A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: ask159

4 years ago#21

The magic of Hashmal was hitting hard, but Runnah and Haru seemed to keep up with the healing. The last attack make Azra feel weak, but Runnah knew what she was doing.

Her weapons behaved oddly, and did something new, but he did not have time to worry about that.

Guess just keep laying on the magic

Gathering magic, Azra encased the Spire in fire and lighting and ran forward, letting loose yet another magical onslaught.


Chainspell(TP-2, TP->28)

Firestrike x7, Sparkstrike x7,

Same as last turn
3395 damage and 98 stagger (assuming you let him get healed first, allowing vigor to activate)
Absorbs 340 HP

User Info: VentusStorm

4 years ago#22
Milly: Well.. Here goes nothing!

Thunder X7

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#23
Round 4 Results!

Runnah casts Esuna on Milly and Azra, removing Deshell and Deprotect, respectively, Cure on Milly, and Cura on the party! She heals 1820 of Milly's HP and 780 HP to everyone else. Cheersiphon and Support: ATB Charge activate!

Haru casts Cura X3 on the party, restoring 1346 HP to the entire party! Hashmal generates 36 gestalt!

Azra'eil uses Chainspell and uses Firestrike x7 and Sparkstrike x7, inflicting 3395 damage and 49 gestalt to Hashmal! Azra absorbs 340 HP from Vampiric Strike!

Milly uses Thunder x7, inflicting 3894 damage and 21 gestalt to Hashmal! Attack: ATB Charge activates!

Hashmal crosses the Gestalt threshold!

Roleplay Time!

As the last set of actions finish, Hashmal locks his eyes on the heiress to Bohemia. The Eidolon roars and charges at Runnah just as Haru notices. No! I won't let this happen!

Haru manages to dart in the way of the Eidolon and block the attack. The Eidolon looks at Haru again, and for whatever reason Haru can understand what it wants. Haru sheaths his weapon and steps back into a stance to prepare to charge as Hashmal mirrors his stance.

Then they charged at each other, Hashmal with a roar and Haru with a battle cry. The collision of attacks is too fast for the eye to see, but when it is over both stand for several seconds...and then Hashmal drops to a knee.

Haru turns to face the defeated Eidolon and holds out his hand. A soft brown glow envelops both tamer and Eidolon as Hashmal's body changes. By the time the transformation is over, Hashmal looks like a treaded vehicle with scythe blades on either side.

Haru mounts the vehicle and uses the controls...the power of the Eidolon is apparent even in this form as the treads kick up earth even as it rockets around the area. "This is awesome!" Haru yells, letting his more laid back personality take control for the first time today.

After the experience, Haru dismounts and the Eidolon fades, leaving a small brown crystal with a symbol swirling around inside it. Haru takes his Eidolith and looks at his comrades. "I couldn't have survived that without all of you; Thanks."

(Begin FFXII Victory Fanfare: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9MdbEtfqiA)

Haru has obtained the Eidolon Hashmal, Bringer of Order

Everyone in the RPG gets 1000 CP!
Haru gets 10 TP!
Milly, and Runnah get 3 TP! Azra gets 4 TP for liberally using Chainspell!
Haru gains an additional ATB slot!
Haru gains [3][5] Summon
Haru obtains <-KEY ITEM: Hashmal Eidolith->
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#24
Haru's Updated Stat Sheet:

Haru I Arthogawa I Gil 3000
COM/SEN/MED/SYN 1/2/1/1 I Crystogen 2000
HP 3570 (3270) I TP 26
STR 230 I MAG 230 I ATB 5
<--WEAPONS--> [Katana]
[E] Father’s Will (Improved Ward I)
Dusk (Attack: ATB Charge)
Dawn (Support: ATB Charge)
[1] Attack, Ruin
[2] Blitz
[A] Jeopardize, Stagger Drain, Smite
[1] Challenge, Provoke, Mediguard
[2] Steelguard
[A] Deathward, Fringeward, Reprieve, Evade, Magic Evade
-MEDIC-Lvl 1
[1] Cure
[2] Cura, Esuna, Regen
[3] Raise
[2] Protect, Shell, Veil
[2] Barfire, Barfrost, Barthunder, Baraero, Barwater, Barstone
[2] Renew, Invincible, Reraise
[3][5] Summon
[E] Gold Bangle: Max HP+300
[E] Black Belt: 10% Physical Damage Reduction
[E] Tertiatic Tiara: Auto-Protect/Shell/Veil[2]
[E] Connoisseur Catalog: Doubles odds for rare drops
Ember Ring: Halve Fire Damage (non-stacking).
[3] Hi-Potion: Heal 600 HP
[2] Potion: Heal 200 HP
[K] Hashmal Eidolith

