A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#71
OOC: Good news and bad news; lets start with the good: The FF music that was taken off of iTunes is back! Now the bad news: it's all album only and each is $25...I wouldn't care if the songs were available individually, but really? Album only and $25? I may as well buy the discs so I can listen to them in the car if I have to pay that much...

Anyway...additional Roleplay inbound!

Yuki Additional Roleplay Start

Yuki overheard Milly and Jason's outburst and covered his face with his palm. "Sir Jason...if you want to be Milly's guardian, you need to be fearless. Losing your composure in this situation is bad in the first place, and extremely unbecoming of yourself in Milly's eyes."

He sighed and glanced at Milly. "And as to why it happens to you...I guess trouble follows you and indeed all of us around. Don't worry yourself too much; just focus on keeping everyone calm and moving."

He glanced quickly at Renge, Emil, and Parnell, deducing that Azra'eil and Darran had also gone to help Angil, Malakkar, Runnah, and Haru. He looked again for the other comrades he hadn't seen much of recently. Kyte, Mira and Kei...where are they? I hope they don't get caught up in Atomos's wrath.

Roleplay End

OOC again @Ventus: That isn't good...
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#72
Choice Breakdown

Option A: Malakkar, Angil, Runnah, Darran, Azra, Haru
Option B: Renge, Parnell, Yuki, Milly, Jason

DM Time!

Malakkar takes the lead of the team and instructs them what to do. Runnah and Malakkar make a series of steep inclines in the ground to increase its travel time. Darran and Angil kept pouring on the dampening spells to keep it from moving as fast and churning up so much earth. Azra works with Haru who summoned Hashmal to create a large circular spiral that Runnah and Malakkar launched it into the center. The mighty Fal'Cie spun around and around, eventually breaking free from disenchantments and swirling up the spiral. The group was already in retreat, summoning the earth to make ramps and curves all along its path. Sometimes they would lead it right into large abandoned building, yet other times divert it away.

While no one was directly leading the exodus by this point, Renge was more familiar with the territory and went with his group of ten first. Parnell went next, needing to travel with the citizens considering he wasn't a L'Cie. Milly and Jason lead their groups side by side and were able to escape successfully.

By the time the group was half way to the Cieth Stone, most of the citizens had fled. Atomos was still gaining speed, heading directly for the transport stone. It was at this point that the other four of them hurled their eidoliths into the path of the monster. Bahamut Zero, Midgardsomr, Hashmal, Valefor, Seraph and Slyph all took turns, one after the other unleashing ultimate attacks on the ground devouring machine. The eidoliths return to the masters upon the completion of each technique. Yuki took the rear, waiting to see if the others would need his help at the last minute and waited to use the stone as the first one from the assault team arrived.

Malakkar grabbed him and disappeared. Azra and Haru leapt in after them. Darran was close behind. Angil grabbed Runnah and cast a quick time pause technique and threw her a good fifteen feet at the Cieth Stone. As time returned, Angil had just enough of it to cast Mighty Guard and was barreled into the transport at high speed. She vanished just before Atomos crushed her. On the other side, Runnah landed with a slide as the others looked on to see if the last one would make it through. Runnah signaled the others to get behind her as Angil was spit through the portal and collided with them. It was close. Damn close. When the group recovered, the mixture of emotions was apparent. Many were sad to leave in the first place and to know their home was being leveled was heart wrenching. Some were angry and resentful of the Fal'Cie who twice tried to kill them all. Some were happy and dancing just to have survived the ordeal. Among the ones laughing about it were Runnah and Malakkar. The last group were either too stunned or too exhausted by the ordeal to feel much about it. Angil was among this crowd.

End DM Time!

OOC: I hope everyone is satisfied with that outcome. Feel free to RP, you are now in Paddra. The monetary incentive from a few chapters ago will be available soon and you will have a few more forced events while in Paddra, some from me, some from Rush and some from Artho. (Presumably)

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#73
OOC: Unless the council shows up at the stone to greet the party and provide rewards, I imagine mine and Rush's events should be coming first; Rush first because his event leads into mine.

Also, didn't Runnah have other rewards that she meant to distribute?

Yuki and Haru Roleplay Start

It was close, but they had made it through to Paddra. Yuki had subconsciously held his breath as he waited to see if Angil made it through. Thankfully, she made it in a somewhat less than elegant way. Now he could think about what had just happened.

