A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#241
Party's Current TP: 6/30

Yuki/Haru Roleplay Start

"Nandato?!" The words left Yuki's mouth before he could even realize that he was saying one of the few words that carried over from the old language. "A Fal'Cie...disguised as a human?!"

Haru sighed. "You learn more about these things every day it seems..."

Well...that explains why Darran and the others needed reinforcements to bring down his human form at least... Yuki thought as he shook his head.

"Master," Oyakata began. "I would advise that the party spread out. Three heads and that much size computes into meaning that everyone in standing in one place would mean disaster."

"Good point...though I would have thought about that after the shock cleared..." Yuki replied. "Spread out!" he then yelled.

He then looked at the Fal'Cie again. "Oyakata, scan the central head," which was followed by a muffled "Scanning"

"Meanwhile...lets see how you like getting all three of your faces drenched, frozen, and hit with straight-line wind at the same time!" Yuki then shouted as he sent those above spells at the Fal'Cie.

Haru took defensive precautions with his group, standing in front of Parnell and using guard abilities to maximize his magic and physical defense.


Yuki switches to Ravager, uses Libra on Central Head (-1 TP) and uses Blizzara, Watera, and Aerora. Whistlewind Cape effect activates allowing this and Attack ATB Charge Triggers.

Haru switches to Sentinel, Covers Parnell, and uses Element Guard and Steelguard. Tertiatic Tiarra (2 Turns Auto-Protect/Shell/Veil) activates and Support ATB Charge triggers.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#242
OOC: Semi-bump, semi request post.

I put some prototype crystariums up on the crystarium page. I'd like it if you guys checked them and gave me your thoughts. Before you say anything, the prestige roles are MEANT to be OP.

I am asking this because I am thinking of going through with starting a new story on the LR boards. I will still participate in this, but right now things are really slow. I do have a background for it, so if you want me to post it somewhere I can. FYI, it is an alternate universe where Pulse isn't so devoid of human life and Cocoon isn't as afraid of it. Many things are taken from this, though it is adapted to the new history and story.

And Note: Ignite, Frost, Shock and Dampen are new status effects I am thinking of including. Basically, they act kind of like the Oil status from XII and a bar-spell combined: they raise resistance for one element while either lowering resistance for another or doubling damage received from one spell of that element (haven't decided yet).

Eg: Ignite would raise Fire resistance but lowers ice resistance or doubles damage from it, while Frost raises Ice resistance but lowers fire resistance. Dampen raises water resistance but lowers lightning resistance, and Shock raises lightning resistance but lowers water resistance.

If you think other bad effects should be included (such as ignite depleting HP or frost acting as a light slow), let me know that to.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#243
OOC: I would have done the crystarium differently (by simplify things so they're more easier to calculate) as well as change the battle mechanic around a bit. I'll expand on the details more if anyone's interested (preferably by PM)

As for the elemental status effects, they seemed kind of superfluous especially when players have access to Imperil and the Bars. I would want to avoid oversaturating the character sheet with several lines of abilities (trying to think of a ways to keep it compact). Just my 2 cents on the matter.

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#244
OOC: I'd be interested in your thoughts, Nem. Here or in PM, though having Cat weigh in would be nice (in case you're wondering, yes I would encourage everyone still participating in this to participate in the other story.).

And I see where you're coming from on the effects, and now that I think about it, it does seem kind of silly. Imperil already takes care of debuffing elements, and moving the bar spells to prestige roles make no sense (though putting nul- spells might make sense...). I think that more negative effects are needed though: Poison really seemed to be the only status that actually caused serious problems. That, and what's an RPG without good ole Berserk, Confuse, and Petrify ruining your day? :D
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#245
OOC: Sorry guys (more like, sorry Arthrogawa...) for late response, still no time to write more in-depth...

Can we make it so target's chain does factor in the damage (not just when you stagger them) like in the actual game? Maybe make it so that every 1 chain represent 1% boost in damage. When you stagger a target you add extra 100 chain (just like original game) and negate their chain resistance. Calculation would be something like this...

Enemy's stat at start of round: 1000 damage, 50 Chain

Ally cast Firaga, dealing 240 damage and 8 chain!
8 chain + 50 chain = 58 chain (therefore 58% extra damage or 1.58 multiplier)

240 Firaga's damage * 1.54 = 379.2 (rounded down to 379) damage

Enemy's stat at end of round: 1379 damage, 58 Chain

You don't do it for each individual character's ability, but rather you do it at the very end when you have Damage/Stagger Totals and Status.

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#246
I think that works and makes Ravagers much more useful after stagger. Maybe make it that if a COM or SAB did not attack in that round or the round prior that you lose some of that stagger at the start of the next round?

Doing that would also mean that it would make sense to slash the multipliers on abilities in half. Early monsters with low stagger points can be staggered easily to bring the amount back up and above, and later on it is simple enough to get over 100 chain in a turn (as we have seen).

