My thoughts on first hour of the game. (spoilers)

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  3. My thoughts on first hour of the game. (spoilers)

User Info: OceanRodeo

4 years ago#1
Okay, I'm no noob. I've followed the FF franchise since the very first one. Just finished FFXIII and picked this up because the trailers made it look ridiculously promising compared to the mediocre first game.

First thoughts: Lightning looks cool, good graphics. Very cinematic opening!

Then things go downhill. They don't explain anything. ANYTHING. How she got there, where "there" is (besides the name), who and why she is fighting, then this random guy just falls out of the sky etc etc. oh, and then I find out that you don't even get to use lightning for the entirety of the game, even though the main trailer shows mainly her AND she is on the cover of the game. :|

Like I said before, FFXIII was not an amazing game by any means, but I hate all this confusing crap thrown at us in the very beginning of the game. So many things are different or completely go against what is seen in the ending of the first game that I have to read the stupid datalog to only partially understand what is going on. I *HATE* the new crystarium system, and *HATE* the new way of entering a battle.

Okay, I don't mean to be a troll. I'm just wondering if all of these questions get answered eventually and the story line gets ANY clearer whatsoever because I am about 90% lost.

User Info: ZX_Cloud

4 years ago#2
Why don't you, I don't know, actually finish the game before asking questions?
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User Info: KadeAuron

4 years ago#3
What that guy said... you ever play an rpg... ever?
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User Info: SkrallRampager

4 years ago#4
The story never really makes sense.

It's a fun game. Play it for the gameplay.

But the story is a HUGE step down from the original.
It's laughable.....

User Info: Ryutaa

4 years ago#5
Playing throught FFXIII was excruciating, this on the other hand was something I'd love to replay someday. This game might have less pretty CGs cut-scenes and a more darker and confusing plot (Alright, maybe an excuse for a plot). But it focus on what counts the most in my opinion, gameplay and music.
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User Info: Edalborez

4 years ago#6
Do not bother trying to analyze the story until near the end. That may seem like a vague statement but there is little to no plot development for the entire midsection of the game. Glaze over anything that does not involve Caius directly. It barely matters.

Even after it's over, you're going to be left with questions.

User Info: edarkcloud

4 years ago#7
Like all RPG's it always starts with questions about this and that then ( hopefully ) plots get answered, in this case there will be another sequel, if something didn't get answered on the second part on the sequel it will, if it doesn't well then you ( or anyone else ) are entitled to complain so let's wait until then.

I will say that the first part wasn't so great but I found the second part to be great, good enough that I will buy the sequel, the only reason I bought this game was because they had it on Gamestop on $20 new, after the first part fiasco I wasn't about to blow 60 on the second part.

User Info: davf135

4 years ago#8
You are honestly complaining about things not being explained during the main hour of the game?
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User Info: Loixuj

4 years ago#9
It's a game about time travel, buddy. Anything involving time travel is always confusing at first.
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User Info: Vegerunks

4 years ago#10
Loixuj posted...
It's a game about time travel, buddy. Anything involving time travel is always confusing at first.

Have you played Chrono Trigger?

And TC think of the start as more of a Prologue rather than the actual start of the game. Not to mention it is Serah dreaming about lightning being there(It's not just a dream but more like a vision but yeah.. I think Lightning and Caeius might be the only 2 that know how she arrived there)
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  3. My thoughts on first hour of the game. (spoilers)

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