I hated FFXIII...just got this game and...

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User Info: Prism Weapon

Prism Weapon
4 years ago#11
Gameplay definitely improved.

User Info: FNP88

4 years ago#12
kewldude475 posted...
Dark Gunner posted...
I owned ff13 for a long time but never beat it. Found this for cheap on boxing day and grabbed it for myself, but wanted to beat 13 first. I tried, got to chapter 11, gran pulse was nice but something about the game just....didn't sit right, so I finished the story on youtube then prayed as i popped this one in....

So far, much much better.

Exactly this.

That is strange, but to each their own. Personally i felt that is when the game started to get really good. Not saying this is the case, but if you just auto battled all the way to chapter 11 and gave no thought to how the paradigms and classes worked with each other i could see being turned off by the difficulty. Cause to me it sounds like you hit a brick wall and couldn't proceed, not that you got bored.

I started to have trouble at that point and needed to start upgrading my weapons and crystarium ext. While XIII-2(a good game) is a lot easier, not even on easy mode. I've heard the same complaints from tons of people saying they got bored around chapters 10/11 and that all you do is mash x. Seems to me like when the game actually became challenging they gave up.

Personally i think most final fantasy "fans" these days are actually fans from the Kingdom Hearts games, who learned about FF characters from those games. Then they "maybe" played some of the older games(*cough*watched on you tube*cough*) and decided they are a long time fan of the series. This is why i think there is such a push for FF13vs, which is basically a FF/KH game.

I like both FF and KH, and vs sounds good. I just dont think people who aren't really into turn based rpgs should be playing or voicing their opinions on a Final Fantasy game...Sorry, just ranting. Not saying either of you fall into that category.
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