A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#51
Updated Stat Sheets:

Yuki | Arthogawa | Gil 8600
COM/RAV/SYN/SEN 2/2/2/1 | Crystogen 0
HP 3710 (3510) | TP 14
STR 300 | MAG 200 | ATB 4
<--WEAPONS--> [Great Sword/Grav Spear]
[E] Soldier’s Fury (Chain Bonus Boost I+Attack: ATB Charge)
Tactician’s Aid (Support: ATB Charge)
[1] Attack, Ruin
[2] Blitz
[A] Launch, Faultsiphon, Jeopardize
[1] Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Aero, Water, Stone
[1] Flamestrike, Froststrike, Sparkstrike, Galestrike, Aquastrike, Cragstrike
[A] Overwhelm
[2] Enfire, Enfrost, Enthunder, Enaero, Enwater, Enstone
[2] Bravery, Faith, Haste
[1] Challenge, Mediguard
[A] Fringeward, Deathward
[F] Cover
[1] Libra (Unavailable)
[2] Chainspell, Reset
[E] Whistlewind Cape: Start first round of battle with +1 ATB.
[E] Silver Bangle: +200 Max HP.
[E] General's Belt: 30% Physical Damage Reduction (non-stacking).
[E] Speed Sash: Kill: +1 ATB, stacks with Lifesiphon.
[9] Potion: Heals 200 HP.
[2] Hi-Potion: Heals 600 HP.
[2] Painkiller: Removes Pain on yourself or target ally.
[1] Librascope: Libra on all enemy combatants.
[3] Red Fang: Casts Fire on single target.
[1] Aegisol

Haru I Arthogawa I Gil 3000
COM/SEN/MED/SYN 1/2/1/1 I Crystogen 0
HP 3810 (3510) I TP 26
STR 230 I MAG 230 I ATB 5
<--WEAPONS--> [Katana]
[E] Morning Glory Set (Improved Ward I+Support: ATB Charge)
Dusk (Attack: ATB Charge)
[1] Attack, Ruin
[2] Blitz
[A] Jeopardize, Stagger Drain, Smite
[1] Challenge, Provoke, Mediguard
[2] Steelguard
[3] Element Guard
[A] Deathward, Fringeward, Reprieve, Evade, Magic Evade
[F] Cover
-MEDIC-Lvl 1
[1] Cure
[2] Cura, Esuna, Regen
[3] Raise
[2] Protect, Shell, Veil
[2] Barfire, Barfrost, Barthunder, Baraero, Barwater, Barstone
[2] Renew, Invincible, Reraise
[3][5] Summon
[E] Gold Bangle: Max HP+300
[E] Black Belt: 10% Physical Damage Reduction
[E] Tertiatic Tiara: Auto-Protect/Shell/Veil[2]
[E] Connoisseur Catalog: Doubles odds for rare drops
Ember Ring: Halve Fire Damage (non-stacking).
[3] Hi-Potion: Heal 600 HP
[2] Potion: Heal 200 HP
[K] Hashmal Eidolith

Hashmal learned:
-2000 [3] Ruinga
-1000 [A] Launch
-2000 [A] Weak Spot
Hashmal gained 250 STR and MAG (5000 CP)
Hashmal Elected to put the RL in his RAV role.
Total CP cost: 10000, leaving 0

Will post updated sheet in Eidolon Thread.

And a question @Cat: Since I haven't "Summoned" Hashmal yet, may I change Overwhelm to Lifesiphon? Now that I understand how Overwhelm works, it does not exactly meld well with the build.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 years ago#52
I'm apologizing to everyone right now as when I came home today, someone completely destroyed one of my new anime shelves. Luckily, no one was hurt and none of my stuff was damaged. However, the shelf itself is completely totaled and now I have to see if Walmart will give me a replacement in the next few days. I was in an excellent mood up until that point, completing two different sets of figmas and getting another new PSP game all in one package. But when I tried to find out how all this happened and why I can't leave my house for 3 hours without my stuff being destroyed... I was shaking with anger. I hate lies and I hate having my stuff break and people lie about it.

Long story short, even if I was in the mood to write, it is way late because I had to deal with 2 hours of bs until someone manned up. The whole thing left me upset. If I can update tomorrow, I will, but it might have to be on Friday.