Hashmal's Stats and abilities:

Hashmal | Arthogawa
HP 2200
STR 450 | MAG 450 | ATB 4
[1] Attack, Ruin
[2] Blitz
[A] Blindside, Stagger Drain
[1] Stone, Cragstrike
[2] Stonara, Cragblitz
[3] Stonaga
[A] Overwhelm
[S]Arise: If their summoner dies, they revive him/her to 100% HP and disappear.
[F]Provoke: They can use provoke once per round as a free action, at your request.
[4]Curaga: Heals one ally to 100% HP and removes all debuffs.
[A] Defender of Order: While Hashmal is present, Haru gains an additional 10% damage reduction and a fifth (20%) of damage received is instead dealt to Hashmal
[A] Earth Penetration EX: Reduce enemy earth resistance by 1 level for Hashmal. Deals damage and stagger normally when attacking enemies above normal earth resistance while using earth based attacks.
[S] Bind: Causes stop on all enemies that are naturally (Ignore imperil and Earth Penetration EX) less than immune to earth for 1 turn. Works on bosses, but Bind is only usable once per summon.
Deal 5 X STR/MAG (Whichever does more) to all enemies and staggers all enemies not immune to earth. Slay enemies with 25% HP or less if currently weak to earth; otherwise reduce their HP by half unless the initial damage is more.

For those curious, his stats from the battle:

Hashmal, Bringer of Order | Eidolon
Yields to those who withstand blows (Bonus gestalt from Sentinel actions, unaffected by chain resistance)
Yields to those who heal allies (Bonus gestalt from healing others, unaffected by chain resistance)
Capable of inflicting undispellable Imperil
Delivers devastating physical and magical attacks
Delivers devastating Earth-based attacks
Capable of inflicting Deprotect, Deshell, and Slow (through Quakeja)
May become immune to taunt effects
Doom timer: 4
STR 300 | MAG 300 | ATB 5
Chain Multiplier: .5
-Elemental & Status Resistances- Weak > Normal > Halved > Resistant > Immune > Absorb
FIRE: Normal
ICE: Normal
WIND: Normal
WATER: Normal
PHYSIC: Normal
MAGIC: Normal
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: brainfriiz

4 years ago#25

Still here! Just waiting for my opportunity for my character to jump in. If you would like me to run a battle for you, shoot me a PM! I'm yawning over here waiting for my character's opportunity to jump in and I could use the practice.

As stagger chaining goes, Cat does it similar to how I did it, save that halved damage didn't affect chaining, resistant is -1 stagger per action, and immunity reduces all stagger amounts from all sources to 1.

As Overwhelm went, again it worked like Cat described. It triggers once per round and the actor with the skill doesn't add to the total bonus stagger added. If you acted alone, you are hardly overwhelming the target.

Let's see, I think remember it being pondered how I rolled loot and status effects landing? Both operated off six sided die using random.org. By default a 5-6 would land the status effect, extending as SAB leveled up or you used weapon abilities/blocked by veil. Treasure was 1-3 nothing, 4-5 common, 6 rare.

Not sure if some of those mechanics have changed, so don't let me confuse you! And let me know of any relevant changes as well.

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#26
Yuki Roleplay Start (Following Darran's gestalt and immediate conversation, will post retroactive if applicable.)

Yuki looked around at his allies and glanced back at the village. He blinked as he thought that a portion of it looked different from several minutes before. What happened? I hope no one was hurt...

He turned back to his comrades. "We should probably get back to the village," he said. He turned to leave but stopped and looked at Darran. "Master Darran, you are more than welcome to join us." Then he led the way.

