A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#221
OOC: IMO, if we got rid of tactics it might be a better idea to start from scratch. I'm sure there are some things that we all would want to change with characters (personality, backstory, etc.). Also, we have lost more people than I think is reasonable, and no one seems to be dropping in to replace them.

I'd say migrate to the Lightning Returns forums, open a Sign-up/OOC thread with background of the story (I have thought about an AU scenario...), lay down ALL the ground rules and calculations and such, and go from there.

While on that topic, maybe we could fold the tactics into "prestige" classes: You'd have to work for the prestige class first (which I was thinking could require having gotten RL 3 before in the base class) and then get more CP for the "tactic" move. It WOULD be OP...but you'd have to sacrifice alot for it in exchange or wait until much later.

While I let everyone digest that idea...Roleplay and then combat update.

Yuki and Haru Combat Roleplay

Yuki sighed as he looked at Runnah. Haru, I might understand right now, but what is the deal with her?

He then looked at Haru, who rolled his shoulders after sending out more potent individual barriers to his human compatriots. "Eh...this things really isn't that bad...but its tough," Haru said as he reached for his Eidolith pouch. "Hey Hashmal! Want to help move this along?" he said as he shattered the crystal.

Hashmal appeared with a roar and immediately made after the Behemoth. Yuki shrugged. At least Haru's taking this with a grain of seriousness, Yuki thought as he unleashed another barrage of spells.

Roleplay End

OOC: Update next!
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#222
Round 3 Results

Haru summons Hashmal (first time, -3 TP) and casts Protect [4] on Yuki, Runnah, Angil, and himself. Support:ATB Charge activates! Haru Regens 635 HP!

Yuki uses Chainspell (-2 TP) and unleashes an elemental volley not including earth (Fire/Blizzard/Thunder/Water/Aero x16 total). Yuki inflicts 10,560 damage and 108 Stagger! Attack ATB Charge activates! Yuki Regens 618 HP!

Hashmal uses Stone twice, then Blitz (triggering Ravage), and finally Ruin! Hashmal inflicts 27,840 damage and 22 Stagger! Feral Behemoth is Launched!

Angil uses Stop (-1 TP) and Ruinga x 3. Angil inflicts 53,460 damage and 11 Stagger. Feral Behemoth loses all ATB (Geez, talk about helpless)! Attack ATB Charge activates! Angil regens 500 HP!

Runnah uses Manafont (-1 TP) and Fire x 9. Runnah inflicts 32,400 damage and 54 Stagger! Feral Behemoth is STAGGERED! Attack ATB Charge Activates! Runnah regens 500 HP!

Valefor uses Lightning/Fire/Aero/Blizzard/Water. Valefor inflicts 30,000 damage and 34 Stagger! Fearsiphon activates!

Feral Behemoth's physical resistance is dropped to normal for the duration of the stagger!

Damage Totals and Status

Yuki: 0 damage, 1[Regen], 3[Faith], 4[Protect]
Haru: 0 damage, 1[Regen], 4[Protect]
Angil: 70 damage, 2[Haste, Regen], 3[Faith], 4[Protect]
Runnah: 70 damage, 1[Haste, Regen], 4[Protect]
Valefor: 800 damage, 1 Turn Remaining until Auto-Gestalt (Not next, but the one after)
Hashmal: 0 damage, 2 Turns Remaining until Auto-Gestalt


Feral Behemoth: 279,180 damage, STAGGERED X2; 2 Rounds Remaining, Phys Resistance Dropped to normal

Round 4, Ready...GO WILD!

Party TP: 4/20

OOC: Damage totals and Regen timers are adjusted to reflect that overhealing is gone.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#223
OOC: Waiting on my actions, or just aren't sure what to post? I'll do my stuff then. I'll also give Milly and Jason actions since Ven hasn't had a chance to post in a while. Feel free to override them if you get a chance to post, Ven.