PS - Pics to prove if you really need'em. *Grumble*

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#53
OOC: That...well I can't really say it, can I? Take your time; RL issues come way before this after all even if the rest of us get slightly impatient (and it gives me an excuse to write up something that will make what is next make more sense).
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: VentusStorm

5 years ago#54
I have to take care of a baby... Please don't bug me too much.

User Info: Nemyar

5 years ago#55
OOC: Since not much is happening lately, you guy would be welcome to PM your thoughts and suggestions regarding my characters to me (criticism would help...)

I'm doing this so I could try and make some improvements with them (mainly RP-wise). As of now, I have no idea if people find certain character to be annoying (in similar way certain people consider Tidus or Hope to be annoying...) or whatever problem they have, hence me asking for your thoughts.

User Info: Arthogawa

5 years ago#56
Parallel Story: Paddra, Present

The trip to Paddra had not been an arduous one for Guan; after all, his Chocobo allowed him to use shortcuts in the Massif and rush by fiends those on foot would have to contend with. Even so, he had arrived somewhat drained and had taken a little time to rest during the day.

Now, it was late evening, almost midnight, and he was digesting some information he had heard while going through the town disguised. It seemed that a group of L'Cie had taken a contract to go to Bohemia and had used the Cie'th stone to get there, and said group was scheduled to return tomorrow morning.

Guan believed, no, he was certain that these L'Cie would at least have a clue to where the man he was looking for, potentially Yuki, was, and it was entirely possible that the man would be with them.

What worried him was what would happen if the man was with them and if said man was Yuki. Despite his loyalty to his liege, Guan was extremely fond of the young Lord Yuki. Yuki always tried to be the best, and that mindset had instantly made Guan be more than a teacher: He was a mentor. Every failure that Yuki suffered hurt Guan somewhat, and when Yuki's Trial of the Hunt had ended in a rather suspicious failure, Guan's heart went out to the boy.

That day seemed to mark a change in Yuki: he seemed to be more reckless in his actions and also seemed to distance himself from everyone except his younger brother Masa. Guan remembered the day he had found Lord Keda's adopted daughter Liu sobbing in the stables, and when she told him that Yuki had basically said no one cared about what happened to him, Guan knew that Yuki was on a bad path.

Despite this, there was never a situation where Guan could pull him aside and talk some sense into the boy. Even now Guan kicked himself for this, and he knew that if Yuki had killed Jin and Zhao, it was partially his fault for failing to put in enough effort to speak with Yuki.

Still, Lord Adan had decreed that the man seen in Oerba was to be brought back to Akaso if indeed it was Yuki, and if Yuki refused, Guan was obligated to issue the Rite of Judgment. Neither of these options were pleasant to Guan.

As such, he was now debating whether to follow through or not. If he committed the crime...he has to pay, but...why?

That was the one question no one was able to answer except Yuki or the murderer: Why did he (maybe even she) kill Jin and Zhao? If it wasn't Yuki, how had he escaped and why didn't he come back home? Perhaps another question was how: Jin and Zhao were more than capable, and if Yuki was on their side then surely nothing short of a major Fal'Cie could threaten them.


His pit churned at the thought that Fal'Cie might in fact be behind this. He hoped it wasn't, but for some reason it was the only thing that made sense.

Guan finally looked down at the item in his hand: Masa's necklace. The boy had hidden it in Guan's saddle bags before Guan had left, and Guan knew why: Masa wanted Yuki to have it. He looked at it for a time and finally sighed. "Lord Masa, forgive me, but I need to determine if it is Yuki and, if so, what his fate is before I can give him this..." He put the item back in the saddle bag and finally went to sleep, preparing for tomorrow morning.

Parallel Story End

OOC: A correction or Retcon if you will: In a prior story I said it was a rival from Clan Guan: I meant a rival from Clan Mune (the warrior faction). This might be important later on.
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: VentusStorm

5 years ago#57
@Arth: Oh Joy... Though that guy most likely WILL have to go through Jason if Yuki refuses. :D

Milly: Getting Rightfully pissed off.

"I don't know...forcing me to be her servant?"

OK, Who the Heck would think that..

Milly: "I HEARD THAT!"

