A FNCFFXIIIRPG, Chapter Six: Instruments of Unity

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User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#81
(OOC: Dunno if Renge was supposed to be there when Runnah handed out the rewards)

Parnell noticed Milly's reaction to certain weapon
"Wow, it look like you really want it that badly, I thought you already have one of those? Well you can have it anyway"

Milly then asked Parnell what's wrong with having extra accessories
"There's nothing wrong with having extra accessories, but still it seemed like a waste to just sell it."

Parnell then turned to Arza'eil and Renge
"So what are you guys going to be having? Darran seemed pretty keen on the weapon."

"Okay, I made up my mind" replied Darran "I want the weapon that helps with my debilitating skill. Any objections?"

"Awww, does that mean your current weapons will have to be taken apart again to fit your new weapon into it?" sighed Parnell

Parnell then listened to Yuki's view on the Fal'Cies.
"Fal'Cie are that bad huh? I don't have anything like that back at home. I guess I should count my blessing that my country's pretty much one of the most uneventful place ever... I would be devastated if something like that happened at home."

User Info: VentusStorm

4 years ago#82
OCC: Jason's Astraphobic just so you know, which means he's afraid of Lightning and thunder. (Spells are fine, REAL LIFE storms are not.)

Milly: "Hm... Looks like we might be getting some rain."

Jason: *GULP* "Those Look Like storm clouds... I say we get inside something safe... just to be sure."

EDIT: Gramatical Error's FTF! :D

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#83
OOC: Still kinda waiting on Rush... RP Limbo in the meantime, Angil comments on the storm for a future event.

Angil Roleplay Start

The others were concerned with the upcoming clouds in the sky. But strangely enough, they weren't moving towards us in the air, they were moving at a downward angle to create a fog bank. It was still a few miles out, so I wasn't worried and fog never really bothered me to begin with. I related as much.

"I wouldn't be concerned. The clouds are falling, strange as it sounds. It won't be a storm so much as a dense fog. I'm more interested in what is causing it unless the weather around here is different."

End Angil Roleplay

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#84
Parnell noticed Jason's apprehension about the possibly incoming weather

"You're not cutting a very tough image for a guardian..." sighed Parnell as he shake his head disapprovingly

"You should man up some more!" shouted Parnell in an encouraging tone while pumping his fist "Listen to Angil, it might not even be a bad storm"

Parnell gain SYN role (due to RAV being level 3) and learns the following abilities:
-1000 [3] Bravega
-700 [A] Weak Haste

User Info: ask159

4 years ago#85
OOC: Sorry, got a new game (.hack) but since it is Japanese I have been working on patching it, so almost all my time went to that. And everyone is waiting. And none of the rewards called to me. @Nemyar: Renge would be there, just was talking to Emil at the side, that is all.

@anyone/cat: (just checking, because I never had to worry about it, but for debuff vs debilitate, it is lowering stats for debuff (debrave, deprotect, deshell, etc) and others for debilitate (fog, pain, slow, yes?)

Azra and Renge

The two looked at the stack of items Runnah dropped before them. Looking them over, the pair saw little to draw their intention. Renge noted the debuff weapon though would suit him. Azra meanwhile eyed one of rune bracelets

Parnell asked what the pair wanted, though Milly and Darren had already claimed some items.

Renge stepped forward. "Well, if no one minds, I will take the debuff weapon."

Azra turned to Parnell. " The rune bracelet would work for me. Nothing else really works."

Azra looked at the incoming fog bank, wondering if it was unusual for the area.

User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#86
@ask: This is copy and pasted from Crystarium & Shops II

Poison between 10 and 2 percent HP loss per turn
Imperil lower all elemental resist by one level
Deprotect take 50% more physical damage
Deshell take 50% more magical damage

Defaith 1/2 magic damage
Debrave 1/2 physical damage
Slow if 3 ATB or less, lose one ATB, if 4 ATB or more, lose two ATB
Fog can't cast magic
Pain can't use physical techniques (Including all SEN skills)
Curse easier to inflict SAB spells, enemies hit with weaknesses are interrupted.

Basically debuff affect foes' defence while Debilitate affect foes' attack.

User Info: Final_Cataclsym

4 years ago#87
OOC: More like an announcement you guys have already realized, I'm not going to continue until we hear something from Rush. I've tried posting messages on boards his visits, emails and PMs. I'm borderline giving up, but not just yet. I hope no one else would consider quitting because of the downtime.


User Info: Arthogawa

4 years ago#88
Yuki and Haru Roleplay Start

Angil seemed to believe that the approaching storm was merely fog. On closer inspection it sure seemed like it, but Yuki knew that where there was fog, normally storms had been. That, or a river (which Yuki knew there wasn't enough of a stream in the direction the fog was approaching to make the fog that thick). He was skeptical, but time would tell who was right.

He then looked at Jason with a frown. He didn't say anything, but then he looked at Milly. How in the world is she able to live with him? I keep trying to find something redeeming about him, but I can't find much other than skill with a blade and the fact that he has access to some sort of ancient power...but that's a double-edged sword because it attracts that Nightmare thing...

