A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#41
"Do we seriously need a feast for everything?" asked Yuki. Haru was gone, likely organizing said feast.

"This is the last night we remain in Bohemia. My dad is back and I was lead to believe Haru was not the only one to obtain an Eidolon. No one died even with Resef's appearance. Though something has been bothering me..."

"I wonder why does bad things always happen to this village since we first arrived?" asked Parnell concernedly "Would something happen again when we leave?"

This is exactly what I was wondering as well. From what I understand, none of the other villages and towns nearby us have suffered nearly anything close to what we have in the last couple weeks. I'm starting to think that someone has it in for Bohemia. The question is, why? I kept all these thoughts to myself as I didn't want to alarm the others. On the way back to Dad and the others, I looked over the second rod I had obtained.

It was pointed at the tip like a dagger and made of a shiny metal. It was light to swing about, but slower in defensive arts. The polar opposite of the Felsen Rod. Thinking of the myriad of magic, each rod overloaded with opposing abilities. The new rod flipped over and snapped onto the bottom of the Felsen Rod before lengthening. It got me thinking that the Felsen Rod, Spear and Ring were all supposed to join in a similar fashion to create something else. No way of knowing at the moment as Resef had the ring. But the whole process left me feeling stronger than before.

End Runnah Roleplay

Runnah | Gil 8250 | CP 1500
HP 3000 | TP 22
STR 140 | MAG 450 | ATB 5
Felsen Staff - Attack/Support: ATB Charge
Replica Rod - Support: ATB Charge
*Ravager LV1*
[1] Stone
[2] Stonara
[3] Stonaga
*Sentinel LV1*
[1] Provoke, Challenge, Mediguard, Entrench
[2] Reflectguard
[A] Magic Counter
[F] Cover
*Saboteur LV0*
*Synergist LV1*
[2] Haste, Protect, Shell, Enstone, Barstone
[A] Weak Haste
*Medic LV3*
[1] Cure, Curasa
[2] Cura, Esuna, Regen
[3] Curaja, Raise
[4] Esunada, Regenga
[A] Cheersiphon, Offensive Raise, Defensive Raise, Improved Esuna
[1] Manafont
[3][5] Summon Valefor
[E] Gaian Ring: Deal 25% more Earth damage.
[1] Runnah's Backpack
[1] Runnah's Books
[1] Valefor Eidolith
[1] Fortisol
[1] Aegisol

Runnah learns

-1500 [3] Stonaga
-1500 [2] Reflectguard
-600 [1] Entrench
-1000 HP +600
-500 MAG +50
-100 STR +10

6700-5200, 1500 CP left

And if I didn't answer it before, you can fuse a combination of 2, 3 or 4 weapons to generate a Rank 4 weapon.

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#42
DM/Yuki and Haru Roleplay Start

Yuki noted how Runnah seemed trouble at what Parnell had said. I really do need to talk to her, tonight if possible...though doing that means talking to Malakkar and...well...I'm not looking forward to breaking the news to him.

He frowned. Shouldn't he have found out by now? It's really hard to keep the death of an heir under wraps...

He shook his head and continued on.

Scene Break

Night had fallen and, somewhat late, food was being served to all the residents of Bohemia. Most people were eating, but Haru was rushing around panicking. Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse! he was thinking. I need a flutist...

Yuki saw that Haru was rushing around. Hm...what's wrong? Yuki held his hand up and signaled for the captain to come over. "Captain, what's wrong?"

Haru sighed. "Well...um...You know that guy that Runnah put out of his misery when you first got here?"


"Well...he was the last flutist in the village and I sort of need someone to play for a song me and other villagers are planning...and I haven't caught up to Lady Angil yet"

"I had some experience," Yuki replied. "Just let me practice and see the piece and I'll be ready."

Haru then led Yuki away and showed him the piece. Yuki blinked. "I've heard this...many times in fact...the bards always played this whenever they came through Akaso."

"No wonder...my ancestors used to be minstrels before they settled down here," replied Haru. "It's sort of a family and village tradition at this point."

"I see..."

A few individual and one group run through later, Yuki and the small orchestra were ready to play for the rest of the village. As they entered, Yuki had his helmet and gloves off and had left them both with his weapon at the entrance. When they were seated, a few choice words and toasts were given...and finally, it was time.

(Play: Time's Scar from Chrono Cross: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J46RY4PU8a8)

When the orchestra finished and the applause died down, Yuki retrieved his equipment and decided to leave it in his tent for the night. This might be the last night we can relax...I should do so. He went back to the feast and immediately set about seeking out Runnah and Malakkar.

