Any way to find paradox endings without guide?

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  3. Any way to find paradox endings without guide?

User Info: aDarkSavior

4 years ago#1
Does the main menu "fragments" tell you where to close gates to unlock the paradox endings?

User Info: Drake_God

4 years ago#2
Not as far as I know, but you don't need a guide to find them.
Just redo the major boss fights with paradox scope on.
That covers most of them. Just 2 don't use boss fights.

Here's a quick list of the paradox endings (not in the menu-order):
1) Atlas in Bresha 005
2) Caius in Oerba
3) Royal Ripeness (big flan) in sunlith, after 1st battle
4) Proto Fal'cie Adam in the tower
5) Have the scope active in Academia 4xx after giving the Graviton Cores, then don't take the crystal Alyssa offers you

- Reverse Academia 4xx, take the Crystal when Alyssa gives it and go through the gate.
6) Caius battle as Serah alone (imo the hardest one)
7) When Lightning asks Serah to accept her dreamworld, accept it. (no scope needed)
8) Caius battle as Noel alone
(message deleted)

User Info: GenocideHeart

4 years ago#4
You don't need the scope for the Atlas paradox ending either, just defeat him without powering him down. Just be warned he hits very hard and has a humongous amount of HP. Don't even try until you have like 2500HP on your party members.
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  3. Any way to find paradox endings without guide?

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