Yuki and Haru Combat Roleplay Start

The Behemoth was finally helpless: Yuki was about to lay into it with Ruins when Yojimbo mentally spoke. Your elemental magic has grown...It would be easy to exploit that with my help.

Yuki mentally scoffed. You just don't want Valefor and Hashmal to have all the glory.

Yuki could feel the Eidolon's eyes narrow even though he couldn't see him. And you are wasting time. Darran's party could be waiting or in danger while you toy around with this overgrown bull.

Yojimbo HAD a point...

Yuki sighed as he produced the blossom shaped eidolith. "Show me what you can do, Yojimbo!" he roared as he threw the eidolith up and shattered it with a blow from his sword. Yojimbo appeared in his fayth form under a shower of blossoms.

"Now then..." Yojimbo said as he produced two kunai. "First, a guaranteed blow to its elemental weaknesses," he said as he threw the first. "And then...an attempt to further weaken its physical defenses for myself." He threw the other one.

It was at this point that Yuki felt his waning agility return: Clearly, Haru was doing an admirable support job (though Yuki would still give him AND Runnah a piece of his mind after this was over). Yuki noted that Yojimbo and Hashmal also seemed a little faster on their feet.

"Now Yuki, try using second level elemental spells," Yojimbo instructed.

Yuki nodded and rushed the behemoth, which was knocked into the air after Hashmal's unleashed a devastating earth barrage that Yuki had no clue why the Eidolon would do so. He knew what to do as he channeled ether to his free hand. "Wind! Fire! Spark! Splash!" he cried as he swung his palm once for each word, the corresponding element striking the behemoth with more power than normal.

Yojimbo followed after Yuki and struck with a blistering circle slash with one katana followed by a second with the other. He then raised both. "This is the end!" he said as he sliced down with both at once.


Haru casts Haste [3] on himself, Yuki, Yojimbo and Hashmal!

Yuki summons Yojimbo (First, -3 TP) and uses Aerora/Fira/Thundara/Watera!

Yojimbo uses Imperil (Master Debuffer), Deprotect, Blitz x2 (Ravage), and Attacks once! Soul Blade where applicable.

Hashmal uses Stonara x3 and casts Ruin once! Feral Behemoth is launched!

End Yuki/Haru Combat

Milly/Jason Actions for Darran's Party

Jason: Attack x5

Milly: Fire/Blizzard/Thunder/Aero; Attack ATB Charge triggers.


OOC: Yojimbo's stats are on the Eidolon page, too little room left here to repost it. I also have it in my personal documents.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#224
OOC: I was just waiting for Ventus to make his post, but it'll have to do for now...

Round Two

Level 3 Role Bonus triggered:
Jason's COM - 10% extra damage
Milly's RAV - 1 extra chain

Darran used Vendetta x 6 again, dealing 1100 damage and 5 chains!
Darran regenerate 600 HP!

Parnell cast Manadrive Regenga on the party, bestowing everyone 2[Regen]!
Parnell regenerate 200 HP!

Jason attacked Mystery Thief 5 times again, dealing 3681 damage and 4 chains!
Jason regenerate 663 HP!

Milly cast Fire, Blizzard, Thunder and Aero at Mystery Thief, dealing 2244 damage and 24 chain plus 8 chain due to Overwhelm from Darran and Jason!
Milly regenerate 365 HP and gains 1 ATB for next round!

Mystery Thief retaliates against the attackers (Darran, Jason and Milly) with Ruin, dealing 1000 damage to each of them! He cast Curasa on himself once, restoring 5903 HP!

Damage/Stagger Totals and Status:

Darran: 1400 damage, 2[Regen], 1[Fog], 1[Defaith]
Parnell: 0 damage, 2[Regen]
Jason: 1037 damage, 2[Regen], 1[Fog], 1[Defaith]
Milly: 635 damage, 2[Regen]


????: 5903 damage, 41 chain


"Man, he's not giving up easily..." groaned Darran "Parnell, try signalling other for help."

