A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#231
Round Three

Level 3 Role Bonus triggered:
Jason's COM - 10% extra damage
Milly's RAV - 1 extra chain

Darran used Vendetta x 8 again, dealing 2313 damage and 7 chains!
Darran regenerate 600 HP and recover from Fog and Defaith!

Parnell cast Manadrive Hastega and Bravega on the party, bestowing everyone 1[Haste] and 2[Bravery]!
Parnell regenerate 200 HP!

Jason used Attack x 7 dealing 13806 damage (!) and 6 chains!
Jason regenerate 663 HP and recover from Fog and Defaith (not that it matter for him :P)

Milly cast Water, Earth (Stone?), Fire, Thunder, Blizzard and Aero x 2 (I added extra spells because of Haste), dealing 3366 damage and 36 chain plus 10 chain due to Overwhelm!
Milly regenerate 365 HP and gains 1 ATB for next round!

Hastega effect has expired for everyone...

The pickpocket decided to screw the RNG and deliberately shank Milly and Parnell with Mage Masher, dealing 1000 damage and inflict 2[Fog] and 2[Defaith] to each. Afterward, he fix himself up with Curasa, recovering 12694 HP (!!)

Parnell conserve 360 HP thank to Critical: Shield!

Damage/Stagger Totals and Status:

Darran: 800 damage, 1[Regen], 1[Bravery]
Parnell: 840 damage, 1[Regen], 1[Bravery], 2[Fog], 2[Defaith]
Jason: 374 damage, 1[Regen], 1[Bravery]
Milly: 1270 damage, 1[Regen], 1[Bravery], 2[Fog], 2[Defaith]


????: 12694 damage, 100 chain

Rounds passed before reinforcements arrives: 1

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#232
OOC: Wow...that guy is basically hacking the game at this point...at least he's honest about it...:D

I smell another Hashmal/Valefor/Yojimbo summon in the near future...of course, that is unless Ven decides to call in Odin or Hecatoncheir. Or Darran decides to summon Midgarsomr.

NOTE: Going by the current system, your party's TP is currently at its max storage (20). Might have Milly use Libra this turn if Ven is still unable to post.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#233

"Runnah...I know you have a plethora of books and have likely read through each of them...but where did you get this one? Besides...didn't you overload your brain with reading so much back in Bohemia that one day?"

"Runnah. You don't look like yourself...stop and think about what you're doing right now."

Overload, stop and think? Where did I just read this? A flash of pain seared my vision as the data pouring in became intense. I saw things I wasn't supposed to see and my head began to pound trying to process it all. I dropped down to my knees as the book slipped away and I fell backwards. However, I didn't hit the ground as Haru caught me. I used a mix of water and ice magic to splash cool liquid into my eyes with my free hand. The intensity died down and I forced myself to stop thinking while taking a few deep breathes. The pain subsided and I propped myself back up, rubbing my forehead and eyes a few times.

"Truth be told, I had found it among my mother's books, but it didn't seem all that special when I read it before I was L'Cie. It was as if I could only understand the language after becoming one. There was also a warning I came across while reading it. There are certain skills or abilities that use a more substantial amount of power than normal. The book warned about using them too often or there would be side effects. But in my quest for knowledge, I had to find out first hand if it was true. The book doesn't lie. Some skills are even strong enough that a group of L'Cie will be pressed to recover from if used too often."

Even without that enhanced vision, I could see the wheels turning within them. They probably didn't like the book, nor what they thought it did or could do to me. Or them for that matter.

"You are not burning it." I picked it up off the ground and brushed off the wayward dirt. None of the pages were bent, so I closed it back up, tied it with the ribbon slip it came in and placed it back in the bag. I started walking away towards the sound of battle.

"Anyways, you can be mad at me all you want. I did something purposefully negligent while knowing the consequences. But in doing so, we now know another limitation we all carry with us. Better to find out outside of battle than within. I don't think I'll be using that skill for awhile. When I feel better, I'll read more to discover just what not to do."

Such is the folly of all youth. Making mistakes even though others have already made them. I guess this is what my dad meant.