User Info: Nemyar

5 years ago#58
Darran and Parnell heard Milly's loud outburst

"Whoa, aren't you overreacting a bit, Milly?" asked Parnell

"Pfff, just let her do her thing" replied Darran as he shrugged.

"Oh by the way, Darran. I thought you were carrying lot of stuff so I dismantled some of them and combined them together..." said Parnell as he handed over his handiwork to Darran

"Umm... Thank? I do wish you didn't rummage through my stuff like that. I can handle my own gears you know..." responded Darran "Did you work on your manadrive devices yet?"

"I tried but I couldn't get the combination that would help me" said Parnell as he shake his head "Oh well, maybe next time when I come across more devices"

The following weapon get combined into Gaean Cleaver:
[Wild Hunt] ATB+1
[Survivalist Hatchet] Defense Maintenance I
[Outsider Machete] Improved Esuna I

Darran | Gil 5975 | CP 3550 | TP 34
HP 3600 | ATB 6 | STR 200 | MAG 200
<--WEAPONS--> [Edged Tool]
[E] [Gaean Cleaver] ATB+1, Defense Maintenance I, Improved Esuna I
[Hunting Dagger] Attack ATB Charge
[Ranger Khukuri] Support ATB Charge

User Info: ask159

5 years ago#59
OOC: Sorry to hear about your shelf, Cat. I will try to post my upgraded stats for characters/eidolon tomorrow. My computer crashed a couple days ago and I just finally got it up and running today, and not in the mood to deal with posts quite yet. I hate computers sometimes. Anyway, hope to make time to finish some things and get more development with Azra.

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

5 years ago#60
Angil Roleplay Start

"So what do you make of all this Valefor?"

"The girl needs training. You as well. I hope the two of you are up for it for the next hour or two."

It was at this point that Runnah joined us. The meeting went on for about as long as she said it would. Despite Valefor now belonging to her, it felt weird spending more time with her than her master. But this was neither here nor there. This was still the last day for training and Runnah was not about to squander it.

"I can teach you methods among fire, water, ice and lightning. Both of us can teach you wind magic and you can teach Angil earth magic. These will all help you strengthen your respective offensive prowess."

The girl closed her eyed and crossed her arms. Tapping one foot on the ground, she took it all in before opening her eyes and replying.

"You said you wanted me to be a Rescuer like yourself earlier. Is there anything I need to learn about before taking up your mantle?"

"Nothing in particular. You put yourself before others and try to save whoever you can. You are a Rescuer in your own way already by taking care of Bohemia and its people."

"Angil, Valefor... I've taken a lot of lives. Many of them were my citizens. Am I worthy to take that kind of title? Should I renounce my title as Gravemaster?" Runnah was looking at her Felsen Rod with a solemness in her eyes. Since she focused on doing what must be done, she likely took the name of Gravemaster to not forget the horrors she did. Perhaps by taking a new name, it could help her move on. Then again, if she wanted to learn to be stronger in combat, Gravemaster was a fearsome title.

"I say you keep it." Runnah looked back at me when I said this. "Take on both titles. It will remind you of what you were and who you want to become." The answer satisfied her as much. "Enough moping. You've got training."

It was at this point that I launched a spear of wind at her. She quickly shielded herself from it. Afterwords, she cast some protective spells on herself and went back into a defensive stance.

"I want you both to hit me with all five spells I haven't learned yet. If I keep watching, feeling, hurting and healing, I'll be able to mimic you soon enough. You keep one eye on Valefor and one eye on me Angil. Now have at it!"

Valefor and I bombarded her for several minutes straight. Shortly after it began, I picked up a few of Valefor's attacks, but not all of them. I avoided learning water and ice out of respect for Veleany. But truth be told, I hated getting wet and frozen water could always be melted. Runnah called out to us to halt and we looked at the girl through the now thick smoke of the assault. The ground was scorched and destroyed for a few feet around her in all directions. Her body was heaving and shaking, but otherwise she was standing. Valefor had a glow in front of her eyes, but I suppose it wasn't necessary to heal the girl because Valefor didn't. Runnah called back to us.

"Slow it down just a little bit. I think I can rebound them back and learn them that way. Just Valefor though."

Valefor nodded and deliberately slowed her casting down. There were pauses between the two and the initial volleys were always redirected to Valefor. After another few minutes, Runnah called again.
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