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User Info: Hbk2k74life

4 years ago#1
This is my first time through the game (Ive read no FAQS trying to get a pure run through the game) And Im stuck at the start of what i surmise as the last boss fight. Im fighting the Bahamut with Serah and Noel and Im having trouble killing the dude. I can only guess this is the first of many final boss fights so ill get to the details
Serah is 99 in Rav,80 something in COM,and 60 something in Sab. Med she is like 35 or 40
Noel is 99
in COM,70 in Rav,70 something in Syn,and like 60 something in SEN and 35 or so in MED.
The low leveled ones i have at least gotten all the skills just havent progress further.
My monsters is where i guess the problem is. Up until this point it hasn't made a difference what monsters i used so i stuck with Cait Sith,Zerg whatever (the little thunder buddy RAV and the huge Sentinel Armadillo guy (forgot his name)

Cait Sith is high 40's
Zerg is 30 something and cannot progress further
Sentinel guy is 30 maybe has 2 moves to learn.

I have gigantic cactar and a few other monsters but I haven't really been leveling them seeing as my current team plowed through any and all up to this point.
Any tips on how i should defeat this guy? And seeing as though ive hit a wall any tips on making the rest of the fights managable? Areas or items i should get?
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User Info: tiornys

4 years ago#2
Make sure one of your paradigms is Tortoise. Every time you see an attack coming, shift to Tortoise, take a lot less damage, then shift back to whatever you were doing. I don't know if that's the only approach that will work, I just know it's what I wound up doing to get through that fight.

Your monsters are definitely weak. Your SEN is fine, but you want a better RAV and you really want a decent COM. Cloudburst and Dragoon offer the most bang for the least investment, but there are plenty of other options out there. If you don't wind up using Cloudburst, you might want to pick up a good SYN monster like Yakshini or Sahagin Prince. Offensive buffs can be very helpful in this final boss sequence.


User Info: lanif

4 years ago#3
cloudburst is an amazing rav with high hit points and consider a bethemoth class commander and will do but work on your level with all of your monsters and noel and searh you can buy all the monster level up stuff in the last part of the game too so gil grinding may be a requirement to buy all that you need but focus on magic for cloudburst and nothing else he get plenty of hp you will need to set of your pararigms better for the final battle all well medic medic sen com rav rav sen sen sen com com com buy lots of potions and wound potions and equip the grimorie hat to your party leader to make them more effective,
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