A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#201
OOC: Morning update. Note: Nem, I give you authority to RP out your encounter since Ven might have issues with posting. If you'd rather have a fight, I can either make the encounter or choose Milly and Jason's actions.

DM/Roleplay Start

Yuki did his best to ignore Darran's statements. He's just not letting it go, is he? He sighed. As for Parnell, who wouldn't be tense when going home to someplace you haven't been in a year, and there's also the issue some people might want to kill me even though Guan guaranteed protection...

Runnah and Angil had spoken, and Haru sighed in defeat. Yuki was confused as to why Haru was acting like he was. He's a friend, right?

No response this time. Yuki shrugged and took a breath. "Okay then, lets split up."

Darran's party DM

Darran, Parnell, Cheria, Milly and Jason were proceeding through their chosen side, sending spells into every corner of the area. They were almost to the exit when a spell finally elicited a response from something that sounded much more human than anything before hand...

OOC: Pick up from there, Nem.

Runnah's party DM, Yuki and Haru Roleplay

Runnah, Angil, Yuki and Haru were advancing along their part of the Massif, Angil and Yuki seriously throwing spells in an attempt to flush out the thief while Runnah read her book and occassionally tossing a spell at an area Yuki or Angil missed. Haru, however, was lost in thought and wasn't paying attention to where he was throwing his ruins. One of his ruins impacted against the foot of something very large and very deadly...something that decided to make the party its lunch...

Yuki heard a loud roar and halted, turning to look for the source. Haru also seemed shocked out of his stupor and also looked. Both of their eyes fell on the same thing. Pulse, was their joint thought.

A Behemoth jumped down from one of the cliffs and landed on all fours, eyeing the party with a feral gaze. "Haru...didn't we tell you to watch where you were throwing your spells?" Yuki asked even as he drew his weapon. "Angil, Runnah and I all saw that Behemoth..."

Haru swallowed. "I...um..."

Yuki sighed. "Guess we're fighting a roadblock..." Yuki said this even as he fought to keep his anger at seeing a Behemoth before him in check.




Feral Behemoth

"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#202
DM NOTE: I forgot, initial TP for the party is 4.

Yuki and Haru Combat Roleplay

"Master, would you care for me to evaluate the behemoth?" Oyakata asked.

"Its a behemoth, so I imagine it's tough and strong...but why not?" Yuki replied.

"One moment, scanning..." Oyakata flashed for a moment and then returned to its normal silver color. "Analyzing...finished." Oyakata then relayed the following information:


Feral Behemoth
Libra Notes
Delivers devastating Physical Attacks.
Physical Resistance drops when staggered.
May alter style when facing a difficult opponent.

HP 850,000| STAGGER 350, 2x/3 Rounds
STR 800| MAG 0| ATB 3
Chain Multiplier: .75
-Elemental Resistances- [W/-/H/R/X/A]
FIRE: [-] |ICE: [-] |LTNG: [-]
WIND: [-] |WATR: [-] |ERTH: [H]
PHYS: [R] |MAGI: [W]
-Status Resistances- [-/X]
Launch: [-] |Taunt: [-] |Dispel: [-]
Deprotect: [3] |Deshell: [-]
Imperil: [-] |Poison: [5%]
Debrave: [-] |Defaith: [-]
Curse: [-] |Slow: [2]
Pain: [X] |Fog: [-]
Wound: [-] |Death: [-]

C: Brawler’s Wristband R: Morale Talisman
CP: 1000 Gil: 800

Back to Roleplay

Yuki sighed after he took this information in. "In other words...he hits like a tram going at full speed and laughs at blades, but he hates magic." He looked at Haru. "We need someone to distract him."

Haru shook his head then. "Pah...I bet that its nowhere near that bad. Your little "toy" is just causing undue worry."

"What?!" Yuki replied. Haru, what on Pulse has gotten into you today?!

Haru then cast a protective field on the party while increasing his and Yuki's speed. Yuki sighed and hastened Angil and Runnah and increased his own and Angil's magic power.


Haru casts Haste [3] on himself and Yuki and Protectga [2] on the party. Support ATB Charge Activates.

Yuki uses Libra (-1 TP) and casts Haste [4] on Runnah and Angil and casts Faith [5] on himself and Angil.

"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#203
Starting DM/Roleplay

"What was that?!" gasped Parnell when a spell managed to struck something; surely a person they were searching for

"Hmph, that must be our elusive thief" responded Darran tiresomely as he signaled the party to surround the suspicious spot where the spell landed "No point hiding any further, we got you cornered."