Atomos just tried to, or should I say is, destroy(ing) Bohemia... He felt angry: that cursed Fal'Cie couldn't keep it's circular carapace out of human lives. However many before me, and now however many after Bohemia...I would love to dismantle that abomination...

Haru meanwhile sighed. "That...was intense..." he said. "It seems like everyone made it in one piece. I would definitely say I've had my fill of craziness for the day."

Yuki glanced at Haru and sighed underneath his breath. I would agree...but something tells me today is going to get worse before it gets better...

Yuki then noticed that Angil seemed tired. "Looks like you could use a rest now..."

Haru heard that. "Or maybe a warm shower to work out the aches she is no doubt feeling."

Yuki blinked and forced himself not to glare at Haru. Instead, he looked apologetically at Angil. Please end well...please end well...if it doesn't, I don't think Haru will be optimal for a long while...

Roleplay End
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#74
"So... We're back in Paddra" reflected Parnell "That's where I first met you guys while you guys are accepting the contract to go to Bohemia."

"That didn't turn out too well, we're left with people without a village to return to..." sighed Darran dejectedly

"Hey, I'm sure you guys saved lot of people!" replied Parnell optimistically "Villages can be rebuilt when they are destroyed, but lives lost cannot be regained."

"Well, Runnah and Malakkar seems to taking it pretty well considering the village they sworn to protect has utterly been destroyed..." said Darran

"They're okay? I'll check on them now" responded Parnell as he ran off toward Runnah.

"Umm, excuse me?" asked Parnell sheepishly as he faced the young girl "So, what are your plans now?"

User Info: ask159

4 years ago#75
OOC: This post will mostly just be all the updated stats, will make a second for RP, as no room. I also updated Chaos with upgraded stats and posted it on the eidolon board. Have to find Bahamut still again, so no update for him.

I will make purchases with gil later once we get the monetary reward.

Azra`eil | Gil 8975| CP 1450
HP 3000 | TP 34
STR 500 | MAG 300 | ATB 5
<-Weapons-> [Scimitars/Katana]
[E]The Spire VS I Special: 10% drain
Stagger Maintenance
Attack ATB Charge
Support ATB Charge
-COMMANDO-**Lv. 3**
-RAVAGER-**Lv. 1**
-SYNERGIST-**Lv. 1**
[2]Bravery, Haste, Protect
[2]Enfire, Enthunder
[A]Weak Haste
-SABATEUR-**Lv. 0**
-MEDIC-**Lv. 0**
[1]Cure, Curasa
[1]Libra, Mighty Strikes
[2]Renew, Reraise, Chainspell
[3][5] Summon
.<--Accessories--> [3 SLOT]
[E]Witch’s bracelet: 30% Magic DR
[E] General's Belt: 30% Physical DR
[E] Connoisseur Catalog: Rare drop up
Warrior’s Wristband (+20 STR)
Brawler’s wristband (+50 STR)
Dragonfly Orb: Immune to slow
[5]Potion: Heals 200 HP
[2]Hi-Potions: Heals 600 HP
[2]Pheonix Down: Revives one character to 50% HP
[2]Antidote: Cures poison
[1] Aegisol
[1]Bahamut ZERO Eidolith

-[150] for +15 STR
-[400] for +40 MAG


Renge | CP 0 | Gil 5520
HP 3000 | TP 38
STR 160 | MAG 480(430) | ATB 5
Ascension -> Each attack adds 2 stagger.
Augment Maintenance I: Your offensive buffs last 1 round longer.
-Chain bonus boost I
-Attack ATB Charge
-Support ATB Charge
-RAVAGER- **Lv2**
[1]Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Stone, Aero, water
[2]Fira, Blizzara, watera
[1]Flamestrike, Froststrike
[A]Fearsiphon, Weak spot, Overwhelm
[1]Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil, Wound, dispel
[A] Master Debuffer, Jinx
[2]Bravery, Faith, Haste
[2]Enfrost, enwater
[A]Weak haste, boon
-MEDIC- **LV0**
[2]Esuna, Cura
[1] Libra, Manafont
[2] Chainspell, Reraise
[3][5] Summon


