Starting a new game - LF tips for a good playthrough

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User Info: Tec187

4 years ago#1
Hey Guys.

I played the game when it first came out, and did the hole endless grinding to max out weapons, roles and so on.

However, I haven't played since, and I'm looking forward to doing the playthrough I just started yesterday.

So I was hoping to get some tips and tricks for this playthrough, seeing as my old brain surely forgot most of it :P

Please feel free to drop any info or tips that are good to know when doing a full playthrough.

This could include what weapons to get (and when), what (non-DLC) monsters are the best, and where to get them, good placers and ways to grind out CP and gil, ideas on what accessories to use mid-game as well as end-game, and whatever else you guys can think of :)

Lastly I'm looking to educate my self on infusions. I played 100 hours on my first playthrough without ever doing or even fully understanding infusions - so any insight to this, or a good link would be greatly appreciated.

Old man Tec :P
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User Info: godslayer88

4 years ago#2
I wouldn't recommend using a guide when playing it through, it kind of takes away all the fun. It also often unnecessairly increases your playtime by a boatload when someone says "get monster XX" or something and you spent half an hour searching for it when it's probably not even needed. The game's low difficulty allows you to just play through it without worrying too much about any of that stuff.

About the infusion, if you choose a monster and select "infuse" you'll see an overview of all your monsters. When you highlight a monster in that list you'll see that monster's passive abilities below it's picture in the top right of your screen. Now the abilities displayed are the ones your monster will inherit if said monster is infused. Except the abilites that have a red padlock in frontof the name.

So let's say you have a Behemoth as a COM, you'll want to infuse him with a monster with a passive ability such as "strength +10%" or something. hphotos-ak-ash4/398139_4284731123084_693239237_n.jpg Hi! This is me, just delete the space after .net/

User Info: GenocideHeart

4 years ago#3
For good monsters, IIRC Nekton is considered one of the better builds and you can get him practically at game start. Also, the Pulse series of monsters are nasty.
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