Could also add Powerchain and...there's one for Ravager, right? Bonus stagger on first attack if chain gauge is empty at the start of a round?
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#247
OOC: Regarding the auto-abilities, it might be better to do away with some of them, or at least remodel them so their condition for triggers isn't so hard to keep track of (namely Adrenaline and Vigor, additional calculation is needed to see if character(s) haven't taken enough damage for effects to work)

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#248
OOC: As far as Adrenaline and Vigor go, I would (hopefully) be the one DMing all the battles, and those extra calculations do not really bother me (that's just me though). IMO, they do need changed: HP levels required needs to be higher and Vigor's bonus needs buffed to +1 for each ATB used in an attack so it keeps up with the new spells. Eg. Fira would get +2 stagger instead of just +1, and the Flare and BoR spells would give +x from Vigor where x is equal to the number of ATB used.

As far as condensing stat sheets, for lvl 2 and 3 and -strike and -blitz abilities, it would be simple to put whatever elements you have, followed by -ra, -ga, -strike, -blitz on a line. Could also do the same with De-, Bar-, and Nul- spells. Saves some characters. Or I could keep everyone's stats in a word document and update them as required. Then people wouldn't have to post every time and I wouldn't have to go searching through the RP for their stat sheet when doing calculations.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#249
OOC: Has anyone heard from Ven? I have come to find that the less people and responses there are, the less I am able to find the urge to post. Conversely, when we had a lot of people, my writing and creativity was at its peak. Strictly not to delay this any more...


Three heads huh? Time to try out something old and something new. I cast a small runic circle around me and then once again. Driving the staff into the center shot out a small orb while protecting me. The orb hit the center head while the earth beneath it cracked, shaking the Fal'Cie. Angil followed up Yuki's assault with blades and hammers.

Runnah - Quake - Reflect Guard x 2, Entrench
Angil - Attack x 6

I am curious about ways to streamline the system more effortlessly, especially since picking up FF Dimensions. But at the point we're at, I think this game is in its twilight, so we should try to grind out as much story as we can instead of battles persay. Just do away with actual calculations and approximate things using our stats as guidelines rather than hard numbers. IE it takes two posts from me, one from each of you to kill this enemy. Something like that. I'm sleepy though, so I'll have to get back to this another time.

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#250
Sorry for belated update... So someone wants to fast-forward the battle?

Round 1


Fal'Cie Cerberus (Central)
Libra Notes
Capable of dealing devastating damage
Physical and Magic Resistance drop when auxiliary heads are destroyed.

HP 80,000| STAGGER 300, 3x/3 Rounds
STR 700| MAG 700| ATB 6
Chain Multiplier: 0.5
-Elemental Resistances- [W/-/H/R/X/A]
FIRE: [A] |ICE: [-] |LTNG: [-]
WIND: [-] |WATR: [-] |ERTH: [-]
PHYS: [R] |MAGI: [R]
-Status Resistances- [-/X]
Launch: [X] |Taunt: [X] |Dispel: [X]
Deprotect: [-] |Deshell: [-]
Imperil: [X] |Poison: [X]
Debrave: [-] |Defaith: [-]
Curse: [-] |Slow: [-]
Pain: [X] |Fog: [X]
Wound: [-] |Death: [X]

No Level 3 Role Bonus activated.
(Note: Resistance are accounted for in battle summary at the end of post)

Yuki use Blizzara, Watera and Aerora, hitting all three heads for 660 damage and 18 stagger! Darran and Angil trigger Overwhelm, adding extra 6 stagger!
Yuki gain 1 extra ATB for next round!

Haru cover Parnell and use Elementguard and Steelguard!
Haru gain 1 extra ATB for next round

Runnah cast Quake and use Reflectguard and Entrench dealing 450 damage and 10 stagger to all and extra 450 damage to central head!
Runnah gain 1 extra ATB for next round

Boosted by Adrenaline and Bravery, Angil attack the central head six time, dealing 11800 damage and 6 stagger!

Darran use Cursega (Master Debuffer in effect) and Slowga, dealing 200 damage and 4 stagger!

Parnell cast Manadrive Hastega and Bravega on group A, bestowing Darran, Yuki and Angil with 1[Haste], 2[Bravery]!

Central head cast Flare on Parnell dealing 4200 damage! Haru cover Parnell and magic-evade Flare (lucky RNG...)! Haru's Fringeward triggers, increasing party's damage resist by 30%(+10% with Improved Ward I)!

Left head cast Fira and Firaga dealing 400 damage to group A and 800 damage to all! Haru cover Parnell, taking damage from Firaga instead! Runnah reflects Fira and Firaga back but left head end up absorbing the fire damage, regaining 1200 HP in process!
Haru receives half fire damage due to Elementguard!

Right head horizontally sweep at group A once with metal claw, dealing 600 damage!

Round 1 Summary

Group A (Since no one took advantage of it, Haste did not expire yet)
Darran: 1080 damage, 1[Haste], 1[Bravery]
Yuki: 1080 damage, 1[Haste], 1[Bravery]
Angil: 1080 damage, 1[Haste], 1[Bravery]

Group B
Parnell: 0 damage
Haru: 250 damage, 1[Protect], 1[Shell], 1[Veil]
Runnah: 0 damage

Fal'Cie Cerberus
Central head: 3090 damage, 19 stagger, 2[Curse]
Left head: 110 damage, 38 stagger, 2[Curse]
Right head: 1310 damage, 38 stagger, 2[Curse], 2[Slow]

All those number-crushing are daunting... I'm probably missing something in the calculations.
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