It took a little while to get to the town, but when he reached the area he had seen earlier he saw that Runnah, Milly, Azra, and Haru were there. He tipped his head to the side and noticed that Haru was holding an odd crystal. Oh, so that's what happened, Yuki thought.

He approached and hailed the group. "Lady Runnah, Captain Haru, Master Azra'eil and Lady Milly, I pray that all of you are in good health after what happened here?"

He glanced back over his shoulder. "Sir Jason, Parnell, and Master Darran should be here momentarilly," he continued. "We had some...motivation issues...but I think everything is taken care of now."

Roleplay End
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#27
Eidolon Boosts

All right, time for your Eidolon partners to get some well deserved boosts to keep up our resident heroes. All Eidolons recieve the following bonuses to their stat sheets.

+ 300 STR
+ 300 MAG
+ 1700 HP
+ 1 ATB
+ 1 Role Level to ONE of your Eidolons Roles (Making one of them Level 3)
+ 10,000 CP for Development

The following restrictions on development apply. Your total STR/MAG can't go beyond 1000. You can't spend more than 9,000 (OVER 9000!) on a given role. There is a soft cap of 6,000 for HP. I only say that because you could likely find better uses than boosting HP, but if you can't or don't want to, you can use the remaining points for HP.

There will be at least one more additional boost to Eidolons in the future, but as of right now, there won't be any additional CP available for changing skills. Pick/plan your skills carefully. If you haven't made your Eidolon yet, here is the old information combined with the new.

Your Eidolon has the following

500 STR
500 MAG
3000 HP
2 Roles, 1 at Level 3, 1 at Level 2
[S]Arise: If their summoner dies, they revive him/her to 100% HP and disappear.
[F]Provoke: They can use provoke once per round as a free action, at your request.
[4]Curaga: Heals one ally to 100% HP and removes all debuffs.
One of the following: Attack, Ruin, or a level 2 elemental spell
25,000 CP for Development with the following restrictions

You can't spend more than 5,000 on STR/MAG (Total 1,000)
You can't spend more than 9,000 on a single role
There is a soft cap of 5,000 on HP (Total 6,000)
You can't leave STR/MAG/HP at base values

You may still have up to 3 unique abilities between your character and Eidolon. If you have 3, 1 must go to either your Eidolon or your character. Here are some examples from current Eidolons.

Penetration : Ignore element resistances for damage and stagger on element attacks (Valefor)
Focus : Physically counter enemies when attacked (Asura)

These were some character based specials

Resonant Chaos: Renge and Chaos each gain all buffs and debuffs currently present on the other
Impulse : Deal 3x MAG to all enemies with 1/2 chance to inflict Deshell for 3 turns

Finally, your Eidolon has a final move that can do just about anything. It should do something that relates to how your Eidolon acts in battle however.

Sylph Storm : Seraph revives all unconscious character, heals all characters to full and Sylphs prevent damage
Gaian Salvo? : Ventus makes Hecatoncheir and tells me

Furthermore, once you decide and set your Eidolon in stone, I will open another topic on that one board and we can keep our Eidolon pages there so that we don't have to slug through topics to find their information.

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#28
Weapon Fusion

Weapon fusion is something we mentioned way back when and now it's time to implement this as well.

Your character is now able use the characteristics of multiple weapons. Some characters may explain this by using two different weapons at the same time, ala dual wielding. Some characters may explain this by explained or unexplained magical means, literal magical fusion. Some characters may explain this from mechanical/physical, removing parts from one weapon to combine with another. Bottom line is, how you'd like to implement it is entirely up to you and I am no way forcing someone into a set way for it to happen. You may even want to use a combination of effects to explain it.

Weapon fusion is also not necessary and entirely optional, but you will lose an edge compared to your allies. Anyways...

Weapon fusion is based on ranks. Each weapon characteristic has a rank of 1 or 2. You can combine weapon ranks up to rank 4, allowing up to 4 different effects. Rather than list EVERY effect, I'm listing all the Rank 2 skills, but not the Rank 1 skills. Everything not listed will be Rank 1.

