Beat the game, what to do next?

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User Info: SamEJIV

4 years ago#1
I got the Lightning DLC story & unlocked her.
& I see that I'm missing fragments.. have 74/160. but other than that, what can I do post game?
Should I just take upon the tedious task of searching all the worlds for them?
I really love the game thus far & am willing to do whatever is necessary to extend the play. Just kinda stuck on making a decision for a next course of action. :)
I'm working double shifts AND overtime... I gotta tell you man,, being the best is a FULL time job! PSN:SamEJIV

User Info: Drake_God

4 years ago#2
Wow. Those are few. I see I had 113 fragments before going to the final 'dungeon'.

Anyway, you can start by opening the gates in every area. Im sure you know the historia crux shows how many there are and if they're open or not. Then play through all the new areas.

You can also replay the areas with the paradox scope active (i.e. close their gates, play through, then open them when you get back to the crux); particularly the areas with a boss at the end like bresha 005, oerba 200, sunlith 300, etc. Don't worry about the oerbas, you dont have to redo the puzzles.

If you get the bestiary fragment last, it won't be tedious. I missed around 4 or maybe a few more enemies up to that point, so got the bestiary fragment quickly.

You should also go for the platinum trophy or the unique monsters in the cheats section.

Finally, after getting the platinum, if you bought the other DLC you can go to the coliseum and battle it out, and if you didnt get the others, then you're done :)

Other completely optional things to do is getting all the getable adornments, catching every catchable monster, etc. But there are no trophies or fragments for these.

User Info: Externica

4 years ago#3
Collecting all fragments isn't that bad. There are only a few I hate. and these are finding and killing every monster and Captain Cryptic. Oh, and the fragment from the slots at serendipity.
They also have the nice bonus of granting you CP.
On the bright side, most fragments involve missions. So, if you're going to do every mission, you'll collect a LOT of fragments, without even trying. And you max out your charactwers in no time, because some fragments grant you very high bonusses. Like killing the big monsters at Achylte Steppe.
I mean, killing optional bosses will grant you a fragment. Also, you'll receive a fragment for every paradox ending you'll unlock.

So, seriously, collect all fragments. It's not as tedious as it sounds. 13-2 is a really easy game to 100 %, so go for platinum.

Oh, one more thing. If you have the Sazh-DLC, play chronobind. Easy way to achieve some Casino Coins. At least, you can win a lot of coins in no time to buy all fragments from the shop at Serendipity.
Doing tghis with a silver chocobo by letting it participate in races will also give you a fair share of coins, but it'll take a lot longer. Also, playing Sazh's casino games will not unlock the Serendiptious-Trophy.

Have fun, though I doubt you'll need it if you already enjoy the game.

User Info: SamEJIV

4 years ago#4
Thanks a lot for the advice guys! :D Appreciate it.
I'm working double shifts AND overtime... I gotta tell you man,, being the best is a FULL time job! PSN:SamEJIV

User Info: alt_reality

4 years ago#5
Go outside.
"We running out of time!" Sigurd, Typogears

User Info: aznsamville

4 years ago#6
Go get Tales of Graces F and pre-order Ninokuni.

User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#7
the best thing to do next is try to get 100% map completion in every zone. this is quite a project but it lets you change it so you encounter rare monsters more often. thats VERY helpful in farming, its prettymuch mandatory if you want a lot of money. please be aware of how annoying this can be in academia 500 af and the tron area though =p
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