Just got the game, have a few questions...

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User Info: Pisces-Bubble

4 years ago#1
I hate the new crystarium. Just saying. It is pretty horrible. I have the hang of it, I get it... But, I wish it was either like XIII or even like X... Hell, I would even take the license board of XII... I digress..

I got this game, new. I was playing it, and then I realized I needed to follow a guide for somethings(Like a better explanation of the crystarium, which I did), battle monster guides, and now the game...

I usually follow splitinfinity, ALEX, and holyknight. But I was wondering which is the best guide here to follow? I don't care about spoilers, I just want to know the best guide to follow.


User Info: Externica

4 years ago#2
Well, for the crystarium, save the big nodes for Commander as Noel and as ravager for Serah. Noel will receive the most HP and highest attack power on his own, but a little boost wont hurt. The opposite is in effect for Serah, lower HP but highest magic. So giving her big nodes as Ravager will develop her magic even better.
And yes, i liked FFXIII's crystarium better, too.

For beasts, use items that have the word "potent" in it, as they give a boost to every stat.
Though if the monster is a Synergist or Sentinel you might as well focus on imüproving their health. The only way a Synergist attacks is by using a feral link. So giving them a good amount of HP will prove to be better.
And a Sentinel will only attack if a certain skill is in effect - and they won't hit very often.
Oh, and you can catch every monster more than once. Except for unique monsters. But they are hidden and you can get more by purchasing the Snow-DLC. Don't worry about them. If you don'T know where they are hidden, you won't find them. At all.

I also liked this FAQ a lot:

If you're looking for wild artefacts, the FAQ provides pictures. Though you only need one or two wild artefacts for the main game.
Oh, do sidequests. Every solved sidequest will grant you a fragment, which in return will give you a big boost in CP.
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  3. Just got the game, have a few questions...

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