After a moment of pause, the pickpocket finally revealed himself, apparently unable to find an available escape route

"Looking for this?" asked the thief while spinning a tiara around his finger "I don't understand what you guys have to gain from retrieving this."

"Whaddya mean?" replied Parnell "That's a stolen property, it's only right to give it back to owner!"

"Hmm... That tiara must be pretty valuable to have whole bunch of people to retrieve it" said the sly thief "I was thinking of making a tidy profit with it. You know, making ends meet."

"Well, you're not going to be making a single gil out of it" sighed Darran impatiently "Better hand that thing over right now and save everyone the bother."

"Sorry, no can do. You'll have to fight for it" said the crafty pickpocket while putting the stolen headdress away "Let's see if you guys can put up more entertaining fight than the guards back at Paddra."

Entering Combat Mode!



Mystery Thief


User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#204
Round 0

"Umm... You do realize we have three highly trained L'Cie?" asked Parnell quizzically at the situation "You're outmatched! Better call the fight off before you get badly hurt."

"I'm guessing you're not one of the "highly trained L'Cie" remarked the thief "What does that make you then?"

"T-that would make me a... umm... w-well..." stuttered Parnell, unable to come up with a comeback to the pickpocket

"By the way, I can't have you flinging those spell like you did before" said the thief before throwing cloud of enigmatic substances at the group

The party is afflicted with Fog, preventing usage of magic for one round!

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#205
OOC: Just so you aren't kept waiting any longer, Angil uses Ruinga and Ruin x 5 and Runnah casts Blizzard x 7. I'll fill this out Thursday afternoon.

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#206
DM Runnah's Party


Haru casts Haste [3] on himself and Yuki and Protectga [2] on the party. Support ATB Charge and Tertiatic Tiara Activate.

Yuki uses Libra (-1 TP) and casts Haste [4] on Runnah and Angil and casts Faith [5] on himself and Angil.

Angil casts Ruinga followed by Ruin five times, dealing 18,750 damage and 9 stagger! Attack:ATB Charge activates!

Runnah casts Blizzard seven times, dealing 6300 damage and 26 stagger! Attack: ATB charge activates!

Feral Behemoth swipes at the party and attacks Yuki once. Runnah, Haru and Angil take 1600 damage; Yuki takes 2400 damage!

Damage/Stagger Totals and Status:

Yuki: 2400 damage, 1[Protect], 2[Haste], 5[Faith]
Haru: 1600 damage, 1[Protect], 2[Shell, Veil, Haste]
Angil: 1600 damage, 1[Protect], 3[Haste], 4[Faith]
Runnah: 1600 damage, 1[Protect], 3[Haste], 4[Faith]


Feral Behemoth: 25,050 damage, 35 Stagger


Current TP: 10/20

OOC: Hmm...might have given a little too much strength here, or too much HP or too high a stagger point considering that this is just a battle and not meant to be a challenge or boss. Heaven forbid, maybe Swipe's damage multiplier needs to be equivalent to blitz (hint: its not).

Of course, SEN will help that...and this is the wake up call for Haru.

Also, Ruinga states that targets "susceptible" to launch lose 1 ATB: does that mean that if they can be launched while staggered they lose it regardless of whether they are staggered, or does it mean they only lose it while staggered? For reference, I'm treating this round as if it only removes ATB while staggered.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: VentusStorm

4 years ago#207
OOC: looks like I might be here longer than I expected. Anyway, since Millys stat sheet is on the last page, I'll just post Jason's.

Jason I Gil 1250 I CP 2000
HP: 3980 (3480) I TP 8
STR 590 (490) I MAG 135 I ATB 5
<--WEAPONS--> [European Sword&Sheild]
[E] Anneas (Improved Guard I)
Spine Blade (Attack ATB Charge)
Blue Crystal Rod (Support ATB Charge)
[1] Attack/Ruin
[2] Blitz
[A] Launch/Ravage/Smite/Adrenaline/Faultsiphon
[RL] Role Level 3: Self: 30% Extra Damage Allies: 10% Extra Damage
[1] Provoke/Challenge/Mediguard/Vendetta
[2] Steelguard
[3] Elemental Guard
[A] Cover/Deathward
[RL] Role Level 1: 40% Damage Reduction
[2] Bravery/Faith/Haste
[2] Protect/Shell/Veil
[RL] Role Level 1: Buffs Last 1 more turn
[2] Reraise
[1] Mighty Strikes/Libra
[3][5] Summon: Odin
<--ACCESSORIES--> [4 Slots]
[E] Warrior’s Wristband (+100 STR)
[E] Generals Belt (30% Physical Resistance)
[E] Mythril Bangle (+500 HP)
[E] Frost Ring (1/2 Ice damage)
[3] Hi-Potions: Heals 600 HP
[K] Odin Eidolith: Allows [3][5] Summon

Milly: Why you little *Explictive!* I'm going to KILL YOU!

