Does this game have the best soundtrack of all FFs?

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User Info: GiftedACIII

5 years ago#11
Are FF music actually generally better than One Winged Angel?! Holy crap! I haven't played a single FF game as of today and yet I listen to that song daily for about 2 months now.

User Info: lanif

5 years ago#12
ordered mine off of ebay

inb4 bootleg

I tried square-enix store i guess they are not allowing orders from US customers which i thought was lame
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User Info: SubTonic14

5 years ago#13
I'll always love X's music the most, but XIII-2's easily lands at second place. What can I say, Shoji Meguro's work on the SMT series turned me into a fan of this type of stuff.

User Info: Makoscientist

5 years ago#14
How can you all overlook 9? I feel like it has the best character themes of any FF, especially Beatrix's Theme and Dark Messenger. Just so good.

Also, +1 to the guy who appreciates Wild ARMs 3 soundtrack.
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User Info: jenovaschilld

5 years ago#15
Love the music in ffxiii-2 and hope this is the future to come.
Full orchestrated music everywhere, voice songs throughout, maybe even some monk hymns in 5.1
But I do have some problems with ffxiii-2 as to where they place music at some times. I really do not understand walking in a sunny fun area with some Gwar heavy rock and no enemies around. The balance to where music plays is just all over the place it seems. The chocobo song during riding was very welcome.
Sad songs during times of grief good to, but the serenity soundtrack was so grating.
Well enough of my rant. Oh the ff9 and ff6 then probably 10 or 12 were the best sound tracks, IMHO.

User Info: ATTACK__CAT

5 years ago#16
^ of the above who place 13-2s soundtrack as 1st/2nd how many FFs have you played?

not saying your wrong, this sort of thing is 100% subjective. but certainly i my mind FFX has the same sort of music but better, and even more importantly works it into the plot so much better.

the hymn of the faith, from zanarkand... its all powerful music that fits the emotions/ happenings perfectly.

ff13-2 just lacked that tie in. the direct association of a song and a theme / emotion / anything.

another good example is the turks in ff7. sephiroth in ff7. the sorceress in ff8.

ff13-2 makes nice background music but it just doesnt tie in with the game as well IMO.

it also doesnt have as many powerful unique tracks. beyond crazy chocobo it all tends to be a bit monotonus across the soundtrack. not bad, but simply not as varied as others.

^ as always theres subjctive and objective. objectively ff13-2 is less varied than ffxs soundtrack (subjectively you might not mind, or see it as 'more of a good thing').

and it just dosnt have as many 'powerful' pieces. say someone played through FF7, FFX and ff13-2. just a normal playthrough not paying any special attention / listening to soundtracks etc.

the ff7 person would know one winged angel. would know the turks theme and recognise them as such. the FFX player would know from zanarkand and the hymn of the faith. FF13-2 only has one track that 'stands out' (cray chocobo theme) and the only reason then is because its so different from the other somewhat monotonus music.

FFX had otherworld, a great track, but it didnt stand out like crazy chocobo did, because it fit the theme of what we were SEEING, AND because FFX had a more varied musical pallette to begin with.

crazy chcoboseems some what disjointed and so stands out becase of that.
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User Info: ATTACK__CAT

5 years ago#17
sorry for the double post, i just went and reminded myself of these tracks:

'I mean, in which game (FPS, RPG, FF...) can you hear something like Eclipse, New Bodhum OST or Starting Over. These tracks are among my favorites in the series.'

they are all very forgettable jrpg sterotype songs. Each jrpg has its own spin (shadow hearts for example is dark/suspenseful horror/ ultra sad), wild arms are very upbeat western (literally cowboys) type music normally with a sadish undertone.... SMT: DDS is a mix of awesome dark / metal with everything else. Disgaea. lighthearted fun. upbeat etc.

they all come across on the soundtrack. argueably sometimes too strong (disgaeas soundtrack is objectively diverse and interesting, yet all but the big hitters have a distinct 'disgaea sound' that makes them feel repetative despite being so different).

ff13-2 lacks a theme. its like you took all the shadow hearts tracks and removed the sad/suspense.

or the wild arms tracks and made them alot less upbeat. or you removed the upbeat disgaea sound from disgaea.

its this genericness that makes it hard to fit to gameplay. the new bodhum theme to me is just generic. i struggle to picture anything from ff13-2 to it. and if i do find something its just a vauge 'serah'.

another example. in disgaea (no idea if you played it) but this is the 'mischief' theme.

the first 10 seconds or so are just burned into my mind everytime mischief / things like that happened in game. (frequent, its a very lighthearted / comedic game). the overall track itself isnt great, but it just fits the game.

i think thats what destinguishes 'best soundtrack' and 'good music'.

a soundtrack has to fit whats its the soundtrack to. any of the above games soundtracks completely reflect what the game is about.

it goes so far that in disgaea and wildarms cases you can recognise pretty much any song from the games in no time. literally 15 seconds of any song and its clear 'this is wild arms' or 'this is disgaea'

final fantasy has always been a mixed bag. but things like FFX still had a theme -> the religious power of yevon and the sad sacrafice at the end of the pilgrimage. both summed up by the hymn of the faith and from zanarkand.

FF7 carried tones of corporate manipulation (shinras theme) and the turks had an almost comedic thugishness (theme fit this exactly).

cosmo canyon = a place where they preach harmony with nature, protecting the planet and hold semi tribal values -> music is a calm pipe piece and reflects that entirely.

tifas theme. starts off strong but devolves into sadness (due to cloud loving aeris).

i just cant see any of this in ff 13-2s soundtrack. feel free to throw examples if you think you have them. its been at least 2-3 months since i played ff13-2 (and like 4 years since ff7 and most of the above games)
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User Info: SubTonic14

5 years ago#18
I'll agree, there isn't much of a theme going on in XIII-2's soundtrack. It's all very stylish and a mix of a variety of different genres, but I think each individual song is strong, and even if some tracks don't seem to fit quite right, I still love listening to them as I play. Some games, contrarily, can be too much in love with the theme and style of their music, and it all sort of just...melds together like one giant, overlong song that I wish had a bit more spice thrown into it.

I've played every game from VI and onwards, and I stand by my two favorite soundtracks being X and XIII-2, respectively. In case you might be wondering, I'd have to say X-2's is the worst, by far. A couple of good, even highly memorable pieces, but the rest of it was trash pulled out of the public domain (I recognize a lot of X-2's music from other games and media).

You're right in that it's all subjective, and subjectivity is what sets each person apart from the next. There shouldn't be guidelines for what makes a good soundtrack and what doesn't; we should instead trust our own ears and find out what they like best.

User Info: Greeny83

5 years ago#19
Aside from the battle themes I'd say the soundtrack is one of the most forgettable I've ever heard.

User Info: zinformant

5 years ago#20
The vocals ruined it for me. I'll take IX any day.
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