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#234
OOC: He would prefer to call it "smart targeting" :P

"Owww... How could he just go for the most squishiest party members..." complained Parnell "Couldn't he just stab someone more durable like Jason instead?"

"Toughen up, Parnell" replied Darran coldly "If I was in his shoes with that weapon of his, I would have done the same thing to targets that are heavily reliant on magic..."

"Nice to see that someone's thinking on the same wavelength as me, even if they are on the opposing side." responded the knife-brandishing thief. Darran scoffed at this comment.


Darran bonks Parnell's head with a Mallet, clearing his mind of Fog! 2 Mallets left in Darran's inventory.

He then shift to Saboteur role and cast Wound (triggering Master Debuffer) and Poison!

With Healer's Emerald, he also cast Curasa, Cure and of course, Esuna on Milly, removing Fog and Defaith thanks to his weapon ability; Improved Esuna I!

Parnell cast Manadrive Hastega and Faithga on his teammates! (Can Haste act "retroactively" for Darran after he cured Parnell?)

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#235
OOC: Yes it does.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#236
Milly/Jason Actions:

Milly: Cast Libra (-1 TP), Cura (via Healer's Emerald), Fire/Blizzard/Thunder/Water/Aero. Attack ATB Charge Triggers

Jason: Attack x7

Yuki/Haru Roleplay

Yuki and Haru heaved a collective sigh after Runnah announced that she would read the book later...allegedly to figure out what NOT to do.

At least she admits she did something dumb, Yojimbo commented. Yuki didn't say anything as he continued on. If that distraction Runnah had committed resulted in Darran and the others being hurt (or worse), Yuki would personally see that Runnah's entire collection of books was burned. Admittedly...that was probably mostly the case already...

Haru, meanwhile, was thinking. Maybe Yuki is right...Perhaps I need to acknowledge that he does have sound plans, even if I do feel he is overstepping his duties as a protectorate of ours...

"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#237
Round Four


Mystery Thief
Libra Notes
Frequently dodge physical attacks (one attack per character)
Capable of inflict Fog and Defaith
Capable of recovering HP

HP 40,000| STAGGER 500, 2x/3 Rounds
STR 500| MAG 500| ATB 5
Chain Multiplier: 1
-Elemental Resistances- [W/-/H/R/X/A]
FIRE: [-] |ICE: [-] |LTNG: [-]
WIND: [-] |WATR: [-] |ERTH: [-]
PHYS: [-] |MAGI: [-]
-Status Resistances- [-/X]
Launch: [-] |Taunt: [X] |Dispel: [-]
Deprotect: [1] |Deshell: [1]
Imperil: [-] |Poison: [1]
Debrave: [-] |Defaith: [-]
Curse: [-] |Slow: [-]
Pain: [X] |Fog: [X]
Wound: [1] |Death: [X]

Level 3 Role Bonus triggered:
Jason's COM - 10% extra damage
Milly's RAV - 1 extra chain

Darran cast Wound and Poison, successfully inflicting Wound, but not Poison, dealing 330 damage and 6 chain! He also cast Curasa, Cure and Esuna on Milly, recovering 1035 HP and removing Fog and Defaith!
Darran regenerate 600 HP!

Parnell cast Manadrive Hastega and Faithga on the party, bestowing everyone 1[Haste] and 2[Faith]! Parnell's Defaith get neutralized!
Parnell regenerate 200 HP!

Jason used Attack x 7 dealing 13806 damage and 6 chains!
Jason regenerate 663 HP!

Milly cast Fire/Blizzard/Thunder/Water/Aero dealing 4207 damage and 30 chains, plus 10 chain from Overwhelm! She also Cura the party, restoring 841 HP to everyone!
Milly regenerate 365 HP and gains 1 ATB for next round!

Hastega, Regenga and Bravega has expired for everyone...

???? cast Curasa on himself but he couldn't recover any HP! (I forgot how Wound mechanic work...) Getting agitated, he blasts Parnell with Ruin twice! Parnell is knocked out!!!