"Okay, will do!" shouted Parnell as he aims his manadrive skyward to fire off a signal flare.

"Tired already?" asked the pickpocket "I can keep this up for longer you know."

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#225
OOC: Bump for actions or comments?
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#226
OOC: Activity's kinda low lately... I'll start my actions first.

"Parnell, are you just going to stand around waiting for other to come back?" urged Darran "Try boosting our firepower if you have nothing better to do!"

"Oh right, I did have couple of support spell..." replied Parnell sheepishly while focusing back to combat

Parnell cast Manadrive Hastega and Bravega, giving everyone 1[Haste] and 2[Bravery]!

Darran use Vendetta x 8

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#227
OOC: I've been busy gearing up for my vacation next weekend all this weekend. I knew I was originally waiting for your character actions, but then I fell behind.

Angil - Aerora times 4 plus Lightning
Valefor - Aerora times 2 plus Blizzard
Runnah - Fire times 9 plus Manafont

I will roleplay this when I get the next chance I have serious free time.

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#228
Round 4 Results!

Haru casts Haste [3] on himself, Yuki, Yojimbo and Hashmal! Support ATB Charge Activates!

Yuki summons Yojimbo (First, -3 TP) and uses Aerora/Fira/Thundara/Watera! Yuki inflicts 34,848 damage! Attack ATB Charge Activates!

Yojimbo uses Imperil (Master Debuffer), Deprotect, Blitz x2 (Ravage), and Attacks once! (Soul Blade where applicable). Yojimbo inflicts Imperil for 4 turns and deals 31,304 damage! Faultsiphon Triggers!

Hashmal uses Stonara x3 and casts Ruin (Blindside) once! Hashmal inflicts 245,520 (!!!) damage and regains 12,276 HP from Stagger Drain! (Roughly three times his maximum...0_0) Feral Behemoth is launched! (Formula: Stonara: 1000*3*3 uses*1.1 Yoji Com*2 weakness to Mag*2 weakness to Earth*1.5 Weak Spot Magic*1.5 Weak Spot Earth*1.2 own Com bonus*2 Stagger; Ruin: 1000*2*1.1 Yoji Com*1.2 own Com*2 Weakness to Mag*2 Blindside*2 Stagger*1.5 Weak Spot Magic)

Angil uses Aerora 4 times and Thunder once! Angil deals 85,800 damage! Attack ATB Charge Activates!

Valefor uses Aerora 2 times and Blizzard once! Valefor deals 138,600 damage! (!!) Fearsiphon Triggers!

Runnah uses Manafont (-1 TP) and casts Fire 9 times! Runnah deals 71,280 damage!

Total damage dealt: 607,352, Prior total: 279,180

New Total: 886,532

Feral Behemoth is OVERKILLED!x2 TP Remaining: 0. FIVE STARS!

Item drop rate tripled (Five Stars and Overkill Bonus)! Gil rewards increased by 2.5x (Overkill bonus)!


All members in the RPG gain 1000 CP!
Battle participants receive 2000 Gil!
Haru receives a Brawler's Wristband!
Angil receives a Brawler's Wristband!
(No rares...ouch. Sorry Yuki and Runnah [though the later probably doesn't care a single bit] I redid the item drop calculation again. I think it fits better now, though the fact that no one rolled in the successful rare range is odd...)

Roleplay/DM Time

That last flurry of attacks did the helpless Behemoth in...actually...it turned it into a pile of Behemoth Steaks. Well, at least we won't go hungry on our trip... Yuki thought.

The Eidolons disappeared and the Eidoliths reappeared in each respective owner's hands. Yuki pocketed his and then walked up to Haru. "Next time you decide to try to stretch protecting us to mean using only spells, warn us please," Yuki said in a stern but not necessarily angry tone (suggesting that he actually was impressed with Haru's performance). Haru nodded, then Yuki turned to Runnah.

