A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#61
"I think I've got this down. Take this!" Runnah stabbed her staff into the ground and Valefor was attacked with all six elements. Instead of the usual dodging that I had seen her do, she raised a shield I hadn't seen before and the elements dampened significantly before lightly bouncing off her armor. Interesting. I examined Runnah's healing and protective shields and thought I could combine them in a single technique. I notioned to them to attack me next.

"Now let's see what I've learned. Have at it you two!" With a wave of my hands, a barrier was placed before me that gave out healing energy, despite mitigating the damage they caused. Mighty handy to have a guarding and restorative barrier like that. It diffused quickly though and the pair stopped.

"I've learned quite a bit tonight, but I'll practice some more until tomorrow. You guys should get some sleep before it gets any later. And Valefor, is there a way for you to make any garments or adjustments to existing garments?" The eidolon nodded. I walked over to her and whispered into her ear. Her eyes shone and she grasped my forearm. "I like the idea Angil. She will too." Runnah tilted her head for a moment before shaking it and raising her arms. She figured out it wasn't meant for her to hear.

"I'm going to bed. Come along Valefor. I'm aware you need rest like humans do." Valefor dematerialized and went back into the choker on Runnah's neck. Runnah was back to her tent and fast asleep before long. However, there was a soft glow for a few seconds in the tent and when I looked in, Valefor was holding loosely onto Runnah in her sleep. I couldn't tell if this was a decision by either of them or completely unconscious force of will. I didn't want to chance waking them so I went back to my training. Tomorrow was an exodus and I had to be ready for whatever may come. I was able to use a new weapon I found by combining it with the Constantine Hammerscythes, making what I referred to as the Constantine Assault. Little wings came off the tip of the shaft in between the hammer and scythe. And the Reverend Hammerscythe would be a nice back up with a shield in the same spot.

End Angil Roleplay

Runnah learns
-300 [1] Fire
-300 [1] Blizzard
-300 [1] Thunder
-300 [1] Aero
-300 [1] Water

-1500 CP, none remaining

Angil learns
-300 [1] Fire
-300 [1] Thunder
-2500 [S] Mighty Guard
-1000 [3] Defaithga
-1000 [3] Fogga
-1000 HP, +600

-6100 CP from 9500, 3400 remaining

DM Time

The night came to a quiet affair after song, dance and feast had been partaken. The heroes were stronger due to training and about to be paid for it as well. The morning brought more food for the short days travel and the Bohemians were ready to say goodbye to Bohemia for the time being.

OOC: This is the last time to set up any RPing for the morning of the exodus. If everyone is good to go, I'll bring in the next part. From there, I can have short updates as it is more about the group than individuals so I can be less detailed as we RP off of each other from what happens.


User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#62
Yuki and Haru Roleplay Start

The night passed relatively quickly for Yuki, though when he woke he couldn't help but feel like something bad was about to happen. I hope I'm wrong, but just the way the sun is rising...the red sky worries me...

He quickly prepared himself for the day's activities, but when he got to his helmet he paused. I'm under asylum...is there really a need for me to wear this all the time?

He sighed. "Well...you never know when bandits will attack the town again I guess..." He put his helmet on and grabbed his weapon before leaving his tent.

He immediately set about looking for Angil, and it was a complete coincidence when he found her in the training ground. Don't tell me...

"You know, I would think even a Goddess would need rest after what happened to you yesterday," he said, deciding to lean against one of the remaining buildings. "So...what exactly happened, and what does it mean for you?"

Meanwhile, Haru was speaking to one of the few remaining shop owners. "That thing we talked about, do you have it?"

"Yes I do," replied the owner. "The better question is, do you have payment for it?"

Haru rolled his eyes. "Of course I do, who do you think I am, a temple servant?"

The owner chuckled. "Well, hand it over." Haru handed the owner his spare weapon and a pouch of gil, which the owner tossed in the air a few times, gaging it's weight. "Seems about right. Here you go." The owner then handed an emerald to the Captain.

"Excellent...now if you'll excuse me, I need to go oversee final preparations." Haru then hurried off.

Roleplay End

Haru sells Dusk (Attack: ATB Charge) for 3000 Gil.

Haru purchases:
-5000 Healer's Emerald

Haru Equips Healer's Emerald, unequipping his Black Belt.

Will post stat sheet at next point it is necessary (eg., next time he levels up or participates in battle).
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#63
Night before the Exodus

Darran was busily asleep on his bed at the bedroom of one of the inn, when the room light get switched on. He then tossed the blanket over his head to shields his eyes from the bright light, only for his blanket to get yanked off the bed.

"Wake up!" shouted Parnell as he rolled up his older brother's blanket "There's something I have been thinking about"

"What do you want to tell me?" groaned Darran as he slapped his palm over his head.