Damage/Stagger Totals and Status:

Darran: 0 damage, 1[Faith]
Parnell: 1200 damage, [KO]
Jason: 0 damage,1[Faith]
Milly: 0 damage, 1[Faith]


????: 30910 damage, 152 Chain, 3[Wound]

Reinforcements has arrived! Until Ventus replies, Milly and Jason can now put their feet up.

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#238
Yuki/Haru Roleplay Start

Runnah's party arrived on the scene just in time to see Parnell get slammed with two Ruin spells and fall.

Runnah, your books are forfeit, Yuki thought as he rushed in, missing his first attack but catching the thief with the rest of his combo.

Haru meanwhile hurried over to Parnell. "Hang on there," he said as he channeled restorative energy over where the Ruins had impacted the boy. When he woke up, Haru helped him up. "Sheesh, do I need to tell you to dodge?" Haru said half jokingly, half serious.


Yuki attacks 5 (or 6 or more depending on what the decision on if Whistlewind triggers or not and if Haste comes), missing once. Attack ATB charge triggers.

Haru switches to Medic and casts Raise and Regen [3] on Parnell. [Tertiatic Tiarra might trigger depending on if it is start of battle only or not]. Support ATB Charge triggers.


Stat Sheets:

Yuki | Arthogawa | Gil 12100
COM/RAV/SYN/SEN 2/2/2/1 | Crystogen 1000
HP 3710 (3510)
STR 300 | MAG 220 | ATB 5
<--WEAPONS--> [Great Sword/Grav Spear]
[E] Soldier’s Fury (Chain Bonus Boost I+Attack: ATB Charge)
Tactician’s Aid (Support: ATB Charge)
[1] Attack, Ruin
[2] Blitz
[A] Launch, Faultsiphon, Jeopardize
[1] Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Aero, Water, Stone
[1] Flamestrike, Froststrike, Sparkstrike, Galestrike, Aquastrike, Cragstrike
[2] Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, Aerora, Watera, Stonara
[A] Overwhelm
[2] Enfire, Enfrost, Enthunder, Enaero, Enwater, Enstone
[2] Bravery, Faith, Haste
[1] Challenge, Mediguard
[A] Fringeward, Deathward
[F] Cover
[1] Libra
[2] Chainspell, Reset
[5] Summon
[E] Whistlewind Cape: Start first round of battle with +1 ATB.
[E] Silver Bangle: +200 Max HP.
[E] General's Belt: 30% Physical Damage Reduction (non-stacking).
[E] Speed Sash: Kill: +1 ATB, stacks with Lifesiphon.
[9] Potion: Heals 200 HP.
[2] Hi-Potion: Heals 600 HP.
[2] X-Potion: Heals 1500 HP
[2] Painkiller: Removes Pain on yourself or target ally.
[3] Red Fang: Casts Fire on single target.
[1] Aegisol
[K] Yojimbo Eidolith
[K] Oyakata

Haru I Arthogawa I Gil 2000
COM/SEN/MED/SYN 1/2/1/1 I Crystogen 1000
HP 3810 (3510)
STR 250 I MAG 250 I ATB 5
<--WEAPONS--> [Katana]
[E] Morning Glory Set (Improved Ward I+Support: ATB Charge)
[1] Attack, Ruin
[2] Blitz
[A] Jeopardize, Stagger Drain, Smite
[1] Challenge, Provoke, Mediguard
[2] Steelguard
[3] Element Guard
[A] Deathward, Fringeward, Reprieve, Evade, Magic Evade
[F] Cover
-MEDIC-Lvl 1
[1] Cure
[2] Cura, Esuna, Regen
[3] Raise
[2] Haste
[2] Protect, Shell, Veil
[2] Barfire, Barfrost, Barthunder, Baraero, Barwater, Barstone
[3] Protectga, Shellga, Veilga
[5] Nul-All
[2] Renew, Invincible, Reraise
[5] Summon
[E] Gold Bangle: Max HP+300
[E] Healer's Emerald: Can use Medic abilities in any role.
[E] Tertiatic Tiara: Auto-Protect/Shell/Veil[2]
[E] Connoisseur Catalog: Doubles odds for rare drops
Ember Ring: Halve Fire Damage (non-stacking).
Black Belt: 10% Physical Damage Reduction
Brawler's Wristband: STR+50
[3] Hi-Potion: Heal 600 HP
[2] Potion: Heal 200 HP
[4] X-Potion: Heals 1500 HP
[2] Phoenix Down: Restores target to life with 50% max HP.
[K] Hashmal Eidolith
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#239

