the horrors that may still await you!"

Yuki rushed forth and threw his spear at me. It flew past me and up towards that blade in an arc, caught by my magic. Now he was defenseless without a weapon. I charged energy into my hands and prepared to blast him with all I had left in order to teach him a lesson about the way Gods fight. That was when he jumped in the air and caught the blade I had sent away. His spear had transformed into a sword and batted it back down to him. Now let's see which one is stronger. Me, or a sword!

"Atmosphere Buster!"

The sword cut through the beam of energy I produced. It narrowly went between my hands and struck through me, shoulder to hip. It cut dimensions and reality itself. It literally severed my connection to my dimension. My eyes stopped glowing as I felt the weight of being so wounded. My legs fell out beneath me and I landed on my knees. The look in Yuki's eyes was not of battle, but genuine concern. I waved him off to get Milly and checked the cut. It didn't actually cut my physical body, but I was so tired none the less. With Milly in tow, they stood before me victorious. Raising my weapon by the shaft, parallel to the ground, I congratulated them on their victory.

"Well done."

And I realized, it wasn't me losing to a sword. It was that his will was now equal to or stronger than mine.

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#199
OOC: I want to give Ven and Cat a chance to respond to the present post, so I will retro reply to the fight and post the update later tonight or sometime tomorrow (perhaps in the morning before school, depending on how I feel).

Yuki Retro-Roleplay: Following the Fight

Yuki was still surprised: not only had he defeated Angil's strongest attack that she could use, he had defeated Angil herself. He knew he could not have done it without Milly and Yojimbo, but he was still shocked.

Hmph, defeating two opponents that many would call out of your league in one day, Yojimbo stated. That, and you figured out how to use one of the Guardian's special attacks. You are either much more skilled than I gave you credit for, or you have a demon's luck.

I don't think it is either of those... Yuki replied. Luck maybe, but that didn't feel like luck...could it be...sheer willpower?

Hm...I admit that your emotions spiked with that last strike. Willpower... Yojimbo trailed off and became silent.

Yuki finally returned his attention to Angil and bowed. "Thank you, Angil." Something crossed through his mind and he chuckled. "I suppose Bridgette's never going to let you hear the end of how you're 'out of practice' after being overpowered by me, huh?"

He then turned his attention to Milly who, despite having healed that last attack, was still putting alot of her weight on Yuki. Yuki frowned. "That took more out of you than I initially thought." He turned his head back to Angil and noticed that she was also visibly fatigued.

Now that I think about it, I feel like I could go for relaxing right now myself...

"Come on, it's late and we should see about getting our rooms back." Yuki led the way, perfectly fine with Milly letting him do most of the work in getting her over to the inn. When they arrived and settled things, he let Milly rest in a chair as he himself went and meditated, waiting for Runnah to return.

The minute Runnah entered, he called out to her and asked to speak with her. He went over Akasan customs with her and also over the heads of the clans:

Adan Mitsu, Yuki's Father and leader of Akaso. Clan represented by the Long Gui.

Guan Hidetoyo, Yuki's former teacher and friend and leader of the well-rounded (or otherwise average) warriors. Clan represented by the Faeryl.

Keda Kagetora, also close to Yuki and leader of Akaso's cavalry and most gifted leaders. Clan represented by the Chocobo.

Mune Ryu, the newest clan leader who also happened to be the father of Yuki's rival (and, as such, was not on friendly terms with Yuki himself). He leads the strongest individual warriors in Akaso, and his clan is represented by the Behemoth.

And finally, Xun Motonari: indifferent to Yuki and leader of the greatest minds in Akaso. The clan was represented by the Malboro, most fitting given how many times their strategists immobilized enemies of Akaso.

With the conversation with Runnah done, he bathed and finally turned in.

Retro-Roleplay End

OOC: That should fill in most of whatever else happened.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#200
The Day Prior

"I suppose Bridgette's never going to let you hear the end of how you're 'out of practice' after being overpowered by me, huh?" I laughed at the notion.

"Bridgette and Daughter have been serving me humility on a plate for a long time now. Ry'Quin too. There were only two that I fought that I hadn't beaten while at full power. Ninesce and Lady RJ. Supposedly Lady RJ knows of a dimension in which time doesn't flow and Ninesce is a terrible fighter considering she doesn't have to try. But in other regards, I was essentially the 3rd strongest." Why was I telling all this? I guess I miss my family.

"Anyways, I hope the experience proves valuable in the future. Even with my skills and strength, I don't doubt that there are beings with more raw power than I am now. Remember that most anything can be beaten with a single strike if struck hard enough." I brushed my hair aside coolly and replaced the hairpin I was given. I felt the clasp and restriction bear down on me more than before.

"That took more out of you than I initially thought. Come on, it's late and we should see about getting our rooms back." Was he talking to myself or Milly?

"Sounds good. I'm taking a nice warm bath when I get back. As much as I dislike water, staying clean is important if I can't do it my natural way. I'll just have to put up with it." Maybe I'd even enjoy it like Veleany and Jalessia do for once.


"It works out fine for me. I have some vague memories of doing something like this once before with you, but it feels like a dream...?" The statement sounded weird even to me. Was it something that happened while I was possessed? Runnah spoke up as well for the first time in awhile since she began reading a book. On what, I wasn't even sure.

"I'm just here to take responsibility in case anything bad happens. Which is to say, I'm here to partially ensure nothing bad happens. If it gets serious, I'll stop reading." How could she walk with her eyes focused on a book and not trip. Her answer felt like she was reading my mind.

"I can walk and read at the same time. The earth magic is a bit stronger here, so the ground calls to me where not to step. Or maybe it is a side effect of the Felsen Rod evolving. I don't have all the answers. And no, I'm not sensing what direction he went. Splitting up is better for finding him." I thought she would be more upset about the theft, but it wasn't like she knew the person it belonged to or it was her city that had been wronged.
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