"Well, we have been meeting lot of people, some who has fought with us" reflected Parnell "I just realized that we haven't really introduced ourselves to them yet, so I think we should start doing that in the morning."

"Okay, okay! You can go ahead and do that" sighed Darran groggily while rubbing his eyes "You can start with Runnah, I'm sure you can learn a thing or two from someone like her"

"The little girl? I know she's the village leader and all that, but still she's a kid. I have no ideas how to act around someone like her." questioned Parnell "H-hey it's not just about me, you need to get along with people some more. You know, get to know them some more. Try that guy who always hang out with Yuki, I think you two got lots in common"

"Haru? Pff, I don't see what make us so similar. I'll do that in the morning. Just let me sleep, we had a long day. You should too, okay?" said Darran as he grabbed his bedding back from Parnell before shutting off the room light "Night."

User Info: VentusStorm

4 years ago#64
The Wii U is out and i'm BORED. i don't have the Wii U yet, but i will get it when Christmas rolls Around..

Milly: *Fwaa....* "Morning world..."

Jason: "You seem afwul sleepy. Something up?"

*Knowing her, she's likely pondering weather to smack Yuki for what he said yesterday.*

-I heard That.-

Seesh, let's all calm Down. can't be getting into a cat fight now, can we?

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#65
Runnah and Angil Roleplay Start


During the course of the night, I was able to further my study in the arts of anti mage combat. This brought wide area of effect magic to cripple enemy spell casters. I practiced the Mighty Guard technique a few more times, but the effort was taxing. I seemed to only be able to do it every half hour or so despite it being a combination of only three techniques. It was special, so perhaps I'd learn other properties when I used it in combat. Morning had come and the night's training wasn't nearly as straining as prior nights were.

It was around that time that Yuki had approached me.

"You know, I would think even a Goddess would need rest after what happened to you yesterday, so... what exactly happened, and what does it mean for you?"

I suppose I'd tell him of my focus.

"When I was branded, my vision was complicated. There were places I've never seen before, likely the places on Cocoon. There were Fal'Cie, Bohemia and almagations between this world and my own. It foretold of this upcoming war and a likely outcome. A word came to me that I've not heard of, nor did I have the proper understanding for its meaning. Ragnarok."

I paused there and let the word hang, gauging his reaction to it. When I was satisfied with the length of the pause, I continued a bit more.

"I knew that one day I'd transform into something different. I believe that was what happened in Paddra. The fear of those yet to be seen are likely from Akaso. Considering I don't have a brand, yet harness both L'Cie and witch like magic, they have right to be afraid. There is friendships I've made that will pay the way to the future. There will be some sorts of air travel, Valefor included I believe, along with an eclipse for this sort of prophecy."

I didn't give him much time to process all this as I went to answer his original question.

"I believe what happened yesterday was my focus being completed. In doing so, it saved Malakkar and gave him a second chance to do whatever it was he was supposed to do if destiny is said to exist. Either way, my body is tearing itself apart between this world and my own. I know the void will swallow me up when the time comes, but when it comes, I do not know. This was also in my vision."

I put my hand on his shoulder to snap him out of his deep thoughts that plague him so. My blue eyes met his and I smiled.

"I wouldn't worry to much about it. If it is destiny, there isn't much we can do. And it hasn't been all bad, right?"

That's when I sensed something out of the ordinary and looked towards its source.

"Whether you feel that or not, gather the people and start moving. Now."

I immediately set out towards it running as fast as I could, enhancing my speed to break away from the others. I was familiar with this and it threatened to engulf us again. But why?

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#66

I woke up next to Valefor. I don't remember saying she could share my bed, but given the training she gave me and now being my sworn partner, I guess it was okay. I moved out of the tent without waking her and went to find my dad. He was surprisingly already up, making final preparations for the exodus. I walked into his quarters were I was about to speak, but something caught both of our attentions. The ground had the slightest tremble to it. Too soft for those not skilled with the earth to notice. Some of our allies likely felt it too and were already on the move. But none of them were strong enough without Malakkar and myself. Without saying a word, we made way past the others and ordered them to start moving now. I hope we'd be able to hold Atomos off long enough to make it towards the Cieth Stone on the other side of town. Valefor joined my side and came back within my choker. I might need her power for real.

End Roleplay

DM Time!

Atomos has come back to level Bohemia once and for all. Runnah and Malakkar will wield the Felsen Rod and Spear to try and slow it down long enough for the citizens to make an escape. Anyone with earth magic will give the citizens more time to flee, but the more of you that stay behind, the more of you could be injured. Angil will aid those who join with her new protection spell and use her time skills to assist. Now is the time to decide. Will you aid your allies in keeping Atomos at bay, or will you help the town you sought to aid escape? Not enough players aiding Runnah/Malakkar/Angil will put them at risk, but not enough people assisting the exodus will cause chaos and panic among the populace.

