Huge Final Fantasy fan please help me, will I waste money?

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  3. Huge Final Fantasy fan please help me, will I waste money?

User Info: agesboy

4 years ago#11
Unfortunately much of the time you are just pressing X and waiting for the fight to be over so you can continue on with the plot. The only real strategy/interest in the battle system comes with switching paradigms, which you will really only have to do for the hardest of battles.

If you're not even needing to change paradigms mid-fight and think combat is boring, there's a really simple solution: stop overlevelling. Only level up when you hit a boss that wipes you out before you can do anything, and even then only level up just enough to beat it.
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User Info: shadowkratos774

4 years ago#12
i hated 13, but got XIII-2 for cheap and I'm loving the gameplay, the story is awful though. I say if you're bored and have nothing else on your list of games to play, you should get it.
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User Info: lanif

4 years ago#13
final fantasy 12 gambit system you can set the game up to play its self and you only need to micro manage for those that don't know about the system in that game lol
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User Info: HybridMike

4 years ago#14
It's harder to recommend to someone who hasn't played through FFXIII but I still would. XIII-2 is the better game, though in terms of story, it's still a mess (just not nearly as much as XIII).

For $20~ you can't really go wrong. It still has the Final Fantasy magic, it's just not as refined as in, say, FFIX.
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User Info: Dark Gunner

Dark Gunner
4 years ago#15
Yeah 13 was...... ok? Very..... just ok for me. The story had potential I just felt like it was told in a horrible horrible way.

That being said, I'm enjoying what I have played from this game a looooot more. For one it feels like an actual game, not a movie they let me interact with every so often.
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User Info: airbomb24

4 years ago#16
I think its very fun. I'm about 100 hours in. theres a large variety of things to do besides just fighting. You can raise monsters, do stupid quizzes, race chocobos, hunt for items to make weapons, and of course try to get all the achievements/trophies. Plus theres DLC which is semi cheap.
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User Info: foo1239

4 years ago#17
Whoever said that about FFXIII is just wrong. I'm not gonna sit here and say that FFXIII is the best game ever, but you literally can't just sit there and mash X and win. Battles in FF13 take more strategy than most RPG's, sure it can pick commands for you if you want, but its still above average in difficulty for a JRPG, and you will lose with a bad strategy.

Anyways, FF13-2 has a slightly improved battle system, but the same premise is still there, so if you believe you can just press X and win in the first game, then don't buy the second one. Also you'd miss out on sooooo many references to the first game, that your enjoyment of the game might actually go down by a noticable amount.

User Info: enigmatic alex

enigmatic alex
4 years ago#18
get it. XIII-2 is one of my top 5 GOTY of 2012, awesome game
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User Info: FNP88

4 years ago#19
Final Fantasy XIII got good reviews from almost every creditable gaming site, and from a lot of you tubers. There was just a very vocal group of fans who bashed it, and personally i think JonTron(i had not heard of him) played a decent part in it. He isn't really even a fan of jrpgs, so yea.

Basically, you can just auto battle for the first few chapters or so. Then you have have to mess around with tactices/paradigms and figure out how to win(unless you just use a guide right off that bat, in which case just stop playing rpgs you're doing it wrong). I personally enjoyed XIII a lot, not my favorite FF game but one of if not my favorite battle system. XIII-2 answered a lot of fans complaints about the first, but also was a little more lacking in story and pacing(also difficulty imo). They are both good games, well worth playing since there aren't many good jrpgs from this gen. It would have been awesome if XIII had the best aspects of both the first and second game. That way it would have just been one great FF game, rather then two good ones. Still worth playing if you are actually a fan of turn based rpgs.

User Info: FinaI Fantasy

FinaI Fantasy
4 years ago#20
Huge Final Fantasy fan please help me

*helps you*
Final Fantasy
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  3. Huge Final Fantasy fan please help me, will I waste money?

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