Sure enough, the pair were together and Haru was also discussing something with them. Yuki overheard one thing as he approached coming from Haru. "The logistics are something troublesome, but we should be able to..." Haru stopped as he noticed Yuki and grinned. "Well, it seems like you decided to heed my advice," he said. He turned to Malakkar and Runnah and bowed. "My Lord, My Lady, I will get the preparations underway at once." He then walked away.

Yuki sighed, opting to ask Haru what was going on later. "Runnah...we didn't really get time to talk earlier," Yuki said. "I just wanted to say that I am ashamed of everything I did."

He waited for a response, silently worrying that one of the two would crush him in a stone prison.

DM/Roleplay End
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#43
Malakkar Roleplay Start

"Ashamed of what? Defending yourself? Angil and Valefor explained the situation to us. I know you aren't Jin."

From what I was told, the lad had been through a lot. Killing his best friend and brother must not have been easy. Jin was willing to take me on last time I saw him, but he lacked some of the conviction his brother had, so I told him to wait. I mistook them for one another considering they wore the same set of armor, but I was corrected on such.

"Look boy, you aided in the defense of Oerba and Bohemia. However many lives you took since then have been repaid. If you think you still need to atone for what you did, that's fine."

Runnah, Angil, Haru and I had concocted an excellent plan to soothe his worries about potential assassins from Akaso. I was all too familiar with their anti L'Cie policies. The execution of one of their own before Jin's hunt was all the proof I needed they might attack Yuki if they knew about him.

"I've since made Runnah the Ambassador of Bohemia and have given you political asylum as long as she is with you. Should anyone come after you, Runnah and Haru are obligated to step in since he will be Runnah's personal bodyguard. Not to mention you have made friends with others that will help you out as well."

It was at that point that my darling daughter decided to speak. Her words were meant to be comforting, but she was always hard to figure out for me. She stood up, but was still nearly eye level with most of those sitting.

"Yuki. Akaso Adan Yuki..." she began.

"Do you know how many of my own people I have had to kill to protect others? I've counted every time I've raised my rod against them. Two hundred and seventeen times."

The words threatened to choke everyone within ear shot. I knew she had to preserve Bohemia, but to find out my little girl had slain nearly eleven score of her own allies... Runnah pressed on.

"You've killed two. Both of us are murders. So. What." She paced a few feet back and forth, talking with her hands in simple gestures to punctuate her message.

"Both of us are murders Yuki. Even Angil and Valefor. So. What. All of us had to make tough decisions. Decisions we hated. Decisions we would be forced to regret. Decisions we could not fight against."

Runnah walked over to Yuki and put her hands on his shoulders, staring gently into his eyes. There was a pause as she tried to hold his gaze.

"And we're all still here, still able to fix just as much, if not more damage than we had caused in the first place because we are still alive. Help me atone for my own sins Yuki... and I'll help you atone for yours. There are no innocent people here... and yet none of us are guilty either. That's what it means to do what must be done."

Runnah let go of the man and sat back down beside me. I offered my own words of solace.

"We're L'Cie now. We absolve our crimes by serving the wicked Fal'Cie. If anyone is to blame for the blood spilled numerous times by the lot of us, they are the ones to blame. None of us picked this lifestyle for our own, so I say we make our own rules. On that, the remains of Bohemia will join with Paddra on a counter offensive against Cocoon. The stupid war with them is all the Fal'Cie care about these days, so I might as well go up there and smash some of them myself. Drive the point of my spear through their heads that we're not their tools to play with. If I could, I'd turn them Cieth and see how they like losing their minds for awhile. Bastards certainly deserve it."

"So what will you do Yuki?"

Runnah and myself wondered what his plan was now that he would hopefully consider himself free of all responsibilities and consequence.

End Malakkar Roleplay

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#44
Yuki and Haru Roleplay Start

Yuki blinked when Malakkar replied. Yuki calmed himself when Malakkar explained that Angil and Valefor had explained the situation to him. Malakkar then explained that Yuki would be under political asylum with Runnah. Yuki's facial expression didn't change, but his mind was skeptical. As far as I'm aware...noone knows that I am a L'Cie. Chances are anyone that came after me would simply be looking for me rather than trying to kill me, but still...this journey has been fateful enough and there is nothing saying that they don't know or suspect...

Then Runnah poured her own sins out to him and Malakkar. Just the sheer number tore Yuki's heart in two. 217?! I only have two lives directly on my hands, and maybe six more indirectly...and she's younger than me...

Runnah asked Yuki to help her atone for her own sins and she would help him atone for his. Before Yuki could respond, Malakkar spoke up again. Yuki was struck at how the leader of Bohemia had already signed his support to the war effort. If he was not branded...I imagine Father would listen to him readily, however...