He had to admit though: the two did seem to feed off of one another. They were both able to fill roles the other lacked, and they were equally skilled in their chosen roles. However, they both had the same fatal flaw: their emotions (and especially temper) got the better of them. Heh...not so much difference from myself.

Yuki realized that he still hadn't asked about their ancestry. Depending on the reason for their fathers leaving Akaso, they might well need Runnah's protection as well. After all, the sins of the father did tend to carry to his children if the sins had not been absolved in the father's lifetime.

"Sir Jason, Lady Milly," he said as he approached. "I was wondering: do either of you know why your fathers left Akaso?"

Yuki awaited a response.

Meanwhile, Haru was speaking with the other guards from Bohemia. "As you all should be aware of by now, given the grapevine, I will be accompanying Lord Yuki in his travels along with Lady Runnah. As such, command passes from me directly to Lord Malakkar: I don't want to return and hear that you all did something to alienate Paddra."

The guards nodded in unison. "Aye Cap'n!"

Haru sighed. Hopefully Malakkar can teach them some discipline and fighting abilities while I'm gone. Yuki's training helped alot, but they are still far from ready for the duties that they will need to fulfill.

"Cap'n!" came another voice. "We have all the supplies and shelters ready to transport over to the city!"

Haru nodded and turned to the guards again. "Alright then, escort these supplies and whichever civilians are ready to move to the city. That should be easy enough."

"Cap'n!" replied the guards with a salute and they hurried off.

The captain then turned his attention to Renge and Emil. He didn't approach, but for whatever reason he couldn't help but feel like something seemed...off. I don't know either of them well enough to ask...Yuki said that he has spoken at length with Renge and somewhat less to Emil...perhaps he would see something wrong?

Roleplay End
"Beginning is easy - Continuing is hard."-Japanese Proverb

User Info: brainfriiz

4 years ago#89
Sorry for the delay and thanks for waiting. I'll check out what's going on and post midday tomorrow.

User Info: brainfriiz

4 years ago#90
OOC: The finish will be tomorrow

Today was going to be another rough day.

In the wake of the vacuum of the front door opening in the dingy den, smoky air wafts through Danargas's nose. The herbal scent catches his attention as he circles his head through the air, up and to the left, eyes narrowing as he catches the inn's matron behind the counter. Murmurs rise through the air as the patrons seem unsettled by the sudden appearance of the town guard. Many fingers find themselves resting on their weapons and eyes staring down the guards. Danargas, armed with a sword and armored in iron with raiments of Paddra's colors, proceeds briskly to query the Matron. His leader, Julius, armed with a poleaxe, steps in quietly behind him and coolly gazes around the room, unintimidated by the scraggly denizens.

"Dear Matron," Danargas opens with a mocking tone, "What animals do you keep penned today?"

"Oh Danargas, only the usual worms and snakes you are so very fond of. Have you come to be bitten again?" The Matron spoke, returning Danargas's tone with her own acrimony. "I hear Tichondrius left a seething venom in your veins before he escaped you for the second time this month." Danargas's smile turned frown as a low laughter echoed in the room. "You make poor animal control allowing your prey to elude you."

"Oh Ezra, I've graduated! It is no longer pests I deal with. We're hunting lions today. And the tip I received suggests you MUST be lyin' to me if all you're keeping are snakes and rats."

Julius now turns around and addresses the Matron. "Madam, we have a warrant to search your property. Where is Feng?"

The Matron chuckles as she smiles. "The Rabbit? It is you whom is lyin' to me, Danargas. Still hunting pests after all. You must have a wise informer. Feng holds to affiliations to this house, so I suppose it IS in mine and my patron's best interests to inform you," she says as she eyes down the crowd, a code for them to not interfere, "that he is down the hallway, third door on the left. Now, mind your manners."

Julius immediately starts across the room as Danargas offer his thanks, "Of course, milady. I wouldn't dream of razing down the roof over a harmless deserter."

Julius slides open the curtain to the backroom he was directed to. The smoke here was the most pungent yet, smelling particularly of mango. Sitting on pillows around a low lying table was Julius's target with his arms wrapped around the waists of two women. On his right, a young strawberry blonde with thick eyebrows, a white silk dress, and pink shawl feeding their target a jam and bologne sandwich on wheat bread, her expression quizzical and open mouthed staring at the guards. On his left, a raven haired beauty in her late twenties with thick black rimmed glasses, baby blue robes in disarray, with bony pale hands holding a long wooden pipe to her lips which she was in the middle of lighting, eyes turned with a soulless stare at Julius.

In the middle was the Lion, or Rabbit. Whatever. Rudra was in his standard attire, a long navy blue coat with an unbuttoned, frilly, white tunic underneath, fluffy inch and a half long brown hair on his top and his chops.

At a brisk speed, Rudra speaks, "Hey now, hey! What crimes have these pretty ladies committed against the state? You're invading their privacy!"

Danargas now steps in the room, brandishing his sword. "Rudra, you are under arrest for desertion! Evade the law again and your punishment will be far worse than forced conscription! Ladies, please move aside."

"Now now, don't be hasty!" Rudra blurts as he unwraps his arms around the women and raises his hands jestingly in the air. "It's indecent for men to wave their swords at women they just met. You have to charm them first! No wonder you are always disgruntled, Dan," Rudra chuckles.
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