[1] (E) Shaman's Mark
[1] (E) General's Belt: 30% Physical damage reduction
[1](E)Witch’s Bracelet:30% magical damage reduction
[1]Whistlewind Scarf: Start first round of battle with +1 ATB
[1]Gaian Ring
[1]Speed Sash
[1] Shrouding Talisman
[1] Ember Ring
[4] Potion
[3] Antidote
[4] Wax
[2] Mallet
[1] Phoenix Down
[1] Ether
[1] Fortisol
[3] Red Fang
[1] Pale Fang
[5] Pearl Fang

-5000 RL RAV to LV 3! Learns ??? RL (Not sure yet)
-1200 [MAG +120]
-2000 [A] Weakspot
-1500 [A] Overwhelm
0 cp left

User Info: ask159

4 years ago#76

The Fal'cie, in the end, destroyed the town. However, everyone made it out. Azra was glad, as buildings were easy to rebuild. If everyone was safe, then it had worked out ok. But I imagine others did not see it that way.

However, both Malakkar and Runnah seemed in high spirits, or were very good at faking it. Either way, while the training had ended on a rather bad note, it had worked out. Angil seemed more than a little tired, but for the most part the rest were good.

Parnell turned to Runnah, asking what was next. Azra figured, unless something was going to gt in their way, they were going to report to the council. But since when does anything go our way?

Renge & Emil

The pair sat down, tired and hoarse from yelling. But it had paid off. The people had made it out alive. But Renge looked concerned.

Emil: Is something wrong.
Renge: No. I mean, I'm glad everyone is ok, but the village is gone.
Emil: Yeah, but they can rebuild, so ...
Renge: But all the history that was lost! I never had time to take a look around because of the training. I imagine there was all sorts of things...

Renge went on about the sad tale of losing the village and history, and what it meant. Emil, though he liked Renge, did not understand a word of it. He just smiled and waited for the lecture to be over.

As Renge calmed down, Emil spoke up again.

Emil: Once this is over can we go out for a bit? I have something I need to discuss with you.
Renge: Sure...I guess.

Renge was surprised and perplexed by Emil's sudden change in attitude. It was like he was a different person. But he just shook his head, figuring he was imagining things.

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#77

Just in case you didn't see it the first time, YOU CAN POST NOW!

OOC: I haven't updated anything because I don't know exactly how you're going to join us and I don't want to move things along and have you recalculate your writing. Feel free to move the party to the next point, Paddra War Office of Commerce, if you need people to be there.


"Looks like you could use a rest now..." Yuki wasn't far off the mark on this account. My body shouldn't stress like that too much or I might pop out sooner rather than later.

"Or maybe a warm shower to work out the aches she is no doubt feeling." The sentiment was appreciated, but he hadn't traveled with us to know that I was always at odds with water.

"I actually have an aversion to water. I would be far worse off by getting wet than staying dry. Has to do with my darling sister. But likewise, she hates being dry because of me." I couldn't tell what he thought about the statement, so I went back to Yuki.

"This time magic is quite potent, but it really drains on me. Either that, or I haven't fully mastered it and why it wears on me so. I'm more curious as to why Atomos came back. More so, why did it seem so intent on actually killing us? I thought it was a more neutral Fal'Cie like Quetzacoatl." Another strange oddity that happened along the journey. I had obtained Quetzacoatl's essence and later absorbed it. And the L'Cie brand disappeared. My own magical nature must be only partway compatible with theirs, likely the cause of some of the things that are happening. I do know that my own strength, wherever it is coming from, is overloading my body. In a few days, I'll probably pop and be taken back to the Void of Air.


I was busy laughing with my father about my first real near death experience. Now I see why he has been so lax about things. When you fully realize you can go at any time, it helps to laugh it off. I can also see how it made him a bit lazy as anything you start, you might not finish. I didn't let it get to me though. I wasn't going to change all of a sudden, but it gave me true empathy as to why he was the way he was. We were quieting down as that boy Parnell came over.

"Umm, excuse me? So, what are your plans now?" A good question. The other took the contract, so their payment should be collected. I'll need to be there to verify such, so I would have to go too. But now seemed a good a time as any to share the stuff I grabbed before I left. It was a shame I couldn't grab it all.

"We'll go to collect the contract reward while my father gets the Bohemians settled. But first, here are some items I managed to collect before the attack."