We ran towards the commotion, but arrived a moment too late. Parnell slumped over onto the ground. I started to weave healing magic, but Haru took it upon himself to save the boy. I refocused my abilities to increasing the speed of the team, first myself, then Yuki and Angil. Yuki went in with fierce slashes while my magic gave his swings some additional shockwaves. Angil began her usual destructive spell, but I didn't let her finish without my advice.

"Angil! Use the technique you learned from the book!" I held open the page I showed her prior and her eye glowed with the glyph for a moment. She pointed her finger at the enemy, energy building at the tip. With a loud bang, her runic flares tore across the landscape, splitting mid way to the thief. They impacted numerous times against the foe, my magic having increased the number of shots fired. She looked at me again coolly, but with a smile, nodding for the assist. Glad to be of help.

Runnah uses Haste on Self, Yuki and Angil (Recharging from Summon/Libra/Manafont)

Angil uses Manafont, then Ruin times 8 on Theif (Recharging from Quick/Manafont)

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#240
OOC: Kinda busy at the moment, will RP later...

Round Five

No Level 3 Role Bonus triggered.

Darran cast Haste on himself and Parnell and Veilga on the party, extending the duration of buffs with auto-ability Buffer!

Parnell cast Manadrive Bravega and Faithga on the party!
Parnell regenerates 200 HP!

Yuki attacks 7 time (@ ATB from Haste, but not counting the accessory as I imagine it work only on Round 1) and miss once, dealing 6480 damage (not sure if it is coming up short...) and 6 chain.

Haru revives Parnell, restoring 600 HP as well as giving him 3[Regen]!
Haru gains 1 extra ATB!

Runnah speeds up Yuki, Angil and herself, gaining 3[Haste]!

Angil double her magic power with Manafont and cast Ruin 8 times, dealing 31680 (!!!, that's more damage than what Darran's party have done...) damage and 8 chain, factoring in Adrenaline and Faith!

Mystery Thief receives total of 62590 (about 53% over the maximum HP...) damage and 166 chain!


All members in the RPG gain 500 CP!
No Gil or Items dropped...


The party's coordinated (and some might say, excessive) force has managed to bought the assailant down to his knee, panting for breath.

"Are you ready to concede defeat now?" smirked the survivalist while crossing his arms "You managed to take down one person, but you're no match for rest of us."

"Okay guys, I found the tiara." replied Parnell as he picked the headdress off the ground "Guess it's time for us to head back to Paddra now.'

However, the party's departure is soon interrupted.

"Hey, not so fast." growled the pickpocket while getting to his feet with great degree of efforts "I did mentioned that I want a entertaining fight, your reinforcements happens to made it completely one-sided. The playing field need to be leveled"

"How can you possibly fight in your present state?" retorted Darran irritably at the persistence of a man thoroughly thrashed. Darran was about to make further remark when a sudden flash of light engulfed the pickpocket.

In place of the battered thief stood a monstrous hybrid of machine and multi-headed beast. Being size of a behemoth, it towered menacingly over the stunned party

"W-We're fighting... T-THAT?" blurted Parnell nervously as he stared at the creature's maws lined with jagged, metallic teeth "I-I just only wanted to retrieve stuff for someone..."

Although incapable of speech, the quadruped creature's three heads then gave a deafening roar in unison at the party, beckoning them to challenge.

"A battle with Fal'Cie!? We don't have time for your games!" shouted Darran angrily while readying his weapon "I had enough. Lets wreck this thing up for good!"

Entering Combat Mode!

Group A

Group B


Fal'Cie Cerberus (Central Head)
Second Head
Third Head
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