Then he asked what Yuki would do. Yuki closed his eyes. "Lord Malakkar, Lady Runnah...the risk you take by offering me asylum is tremendous," he began. "It might well destroy what warming of relations were made between Bohemia and Akaso in the last few decades, but that might be a moot point given the state of the village currently."

He sighed and looked at Malakkar. "A risk like this is something I can't accept without offering something myself. As such, I promise to protect your daughter's life as long as I still breathe. In addition...when this is over, Etro willing, I will find some way to aid in rebuilding Bohemia."

He held the gaze for a moment longer and then bowed. "I know that you have many things to take care of before tomorrow. There are a few things that I need to manage as well. I will bid you good night then." Yuki then turned and walked away, looking for the other two people he needed to speak to.

Just then, Haru entered again. "Shouldn't you be arranging for the exodus tomorrow?" Yuki asked.

"Surmised that, didn't you?" replied Haru. "Had the guards and some of the young ones go to gather what is needed. No need for oversight. Besides...I figured you'd be looking for Milly and Jason after you finished and who knows what they will want to do to you. Considering that you are in Bohemia and under asylum..."

Yuki nodded. "Well...having a second won't hurt if things go badly."

Haru shook his head, clearly not amused. Forget assassins...his own need to follow a code of honor will lead to his death if me and Runnah aren't around...

They looked around for a while and finally found the pair. Yuki approached with Haru hanging back. "Lady Milly, Sir Jason? I believe I have a debt to settle with you two?"

Yuki paused. "Regardless of what you think...I do regret how I acted and...I was incredibly insensitive to how you felt about Renault."

Yuki sighed and looked at both of them. "My punishment is up to you."

Haru held his breath even as his hand drifted to the hilt of his katana. Here we go...

Roleplay End
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#45
Darran gain 600 HP for 1000 CP and learns the following abilities:
-1100 [3] Cursega
-1000 [3] Slowga

Darran | Gil 5975 | CP 3550 | TP 34
HP 3600 | ATB 6 | STR 200 | MAG 200
<--WEAPONS--> [Edged Tool]
[E] [Wild Hunt] ATB+1
[Survivalist Hatchet] Defense Maintenance I
[Outsider Machete] Improved Esuna I
[Hunting Dagger] Attack ATB Charge
[Ranger Khukuri] Support ATB Charge
-SENTINEL- Level 1
[1] Provoke / Challenge / Vendetta
[A] Counter
-SABOTEUR- Level 1
[1] Deprotect / Deshell / Poison / Imperil / Wound / Dispel
[1] Debrave / Defaith / Slow / Curse / Pain / Fog
[3] Slowga / Cursega
[A] Jinx / Master Debuffer
[2] Haste / Protect / Shell / Veil
[2] Barfire / Barfrost / Barthunder / Baraero / Barwater / Barstone
[3] Protectga / Shellga / Veilga
[5] Nul-All
[A] Boon / Buffer
-MEDIC- Level 0
[1] Cure / Curasa
[2] Esuna / Regen
[3] Raise
[A] Defensive Raise
[2] Reraise / Chainspell
[3][5] Summon
[E] Healer's Emerald: Can use Medic abilities in any role
[K] Midgardsormr Eidolith
[4] Mallet: Remove Fog
[7] Red Fang: Cast Fire
[1] Fortisol: Bestow Bravery, Faith, Haste (2 turns)

Midgardsormr's 500 CP get converted into 300 HP

HP 2800 | STR 450 | MAG 360 | ATB 4
[2] Gale Blitz / Crag Blitz
[3] Aeroga / Stonega
[A]Earth Aura
[S]Abyssal Fangs
[G]Abyssal Maw

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#46
Eidolon Stat Sheets are up for posting here : http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/951620-route-16/64610667

Here it is with costs included:

HP 3480 | RAV/SEN 3/2
STR 1000 | MAG 1000 | ATB 5
<~~Natural Abilities~~>
[1] Attack
[4] Curaga
[A] Sensor, Penetration
[S] Arise, Energy Blast
*Ravager LV3*
[1] Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Water, Aero
[1] Flamestrike, Froststrike, Sparkstrike, Aquastrike, Galestrike
[2] Aerora
[3] Aeroga
[A] Weak Spot, Fearsiphon
*Sentinel LV2*
[1] Elude
[3] Element Guard
[A] Evade, Magic Evade, Magic Counter, Fringeward
[F] Cover, Provoke

10000 CP
-1000 [A] Fearsiphon
-2000 [A] Weak Spot
-300 [1] Thunder
-400 [1] Sparkstrike
-1000 [3] Element Guard
-2500 STR +250
-2500 MAG +250
-300 HP +180

+1 ATB, +1700 HP, +300 STR/MAG, RAV Role Level Up

User Info: ask159

4 years ago#47
OOC: Okay, just checking something, as I was wondering, for Eidolons, does the increased cost for stats from 501-1000 not take affect? Just wanted to make sure I was clear on this.