"Now...I might be under your protection still," Yuki began, "but your actions in that fight were not acceptable in the least!" Yuki's voice was raised, though not quite yelling. "Reading while fighting? Preposterous and dangerous! Nothing can be worth putting yourself at risk in that way!"

Yuki took a breath and prepared to continue his tirade when he saw a flare explode from across the maze. Yuki sighed. "Seems like they are either in trouble or found our thief...lets go!" He led the way, though he stopped as he passed Runnah and leaned in her ear. "Just know that noone in Akaso will respect you if you act like that in front of them..." he reprimanded. "Respect for any opponent is paramount...be it in combat or politics." he continued on.


Runnah's party will arrive in two turns
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#229

"I will have you know, I'm not apologizing for my actions." I crossed my arms in defiance. "However, your words do make sense, so I'll compromise not to do it again. Most would be impressed that one could hold such focus between advanced magic and the study of it." I waved my hand dismissing the topic.

Yuki still seemed mad at me for reading while fighting. Does he not realize I can multitask? I tried to explain the importance of the book all in one go.

"Yes, I heard the explosion in the distance, but this book is more valuable than you can fathom right now. It has the power to directly force abilities into... L'Cie?, that they didn't already have. Even abilities that are the pinnacle of ones development. Angil, come here for a moment."

She strutted over and also looked like she was going to give me a short lecture as well, but I was faster. As our eyes locked, I held the book open in front of her, a rune covered page filling her sight. I could tell the page was glowing from the reaction and her whole body stood still. When the glowing stopped, the glyph was somehow imprinted in her eye. She looked down at her hand and back to me.

"What was that?"

"Linked influence of higher powers. Seems they didn't want L'Cie flailing about in the dark trying to figure out how to use their abilities, so they created this book." She blinked a few times during the explanation and the glyph in her eye had disappeared.

"I like it, but be careful which pages you reveal to me, I'm likely more susceptible to their effects than you are."

"Part of why when I was reading, I was gauging the usage of your abilities and how you might have better utilized your potential. I learned a few things myself that helped me decide what was best to show you."

"Thanks?" The Goddess said, still unsure of what I did or how I did it. I looked over at Haru and Yuki with a smile on my face. Haru looked worried and Yuki tried to remain calm, but I think he wanted to run. I could feel my eyes still glowing from the after effects of this direct learning and the image of me approaching them like a predator continued to make me smile. Their biometric data was feed into me optically while my mind was filled with the possibilities of what they could do.

"This will only take a second, then we can rescue the others..." I held pages open to them that they would have found useful.

LIVE TRIGGER! (Both Yuki and Haru individually)

A. (YES) Look at the book, what's the harm? (Learn any skill at regular cost)
B. (NO) I don't have time for this! Look away or refuse

OPTIONAL: Runnah, are you okay? The continuous use of Libra is wearing on her. Angil will notice if neither one does not. (This will lead to the fact that TP skills have cooldowns/charge times and the drawback of ignoring it)

Angil Learns
-1500 [1] Manafont
1700 remains

Runnah Learned
-500 [1] Libra
-600 [1] Quake
-1000 [1] Imperil
-400 [1] Deshell
300 CP remains

There was the 1000 CP + the 1800 from the Yojimbo fight that some of us never factored in.

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#230
Yuki and Haru Roleplay

Haru, knowing Runnah best, was very concerned. "Runnah...I know you have a plethora of books and have likely read through each of them...but where did you get this one? Besides...didn't you overload your brain with reading so much back in Bohemia that one day?"

Yuki, though also concerned about the book, found himself noticing something wrong with Runnah's eyes. "Runnah. You don't look like yourself...stop and think about what you're doing right now."


Haru chooses NO

Yuki chooses NO and the OPTIONAL

Milly and Jason actions for Nem...

Jason: Attack x 5
Milly: Water/Earth/Fire/Thunder/Blizzard, Attack ATB Charge Triggers.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb
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