Lightning and Amodar DLC help

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User Info: dragonsoldier

4 years ago#1
Currently I'm at chapter 4 and I'm tired of waiting to get Lightning. This fight is pretty brutal though because I never grind in my RPGs. Here is what I have so far. I know the equipment i have isn't good for the fight, especially noel (since I don't control him)

everyones ATB level is 3. I am unsure about my role boosts but I know Serah's COM is 2 and Rav and Med are atleast 1 and Noels Sen and Syn are 2.

Serah *My party leader always)

HP: 1556
ATK 370
MAG 149
Capacity 100

COM 96
RAV 31
SEN 04
MED 38

Equip: Butterfly Bow
Power Wrist X3


HP: 2616
ATK 204
MAG 168
Capacity 70

COM 16
RAV 29
SEN 72
SYN 52

Equip: Blazing Spirit
Rune Bracelet
Grimoire Hat

Red Chocobo LV 40
MAG 263
HP 1314

Com Boost 2
Life Siphon
Str +16%
Mag +16%
Resist Physical +15%
Resist Magic +15%
Resist Wind 10%
Resist Poison 10%

Blue Chocobo Lv. 40

ATK 112
MAG 205
HP: 1300

Kill: ATB Charge
Chain Bonus boost
Resist Thunder 33%
Resist Ice 33%
HP 10%
Rav Boost 2

Green Chocobo Lv 40

ATK 192
MAG 249
HP: 2619
Crit: Faith
Resist Phys 26%
Resist Mag 15%

As you can tell my Red and Blue chocobo suck. I think I will progress a little further in the story so I can get a Black Chocobo to replace the Red one for this fight. And maybe capture a new Blue one.

But yeah I haven't really looked at guides much I've just fused whatever here and there, but now I'm ready to do it right. How should I re-tune thise mofochocos to defeat our lovely hero and her ugly sidekick?

Also! Do you think the Commando Lightning DLC and the Nabaat DLC might be easier with this team? I do not have them yet but plan to get them. And if getting them could help me win this I'd be ready to do it.
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User Info: Edalborez

4 years ago#2
If you can, get an Early Peaker COM and RAV to sub in for Red and Blue. Chances are they'll be very cheap to raise, caps at level 20, and their stats are going to be several times better then the Chocobos.

Since Noel and Serah don't have MED, you'll probably want to consider a having a few paradigms with Noel or Serah as a fulltime SEN tank and using the Serah and monster for attacks and heals and whatnot. If they had MED I would instead advise switching out Green Chocobo for a monster SEN.

Others can offer advice specific to the battle, as I don't own any DLC.

User Info: Reaper_ExE

4 years ago#3
Wow, talk about gimping your characters.... get yourself a Kichu or Fencer, goblin chief is good for SEN, Flanitor is almost a MUST until White Chocobo

So much work needs to be done here
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User Info: cinquedea27

4 years ago#4
COM Lightning is pretty helpful in any fight, try to get her as soon as possible if you can, since there are no prerequisites to getting her. She's also very useful in the PuPu DLC fight too actually (she blitzes them like crazy)
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User Info: alt_reality

4 years ago#5
You might be better off starting over truthfully. I can take Light and Amodar around the time of having Meteor Javelin and Ultima Arrow available (11 crystariums... crystaria? Hmm...) but I also have SAB for Serah, MED for Noel, and 5 ATB bars. Since monster SABs suck and player SYNs also suck, you have double sucked yourself. Of course... this game is easy enough without optimizing so you'll EVENTUALLY be fine but if you want to have RAV Light ASAP then you should probably have a build more suited to that fight.

Also, the COM Lightning DLC doesn't require you to fight with Serah, Noel, and their monster so you can do that at any time and have her join your party right away. Just skip the cutscenes for now because it kind of spoils the ending.
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