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#48
Nah, they only pay the 10 per +1 STR and MAG. The boost makes it so they start with 500 STR/MAG, so changing the price range midway would mess things up. I'll give Ven a chance to reply to Yuki, but tomorrow I'll move things along into Bohemia's Exodus. There will be a Live Trigger there, but then it will be on to Paddra.

User Info: VentusStorm

4 years ago#49
Hard work makes hard people. Infographs are hard, nuff said.
@Arth: Check your PMs plox!


Milly: "A punishment isn't nessicary. I think Jason kicking your ass *Milly!* is enough for me. Besides, if your going to Asako, I'd like to go with you."

Jason: "Some things never change... If Milly's going, then I have to go as well. Don't worry, I'm sure Nightmare won't be too much of a problem as long as their aren't any Spirt Shards there..."

I wonder: Is Nightmare ever too much for Jason to burden? as long as he's alright..

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#50
@Ven: Done and Replied

Yuki and Haru Roleplay Start

Yuki relaxed after Milly's response, as did Haru. "Well, I can't say I have any intention of going there. If, however, we need to, I, and we, should be safe as long as my father doesn't decide to unleash the entire army on us because Lord Malakkar has placed me under asylum."

He paused for a moment. "I assume you want to see how your father's home looks like with your own eyes. I'll admit, I am curious as to why both of your fathers ended up leaving. My own firsthand knowledge suggests that citizens don't leave Akaso unless they have an extremely strong motivation to do so or they are banished or forced into exile."

He shrugged. "That, however, is a conversation that we can hold on the road. The night is old, and we have a long day tomorrow. Rest well, M'lady and Sir Jason."

Yuki then turned to Haru and nodded and they left. "Well that went better than I was expecting," said Haru.

"I admit...I was expecting either something outlandish or some sort of physical repercussion," replied Yuki.


"I don't know...forcing me to be her servant?"

Both men broke into a hearty laugh at that. When they recovered, Haru took a breath and asked another question: "So are you going to speak with Lady Angil?"

Yuki frowned. "I should...but I imagine she is exhausted after today's events." Even if she is a Goddess, he thought afterwards.

Haru shrugged. "Heh, well maybe she will come find you. She seems as willing to trust you as much as she does Runnah, if not more."

Yuki blinked. "Maybe..." he replied. It...makes sense... he thought. Maybe she would want to discuss what happened to her with me. He sighed then. "I'll talk to her tomorrow, hopefully first thing in the morning."

Haru nodded. "Well, get some rest yourself," he said. "Wouldn't want my charge to keel over dead from exhaustion, now would I?"

Yuki chuckled. "And I wouldn't want my guard to let lack of sleep dull his abilities," he replied.

Haru rolled his eyes. "I know, I know...Good night, Lord Yuki."

Yuki thought about chastising him for a moment, but decided to let it go. "Same to you, Captain Haru." He stepped into his tent while Haru continued on.

Despite Haru's words, Yuki couldn't sleep right away. He decided to look at the weapons he had obtained and fiddled around with them. He was thankful to see that the new weapons were modular like his old one, and he decided to combine some of the parts.

He took the blade of his original weapon and attached it to the hilt of the weapon that made his motions more fluid. He grinned. "Effective."

Meanwhile, Haru was also looking at this weapons. "I should keep Father's on me to help guard..." He picked up another weapon. "Hmm...this one should be helpful in standard fights for me..." He looked at the last one. "Eh...not great now. I think I'll sell that once we're in Paddra..."

Both men finally felt ready for sleep, and they did so.

Roleplay End

Yuki combines Clayspear (Chain Bonus Boost I) and Warrior’s Charge (Attack: ATB Charge) to form Soldier's Fury

Haru combines Father’s Will (Improved Ward I) and Dawn (Support: ATB Charge) to form Morning Glory Set.

Yuki learns:
-500 [1] Libra (Currently Unable to Use)
-2500 Commando LV2
Yuki Gains 40 Strength (400 CP)
Total CP Used: 3400, leaving 0

Haru learns:
-1000 [3] Element Guard
-600 [F] Cover
Haru gains 240 HP (400 CP)
Total CP Used: 2000, leaving 0
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb
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