I laid them out in front of the group. I wasn't able to properly use the weapons, so my choice was going to be one of the earthen rings or the necklace. I didn't want to give them items but then say 'Oh, but you can't have that.' If that was the case, I would have kept it myself and said nothing. Angil appeared to have a similar careless attitude about choosing and waited for the others to pick first.

7 Accessories, 3 Weapons

Safeguard Sachet
Hexbane Talisman
Gem Necklace
2 Clay Rings
2 Rune Bracelets

Improved Debuffing I
Improved Debilitation I
Chain Bonus Boost I

End Roleplay

OOC Again: I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving with their families if they do that. I figured I wouldn't hear from most until Monday or so given that circumstance. I've also been playing Gears of Destiny a lot. Survival mode gets difficult considering the last 30 battles, you don't get healed ANYTHING when you win. Made it to 82 out of 100 with Hayate and unsurprisingly, lost to Hayate.

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#78
"Man... I'm rather torn between two of the weapon so I'll just leave it up to you guy" commented Darran as he eyed the weapons which would helps out with his one of his dominant role

"Well, that's up to you" said Parnell "As for what I want... Maybe one of the weapon too, the chain boosting one? I don't really have anymore space for more accessories. I shouldn't be the one to make the call, though..."


Darran listened to Angil's comment about the Fal'Cies
"What do you exactly mean by "neutral" Fal'Cie? Quetzacoatl was neutral like you said, yet you ended up destroying it. What's the point of labeling them neutral if they'll going to end up as pile of junks afterward?"

Parnell decided to join in the conversation with Darran and Angil
"Umm, Darran? What's "Void of Air"? You didn't really tell me much about Angil, if any at all..."

The older brother pondered for a bit before answering Parnell
"I guess it mean that Angil's going to be leaving the group. You don't really need to know who she is, just that she's someone who I have traveled with for quite a while now."

"Hmph, I thought you were being dodgy about something. Well, I suppose you don't want me to press the issue any further" replied Parnell with his arms crossed before heading off to check out Runnah's rewards once again.

Now out of earshot of Parnell, Darran turned back to Angil
"Sorry about that, I think it would be less complicated if Parnell simply assumed you're human like rest of us, you know... not the O Almighty One? I know you can't help it, but I'm still finding the fact that you're called "goddess" hard to swallow."

User Info: VentusStorm

4 years ago#79
OCC: *Milly Stares at the Chain Boost Weapon then Squeals*
Anyway, Considering Milly and Jason's Current stats at this point, Since Milly is a level 3 RAV, I'd say Milly should get the Chain Boost, then i'd likely buy another one and Fuse it with Attack: ATB Boost and make it Milly's Primary weapon. Jason should most likely get the Deshell Immune Beacuse he already has a General's Belt. At least that's what i think.

Milly: "I'd Rather have the Chain boost... Parnell, what's wrong with having extra acessories? You could always sell them for money.

Jason: "I'll just take what's left..."

User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#80
OOC @Ven: You can't combine two weapons of the same ability type.

OOC In general: Haru would want the Sachet or the Necklace. Yuki has absolutely no preferences when it comes to this stuff.

Yuki and Haru Roleplay Start

Yuki was relieved that Angil didn't rip Haru to shreds, and Haru was confused as to why Angil hated water. "Because of your sister, huh?"

Yuki shot a look at the Captain before he said anything else, essentially saying "Drop it" without saying it. Haru looked away, rolling his eyes. Then Yuki heard Angil's speculation as to why Atomos attacked the town.

Yuki had been raised to hate Fal'Cie. As far as he cared, Atomos was simply trying to do what Akasans thought all Fal'Cie wanted to do: use humans for their own entertainment and then toss them aside when they were no longer needed. Of course, the fact that Atomos was responsible for his current predicament didn't help matters.

Yuki sighed. "And this is why Akasans don't associate with Fal'Cie...they cause an infinite myriad of problems. As to why it wanted to kill us? It is something we can probably chalk up to the ball having nothing better to do."

He shook his head as Runnah laid out some other rewards. Haru also looked and laid his eyes on a sachet and a necklace, but Yuki was not interested in anything. More gil.

He took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. He blinked as he saw storm clouds on the horizon. "Um...Angil? We should probably get to the town now if you want to avoid getting wet..."

With that said, Yuki still got a very bad feeling from seeing those clouds. Is today really about to go from bad to worse?

Roleplay End
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb
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