Rank 2 Skills

ATB Gauge +1: Add 1 to your ATB Gauge.
Power Link: If STR>MAG, your MAG is now the average of the two.
Mana Link: If MAG>STR, your STR is now the average of the two.
Attack: ATB Charge: If you used COM/RAV/SAB last round, +1 ATB this round.
Support: ATB Charge: If you used SYN/SEN/MED last round, +1 ATB this round.
Vampiric Strike II: 5% of damage you deal heals you.
Chain Bonus Boost II: All attacks add 2 stagger.
Improved Debuffing II Increase chance to stick debuff status effects by 1/3.
Improved Debilitation II: Increase chance to stick debilitative statuses by 1/3.
Defense Maintenance II: Your defensive buffs last 2 rounds longer.
Augment Maintenance II: Your offenseive buffs last 2 rounds longer.
Improved Guard II: Medi- (+10% more HP healed) Steel- (-2 enemy to immunity) Reflect- (+2 more spells)
Improved Ward II: Death- (+20% to HP range) Fringe (-20% damage received by allies)
Improved Cure II: Your cure spells heal an additional 50%
Improved Esuna II: Your Esuna/Esunada now removes an additional status effect of your choice.

Other errata to make mention of while I'm here. Mediguard will be going through some kind of nerf along with Improved Guard I and II. Still in the works on that. Any input of what it should be would be appreciated. I'm thinking 3% heal to start with 1% and 2% increases from Improved Guard I/II respectively. But, as some compensation, the guard percent from all guards, including Mediguard, would go up by 5% and 10% for those effects.

There is also heavy consideration for changing how TP and the system works. As of right now, I don't see how anyone will ever run out of TP, even spamming the most expensive tactics as much as possible. I think that many of the tactics could be placed in groups and have charge times before they can be used again. I'm really, really open to suggestions for how this could or should work.

User Info: ask159

4 years ago#29
OOC: Yeah! Eidolon upgrade and weapon fusion! Ok, enough fun. Will post Bahamut/Chaos when I figure them out, and would love the idea of a page for them, would REALLY make life easier for everyone I think, can't believe it took us this long.

2 questions about the fusion. Can weapon abilities stack? Example, two chain bonus II (as a very obvious example) I am guessing no, as two Attack/support ATB would add 2 ATB every round, but figured I would ask anyway. To be clear, there are 2 questions here (apparently), can you...
a) If you have two of the same weapon, use it twice?
b) stack the lesser and stronger form of weapons (chain boost I and II both used, for stagger +3)

2nd, I assume you have to go into battle with your given fusion decided? Or something like that? Otherwise the tactic Equipment change needs...changed. Is that what you had planned? If not, please explain.

Also, for the Tp issue. While I find the idea of a charge for the tactics interesting, our TP would still build up without changes to the basics. I suggest at least a cap on TP (say 20 or so) and lowering the amount of TP gained after battle (back to 1 for everything, 3 for bosses) as when it was like that it make it more difficult to use tactics, as you had less to go with. I feel the issue is our bloated amounts of TP rather than a issue with them (though if they are still too strong add the charges, as it further limits their usage.

Ok, enough there. Short RP here while I plan some things.


Haru obtained his eidolon, and after a bit shifted it into a vehicle. Really, that thing has quite a few blades. Don't really want to ride it.

Haru thanks the group for assisting them, but Azra just shakes his head.

"No need, we are comrades after all. Hope everything is ok here now."

Azra wondered still about Runnah and the situation he had walked in on, but the two seemed to be getting along during the battle. Yuki walked up, checking up on the group to make sure they were ok and mentioned a motivation problem, but went no further, stating it was ok now. He is usually pretty good with things, see no reason to doubt him.

"Yeah, we had some issues here as well, but we seemed to have figured them out I think."

Though I might have to talk to Runnah later. Azra looked at the group, which was fairly worn out from the battles.

"Well, shall we wait for the others before heading back?"

User Info: VentusStorm

4 years ago#30
@Cat: I almost never used summons in 13, and i really don't plan on using it that much here either..GIVE ME SOME TIME.
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