Jason: "Calm down and let me handle this!"

Cheria and Milly are rendered Useless!

Jason: Com Attack x5

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#208
Darran | Gil 5975 | CP 5550 | TP 34
HP 3600 | ATB (6) | STR 200 | MAG 200
<--WEAPONS--> [Edged Tool]
[E] [Gaean Cleaver] ATB+1, Defense Maintenance I, Improved Esuna I
[Hunting Dagger] Attack ATB Charge
[Ranger Khukuri] Support ATB Charge
-SENTINEL- Level 1
[1] Provoke / Challenge / Vendetta
[A] Counter
-SABOTEUR- Level 1
[1] Deprotect / Deshell / Poison / Imperil / Wound / Dispel
[1] Debrave / Defaith / Slow / Curse / Pain / Fog
[3] Slowga / Cursega
[A] Jinx / Master Debuffer
[2] Haste / Protect / Shell / Veil
[2] Barfire / Barfrost / Barthunder / Baraero / Barwater / Barstone
[3] Protectga / Shellga / Veilga
[5] Nul-All
[A] Boon / Buffer
-MEDIC- Level 0
[1] Cure / Curasa
[2] Esuna / Regen
[3] Raise
[A] Defensive Raise
[2] Reraise / Chainspell
[3][5] Summon
[E] Healer's Emerald: Can use Medic abilities in any role
[K] Midgardsormr Eidolith
[4] Mallet: Remove Fog
[7] Red Fang: Cast Fire
[1] Fortisol: Bestow Bravery, Faith, Haste (2 turns)

Parnell | Gil 0 | CP 10150
HP 1200 | STR 120 | MAG 120 | ATB 4 |
<--WEAPONS--> [Modded Manadrive]
[E] [X-ATM092] Critical: Shield
[GIM52A] Attack ATB Charge
[BGH251F2] Support ATB Charge
-RAVAGER-Level 3
[3] Firaga
[A] Overwhelm / Vigor
[1] Provoke / Elude
[A] Reprieve / Evade / Magic Evade / Deathward / Fringeward
[3] Dispelga
[A] Double Dispel
[3] Bravega / Faithga / Hastega
[A] Weak Haste
-MEDIC-Level 0
[4] Regenga / Esunada
[A] Improved Esuna
[1] Equipment Change
[E] Collector Catalog: Doubles odds for common drops
[E] Connoisseur Catalog: Doubles odds for rare drops
[E] Doctor's Code: Double effects of healing items
[E] Nimbletoe Boots: Evasions trigger twice
[2]Wound Potion: Removes Wound
[5]Hi-Potion: Heal 600 HP (1200 with Doctor's Code)
[3]Aegisol: Bestow Protect, Shell, Veil (2 turns)
[1]Fortisol: Bestow Bravery, Faith, Haste (2 turns)

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#209
Round One

Darran used a Mallet (3 Mallet remaining) on Parnell, removing Fog from him!
Darran used Vendetta 6 times (affected by Jason's COM Role Lv3). Mystery Thief evaded one of Darran's attack, taking 1100 damage!

Parnell cast Manadrive Esunada on the party, removing Fog from everyone!

Jason attacked Mystery Thief 5 times (triggering Adrenaline and COM Role Lv3!). Mystery Thief also dodged one of Jason's physical attack, taking 3681 damage!

Mystery Thief counterattacked Darran and Jason with a Mage Masher dagger, dealing 1000 damage and inflicting Fog and Defaith for 2 turns! Jason's General Belt reduce the physical damage taken to 700!

Damage/Stagger Totals and Status:

Darran: 1000 damage, 2[Fog], 2[Defaith]
Parnell: 0 damage
Jason: 700 damage, 2[Fog], 2[Defaith]
Milly: 0 damage


Mystery Thief: 4781 damage

Beginning Round 2!

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#210
OOC: Who took what out of the following items from before? I know Runnah was looking at the Gem Necklace and Angil didn't care so I figured I should add those to my sheets when I update them on my computer.

Safeguard Sachet
Hexbane Talisman
Gem Necklace
2 Clay Rings
2 Rune Bracelets

Improved Debuffing I
Improved Debilitation I
Chain Bonus Boost I

RP Post inbound!
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