Live Trigger!

A. Help slow down Atomos
B. Assist the exodus

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#67
While they weren't able to sense the tremor in the ground, the warning alerts from the villagers has sent Darran and Parnell into action.

"I may not be able to directly use the earth magic, but there must be something I can do to assist my allies" said Darran as he get his gears up and ready.

He then turn to Parnell "Parnell, you should escape with rest of the villagers, help them escape if you must"

"B-but I'm not leaving without you!" objected Parnell "I'll stick with you guys"

"Parnell, there's nothing you can do against the Fal'Cie" refuted Darran "You'll only get in the way or even get seriously hurt. Don't worry about us, we'll see each other soon. Parnell, just listen to me just this once. This is for your own good."

Having said this, Darran then made ways towards Angil
"What's your plans after this, Angil?"

Darran select Live Trigger A.
Parnell select Live Trigger B.

User Info: ask159

4 years ago#68
OOC: Man, forgot my info for Azra/Renge was lost with everything else, so not updating their stuff or eidolon, will most likely try to do it in the morning. For now their choices.


Seeing the Fal'cie, Azra saw Runnah and Malakkar using earth magic to try and slow the monster down. Well, I am not as good as her, but I can hold my own. Without waiting, Azra lept forward, earth magic already at his call, and started doing everything he could to slow it down.


Renge saw some of the others aiding Runnah and Malakkar, and so looked at Emil.

"Let's make sure everyone gets out of here before they get hurt."

Emil nodded, and the pair ran around, making sure everyone started evacuating the town.

Azra trigger choice A
Renge Trigger choice B (if no one else goes to aid them I might switch this, but I am guessing we will be pretty even)

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#69
OOC: Might I suggest some music: Between Life and Death from Chrono Cross (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ylvRRaUaJ0&feature=related)

Yuki and Haru Roleplay Start

Angil told Yuki her focus and also that she was still destined to be pulled away from the world. Well, at least she has that premonition and can decipher it somewhat, though...having to go to Akaso? That will be dangerous, even with me under asylum...Father may well ignore it given the circumstances...

Then Angil placed her hand on his shoulder and she looked at him. Yuki forced himself not to blink. She...really does have eyes that go on forever...

"Right...right..." he replied, trying to calm his suddenly pounding heart. He almost didn't notice when Angil straightened slightly as if she sensed something. Yuki was confused, but then she told him to gather the villagers and leave immediately. Then she took off.

"What?" Yuki sputtered out. Then he felt it: a slight tremor. "An earthquake?" he thought out loud. "No...wait...I remember this type of tremor from when I was chasing that Behemoth..."

He scowled. "Pulse." Then he took off running and found the villagers already gathered and clearly leaning between panic and order. He looked through the crowd and found Haru, who he immediately approached. "Captain, what's the situation?"

Haru looked at him with a frown. "Situation? This is much closer to a disaster, and I imagine you know what it is," the captain said angrily

Yuki frowned. "Someone didn't get enough sleep."

Haru sighed. "Yeah, you're right." He took in several breaths. "A small corps is setting up to distract Atomos, but we need people to stay here and maintain what little order there is and get people moving."

Yuki thought for a second. "Captain, you go and help the corps.


"Your Eidolon might prove particularly valuable here, and they will need support...something that you can provide in spades."

The captain sighed. "Right...well in exchange you prove that you are the second son of Lord Adan and get these people to safety, understood my lord?"

No time for berating. "Yes, now hurry!" Haru hurried off. Then Yuki turned to the refugees. "Everyone hear me!" he called in his most authoritative voice. "Those of you who are not regular fighters form a square. Those of you used to fighting, take places slightly away from and along the perimeter...we aren't letting any surprises take us today!"

Yuki took point and as the others filed in, the group began to move to the Cie'th stone.

Meanwhile, Haru was almost to the corps that was holding off Atomos. It's time.

He removed his Eidolith from it's pouch and shattered it, crying "Hashmal!" The insignia in the middle remaining for several seconds before going into the ground, producing another sigil from which the named Eidolon leaped from. "Time for us to stop a Fal'Cie," said the L'Cie to his Eidolon. Hashmal growled in response.

They then approached Runnah and Malakkar. "Reporting for duty!"

Roleplay End

Haru chooses option A and summons Hashmal to assist! (Let me know if I should deduct TP)

Yuki chooses option B
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: VentusStorm

4 years ago#70
Gah.. Some B!tch got me a freaking detention..

Milly: "NOT AGAIN!! why does this always have to happen when I'm around?"

Jason: "I have a better idea.. RUN FOR YOU-

*NOT NOW! Panicing will only cause people to go into a state of hysteria. Remain calm and get these people to saftey..

Whatever you say I guess... At least Milly's fully awake now.

-Please stop trying to insult me.-

Milly and Jason Both go for option B!
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