Will i miss out on a lot if i don't play the first FFXIII?

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  3. Will i miss out on a lot if i don't play the first FFXIII?

User Info: astmaattack

4 years ago#1

User Info: Drake_God

4 years ago#2
This game has spoilers concerning XIII, and you get a PS3 theme for having XIII save data. But other than that, not much.
The stories are unrelated (enough). This isn't like continuing the first game. And unlike X-2, XIII-2 doesn't have the same areas as XIII. Even the controlled characters (but the characters from XIII are in XIII-2) are different. So it's all new.

What you need to know:
Fal'cie were like gods in the first game. They're history.
The main character's sister was the main character in XIII and has mysteriously vanished. (you actually control the sister briefly at the start of the game)

Long ago, people moved from Pulse (the planet) to Cocoon (an artificial moon-like thing in the sky) and at the end of XIII (spoilers ahead), Cocoon fell and was caught by Vanille and Fang who turned themselves into a giant crystal pillar before Cocoon hit Pulse, which would have killed everything.
The game basically retcons the ending of the first in order to set up it's rather feeble plot, you won't be missing much.

User Info: midsizelebowski

4 years ago#4
XIII is a better game (and I loved XIII-2), you should play it. You definitely don't need to to understand or follow XIII-2's plot, but you might enjoy XIII-2 a bit more if you have XIII background.

XIII is better, and I guarantee you can find it for cheap.

User Info: NovaLevossida

4 years ago#5
I wouldn't waste your time on XIII at all. Just play XIII-2 and whatnot.
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User Info: ronrealplaya

4 years ago#6
Play it.
Nothing is sweeter than watching an enemy's revenge backfire on them.

User Info: Externica

4 years ago#7
FFXIII-2 has a section at the start menu, where you can read through what happened during FFXIII. You can skip the first game, if you like.
I enjoyed both games and, at least where I live, FFXIII is quite cheap. So I think you should play it first.

User Info: tjjackonfire

4 years ago#8
I actually liked 13 more than 13-2 so far, main reason being that my party from 13 you can't play as in 13-2...(Lightning, Vanille, Fang), other reason being that you don't have to use monsters in 13...ugh...Hate using monsters(13-2).

and to answer your question TC, you'll miss out on a great game, but then again,not everyone liked FF13.

User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

4 years ago#9
It would be better for you to play XIII first simply because it is important for the character development and how you interact or don't interact with them in the next game.

You'll also appreciate the better battle system in XIII-2 but you'll miss using the summons. XIII also feels more like a world even though it's often linear.

User Info: SamEJIV

4 years ago#10
Yes, you should definitely play XIII.
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  3. Will i miss out on a lot if i don't play the first FFXIII?

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